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A large amount of the items we plan to be listing we have obtained from our contacts in the house clearance trade or through probate work resulting in many `one off`s` and fresh to market items not previously held in collections.

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Perhaps a once in a life time chance to own an ` as found ` time capsule of Home Guard ephemera . Large lot of cloth insignia , documents, photographs to the Town of HEREFORD , once the property of : COMPANY QUARTER MASTER SGT BENNET This lot includes many rare and historically important documents such as a : Return of articles held on company strength being a full list of weapons avalable to a Home Guard unit, ` Northover Accessories, spigot motar, Browing H.G, Sten, B.A.R `s ! ! Lewis Gun, Fougasse, Rifle 303 ,Rifle 300,Rifle .22, Grenades,smoke, standard Friction , Torpedoes anti-tank ? /etc etc The above document alone is extremely rare in its own right and offers a vast amount of unpublished detail . SECRET HOME GUARD CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT This document lists everything a Home Guard man / unit had from leather jerkins to blankets to capes -HG ,boots-ankle, boots rubber, boots knee, bicycles,shotguns, oil bottle , wire rigging gloves , sheets - ground , frogs-bayonet , cases - pistol ,slings-rifle, slings-shotgun etc etc etc A HOME GUARD panel for stitching over an L.D.V armband and rank insignia , l/cpl /cpl /sgt Home Guard titles one printed one woven ( please see Q.M.S BENNETS other armbands listed in a seperate lot.) 4 large photos . 1 , showing officers and N.C.O`s ( the unit flag is shown 3rd HEREFORD ) 2. Unit marching across the main bridge 3, unit marching through market place 4` a super photo of farm labourers been taught weapons drill . this is a gorgeous rare image , all the photos are clear and detailed but this one is book quality . This lot is completely fresh to market and not held in a collection before . I am trying to obtain this mans Home Guard battledress greatcoat , both unit badged up to 3rd HEREFORD HG. plus his issue gas mask , these item will , out of politness be offered to the purchaser of this document lot to allow them first refusal. Over Fifty items .
`FIELD WORKS ` Their technical construction and tactical application by : Colonel C.B.Brackenbury R.A published 1888 Superb hardback book 360 page includesto linnen fabric pull out charts wich are ` housed` in a clever slot in the outer books cover Condition : GOOD faded spine and stain to front but solid condition and complete . UK secure post paid
Dear Mr O`toole and form members , My name is Michael Whittaker and my forum name is Grandads-kitbag and I believe that its my transaction with Mr O`toole that prompted this thread : ` Time wasters and assorted ass holes ` I live in the UK and collect British militaria , German items are not really my thing but I spotted a really nice copy Luftwaffe for sale by Mr O`toole in the Bazzar section , not been in the position to ever be able to own an original example I still thought it was a great display item I sent a PM confirming I would like to by it , the following day I got a nice reply confirming details and postage cost, ten minutes later I sent a paypal payment. The next contact from Mr O`toole was on the following monday evening which was " You sir are a rude time wasting ass hole " I will give my absolute word here and now there had been no other communication by email phone or Pm between us so what im supposed to have said that was `Rude` I have no idea ? I do not know if it is possible but I will gladly give a third neutral party or moderator my password so they can confirm I have not sent any abusive Pms . I replied with a full polite apology by Pm to Mr O`toole still non the wiser as to what had happened. I then went to my paypal account to see if the payment had been refunded , this is where I realised my payment had not gone through ,I made a mistake in the spelling . This was my fault sir and I wish to offer my apologies again , here in public , it was never my desire to mess you about , if I say I will buy an item I do mean it. I then decided to try to contact to sort this problem out - this is where i spotted the thread " Time wasters and assorted ass holes" This was rather upsetting and I thought a wrong move , with respect sir at no point did you contact me and say " hey pal do you still want this cap OR even look bud do you want the bloody cap or not ????? " My reply to your first post Can we have a list of rude time wasting tossers............ " yes please lets start with you " was wrong and childish for that I again apologize I have to try to understand it from your point of view - my payment failed - my fault I see you have a lot of deals going on an guess a few like our deal ` went south` and perhaps my last one was the straw that broke the camels back and made you snap ?? I too have offered items for sale taken a pm and then never to here from them ever again ,I fully understand your anger but perhaps not your response. Perhaps a code of conduct needs looking at like if a guy says he will take it by PM / email he has 48 hours to make payment unless special dispensation is given by the seller to allow the buyer to get the funds together , perhaps code is too strong a word mature common sense is all we need ? Please lets move on from here in the spirit this great hobby of ours is meant to be conducted ? Terry , my genuine best wishes and sorry , Michael Whittaker ` Grandads-kitbag`
CLOTH PAIR OF 9th ANTI-AIRCRAFT SIGNS RARE A good original rare set of cloth signs being a matched set of : 9th ANTI -AIRCRAFT DIVISION ( black cat embroidered over the number 9 ) Condition : GOOD - used a few moth nips / bits nothing drastic , nice to get a genuine pair.
FRENCH OFFICER INSIGNIA COLONIAL WARS A loverly set of post 1945 French army officers insigina Many years service shown in the colonial wars including Algiers and Indo china shoulder boards: Commandant Artillerie ribbons: Légion d'Honneur Croix de Guerre TOE (Théatre Opérations Extérieures) Croix de la Valeur Militaire Croix du Combattant Commémorative Indochine Commémorative Opérations Afrique du Nord Médaille Outre-Mer ou Coloniale Condition :GOOD
PRINTED ROYAL NAVY SHOULDER TITLES / BATTLE DRESS A good original pair of cloth titles in printed form : ROYAL NAVY . These were worn on battle dress by naval personel when not practical to wear normal naval rig . Condition : GOOD /used ( they are infact the same length un like the picture ) Also worn by Royal Navy special forces and RN Commando units. Once a common badge - rare to get a pair
SPECIAL PROFICIENCY TRADE BADGE A good original cloth trade badge : SPECIAL PROFICIENCY for those entitled to specialist pay.Manufactured from the war time economy ` sized` glue wash backing. Condition :GOOD / UNUSED A hard one to come by SOLD £10.00
( ASSAM ) L OF C RARE FORMATION SIGN SUPERB A superb` theatre` made example: 101 ( Assam ) Lines of Communication cloth sign . hand painted on to waterproof cloth - appears to be a section of army issue ground sheet or monsoon cape. Condition :GOOD / used . A great looking example
1815 TIMES NEWS PAPER WATERLOO WELLINGTONS VICTORY A SUPERB ITEM OF HISTORIC MILITARY EPHEMERA. A june 22nd1815. copy of the `TIMES ` news paper exclaiming Wellingtons great victory over Napoleon at Waterloo. ` Such is this great and glorious result of those masterly movements by which the hero of Britain met and frustrated the audacious attempt of the rebel chief ,Glory to Wellington top our gallant soldiers and to our brave allies ! ` The write up itself is very clear and detailed regarding the battle but what is truly fascinating is the full and comprehensive list of british officer casualties - some very high ranking . Condition: fair . Generally good through out but with heavy water stains to the edges - having said that - this is an extremely rare item offered at a low sensible price , a superb `moment in time` item. Would look great framed up and mounted in your war room SOLD £95.00
2nd INDIAN DIV - MEDAL BALUCHISTAN A siver hallmarked medal complete with box : 2nd INDIAN DIVISION / BLUCHISTAN DISTRICT . W.J.D English hallmarks . CONDITION : VERY FINE Height :26 mm
30th CORPS PRINTED PAIR / VERY NICE A good scarce printed pair of cloth signs : 30th CORPS , famous for it role fighting to the releave the british 1st Airborne Division at ARNHEM . Condition : GOOD - USED , a really nice set to own getting harder to come by
3in MORTAR ROUNDS TAIL FINS A PAIR A post war pair of 3inch Mortar round tail fins . Condition: GOOD. Not for sale over seas
3Oth CORPS PRINTED / NICE A really nice honest example of the : 30th CORPS in printed form . Condition : GOOD - USED , just the right side of grubby . 30th CORPS was one of the premier british units and famous for it role In Operation Market Garden , the push to Arnhem . A good honest badge
46th INFANTRY DIV. CLOTH PAIR PRINTED / NICE A really nice actual pair of printed formation signs; 46th INFANTRY DIVISION , showing the famous `sherwood oak`. Condition : GOOD -USED . a very nice set in that ` just right` condition not mint , but nice service use.
4TH CORPS PRINTED SIGNS FAR EAST A good original pair of cloth printed signs : 4th CORPS . Condition : GOOD / USED , a matched actual pair in that ` just faded - just nice ` condition SOLD £35.00
55th WEST LANCASHIRE CLOTH SIGN A nice straight forward original cloth sign : 55th WEST LANCASHIRE DIVISON Condition : GOOD - USED Rear has an ink written identification , just nice condition SOLD £12.00
5th CORPS VIKING SHIP no.2 A cloth formation sign for he 5th CORPS showing the viking ship design . Condition : FAIR GOOD - used a few edge pulls whee the badge was removed from the uniform but good tight embroided design.
7th ( MANCHESTER ) FIELD AMBULANCE SCARCE CLOTH SIGN A hard to come by post war formation sign 7th Territorial ( Manchester ) Field hospital , badge was worn as a single on battle dress around 1959. Condition: FAIR /used with surface mothing This units depot situated at Moss side Manchester .
A CIVIL DEFENCE FLAG NICE AN BRIGHT COLOURS A large Civil defence flag ,size is15cm x 50 cm a good size to display ,not too large the flag is the standard hessian printed type with the `C.D ` leters printed on to seperate material then stitched to the flag Condition : GOOD a good few moth bites holes here an there but clean an clear good bright colours . A nice rare item of cold war period ephemera
A VERY RARE CONDUCTORS BADGE A very rare and hard to obtain british army badge for : CONDUCTOR. Condition : FAIR -GOOD , well used and a touch grubby but original as found condition . SOLD £55.00
A.O.C / LIVERPOOL SCOTS PHOTOS LOT NEWTON HEATH FOOTBALL TEAM PRE 1914 An original lot of large period photos to a guy in the Lancashire Army Service Corps , earlier photos show him with several brothers ? familly members , a further photo of another man in the Liverpool Scots Also there are two cracking pics of him as a member of Newton Heath football club ( Manchester ). Condition : GOOD - clear pics with the odd edge knock
ABSOLUTE ` STONKING ` R.F.C PHOTO A really nice original period post card Royal Flying Corps photograph . Good clear image of an R.F.C man in great coat and leather gauntlets , with cloth Royal Flying Corps title and a rare image of the Radio operators cloth badge . The other soldier is from the Army Service Corps and visible on his arm is a dark triangular unit formation / battle patch much like the 29th div .? Condition : VERY GOOD SOLD £5.00
AIRBORNE PEGASUS PRINTED GORGEOUS A really nice used but very clean example of the : AIRBORNE FORCES PEGASUS SIGN SOLD £60.00 Condition : GOOD -USED , just nicely worn in - but not faded A good original example UK post paid
ANTI- GERMAN LEAGUE 1915 BADGE Unusual and scarce Great War Period patriotic badge
ARMY UNDER WEAR 1944 ! SUPERB AND RARE ! ! Contrary to what some people may think im not normally one for getting excited over other mens underwear ............ However ..... these are just superb gorgeous near mint British army issue underpants , beautifully marked up with dated and manufactures details . ( a good wearable size ) Condition ABSOLUTELY SUPERB -NEAR MINT. material is fresh no wear to the pile rich oatmeal colour getting near impossible to obtain wartime dated examples now - perfect for your kit lay out display
ARP METAL SIGN - GORGEOUS - FROM NORFOLK A really nice and seldom encounted example of an A.R.P Air Raid Wardens Post door sign. This type been sheet pressed metal / tin and not the more common brown plastic or alloy cast ones . This example been the actual sign from the H.Q in the village of Barton Bendish / Norfolk..... ( an yes ,I had to look it up too ) Condition :VERY GOOD Size is 23cm x 10cm gold lettering is clean and clear with very small marks . Part of a lot of ARP items , paperwork and documents obtained from the areas of Barton Bendish and Downham market , Norfolk. SOLD £65.00
ATS TUNIC original CLOTH SIGNS DATED 1942 A nice original A.T.S tunic with original period applied insignia . 1942 dated tunic to a cpl in the A.T.S serving with the:ROYAL ARMY ORDANCE CORPS . Label states ` Jacket Serge A.T.S ` 1941 Pattern size 7 Inside the collar is a name and service no. breast badge of a R.A.O.C collar insignia , original printed period applied SOUTHERN COMMAND fomation signs and complete with a genuine period ATS lanyard . Condition : GOOD with sevice wear, several moth nips and about 10 moth holes , slight tear to inside right arm pit . A genuine period tunic with ORIGINAL period applied insignia as found untouched un buggered around with . Displays well . Getting hard to find in any condition SOLD £155.0
BOMB DISPOSAL BADGE ROYAL ENGINEERS NICE A really loverly example of a cloth trade badge : BOMB DISPOSAL / ROYAL ENGINEERS. Condition : GOOD / used Really nice example of this badge - getting hard to find UK post paid
BOY SCOUT BADGES WAR TIME PRINTED A nice matched set of war time period printed badges. FIRST AID / RED CROSS trained I think ...??? this was the only Boy Scout qualification worn on both arms ?. Condition :GOOD /used a touch grubby but nice examples
BRITISH K.D SHIRT / JACKET / OFFICERS -US WAR AID A very clean and hard to come by british army uniform item : a K.D Khaki Drill SHIRT /JACKET manufactured by the U.S under the War Aid program. Ink stamped in the collar SWE-25 and has officers metal pips afixed . Condition : VERY GOOD -USED this Is a heavy material , heavy quality made item and is still very sound and clean. slight rust specks to collar and feint oil stains inside ( see photo ) these are very small and not visible from the out side SIZE is about 36 /38 Inch a very clean nice example , still has that gorgeous `ironed and starched ` dhobi feel
BUTTON BADGE S.S.A.F.A HOME FRONT A very clean and hard to come buy celluloid buttton badge. S.S.A.F.A SOLDIERS SAILORS AND AIRFORCE ASSOCIATION. picture shows a soldier sat on an ammo box with his rifle across his lap smoking a cig as he stares off in to the distance , there is a farm house homestead , this appears to me that hes thinking of home and the farm house isnt actually there .....?? ( an no ive on been drinking ) Condition : VERY GOOD a nice unusual item .
BY PARACHUTE TO WARSAW / RARE POLISH S.O.E BOOK An original 1946 first edition : PARCHUTE TO WARSAW / BY / MAREK CELT. Superb story regarding Mareck Celts recuitment by the S.O.E`s POLISH section and his return to occupied Poland to work with the underground army . Condition : GOOD - dust jacket with age slight splits . a very brave brutal moving story
CHILDS GAS MASK BOXED WITH AREA PAPERWORK A super as found item of war time blitz ephemera . Civilian gas mask as issued to: ELIZABETH ALICE SILCOCK , of Brampton ,Chesterfield intact and complete with markings and carry case with printed instructions . What is superb about this lot is the 3 items of printed ephemera found lying at the bottom of the box beneath the card canister support / stand Item / 1 card certificate ` TODAY WE CELEBRATE VICTORY ` given to all children at the wars end . Item 2/ a rare card slip ` CARE OF YOUR RESPIRATOR ` ( these are often long since lost ) Item /3 a very rare ` A.R.P INSPECTION OF GAS MASK CHECK CARD ` Borough of Chesterfield A.R.P Department , rear of card shows whee the warden has dated and signed checks have been made - a realy nice scarce item. Condition : FAIR /GOOD -used Gas mask is sound and intact , rubber is good and not perished harness is sound intact and not torn from rubber . Paperwork is aged marked , , large document folded several times with edge tears . Card carry case is clearn and sturdy but with age stains in side . This is the most complete I have ever seen . A rare to find item with related paperwork
CHOCOLATE AND BOILED SWEETS TIN 1944 A good sound example of a ration tin : CHOCOLATE AND BOILED SWEETS D&H LTD PKD 5 /44 CONDITION : VERY GOOD stil has most of its distinct green / brown paint finish to metal , details to lid clear and right slight scuffing to the inside - not rust strong and sound through out . A rare item now / perfect dated for a D/day - Normandy display
CHRISTMAS GIFTS GIFTS OVERSEAS CLUB 1915 Loverly item of great war ephemera . A 1915 CHRISTMAS DAY GIFTS ,from the children of the empire , ` this is to certify that Doris Betts has helped to bring happiness on christmas day to our brave sailors and soldiers ` Across the top are the named countries CANADA , AUSTRALIA , SOUTH AFRICA NEW ZEALAND , NEWFOUNDLAND , INDIA Condition : VERY GOOD , gorgeous rich colours , not as bright as in the scan NOT FOLDED as often found , minor edge tears . Size :200mm x 130mm
CLOTH ` MACHINE GUNNER ` `TRADE BADGE A good heavy quality trae patch : MACHINE GUNNER Condition :GOOD -USED been stuck down on a display board at some time POST PAID
CLOTH 3rd ( ULSTER ) SEARCH LIGHT REGIMENT Worn by several units over a period of years 3rd (Ulster) Search Light Regiment RA (SR) 4th (Ulster) Search Light Regiment RA (SR) 247th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment RA (Ulster) (TA) A red hand on a khaki background. Re-designated in 1940 and again in 1942. Condition : GOOD / unused not cheap but a rare hard to come by badge
CLOTH 46th DIVISION VERY RARE VARIATIONS A very scarce chance to own an extremely rare set of : 46th INFANTRY DIVISION formation signs ,being printed examples on PURPLE cloth / print instead of the more common black For many years collectors and students of british cloth formation signs believed these examples were misprints or faults this line of thought was made worse by the fact that any examples that have come to light were unissued ...... Resent imfomation that has come to light now prooves beyond any doubt that these badges were infact issued and worn . Further to this , this fact is backed up with another badge from this lot , please see the example we sold resently that had clear stitch marks and had good clear positive signs of been attached to a uniform and shows age and wear inkeeping with being worn for a period of time (this can be viewed under the section previously sold items ) Condition : GOOD these have been stored folded one on top of the other and the top example is slightly grubby. This set of badges were obtained privately as a lot ,with the worn example now sold the pair of ` Normal ` printed ones also for sale and a further set of silk woven ones yet to be listed . A very rare chance to own an important set of cloth formation signs .
COMBINED OPERATION FORMATION SIGN LOVERLY THEATRE MADE EXAMPLE locally manufactured example ,hand embroided on to cloth material then stitched over. Condition :'GOOD .
COMBINED OPERATIONS ROYAL NAVY /COMMANDO A good original cloth sign worn by : COMBINED OPERATIONS / ROYAL NAVY. Worn by Royal Navy personal who had under gone training with Combined Operations , such as C.O.P.P.S units Royal Navy parachutists and obstacle clearance teams . some times seen been worn at the base of the cuff on Naval rig . Condition : FAIR / GOOD used . manufactured with the war time economy glue wash / sized backing. Bottom of badge is a bit tatty . A rare badge - the mint unused ones turn up now and again rare to get a used example
COMMANDO BERGAN 1944 D/DAY NICE A superb example - manufactured in the green canvas and issued to assault troops for the D/Day landing . This is a really nice example due to it still having 3 of the four short webbing side straps used for securing kit , toggle ropes etc ( pic 5) Both the side long straps are still present and not post war cut off . The under side bottom straps are again complete and the leather supports not frayed. The green canvas fabric is strong and retains much of it original colour . 1944 DATED The only real down side is the black water proof coating is drying out needs a coat of barbour type wax . The odd small hole or snag to the edge trim but thats it A really nice example - getting hard to come buy in any condition . UK post paid A
CORPORALS STRIPES MATCHED SET CORPORALS CHEVRONS a good original matched set . Condition : GOOD . /used .
DUNKIRK / LE'HAVRE EVACUATION UNIT PENNANT DOCUMENTS LOT. A truly rare and exciting historical lot. Consists of a Unit /Brigade Headquarters pennant and corresponding documentation regarding the siege and evacuation of Le`Havre in 1940. Letter is dated 25th July 1940 from Colonel Arthur Evans addressed to Brigadier A.G.Barry / D.S.O , M.C and is regarding the updating of the unit war diary . Brigadier Barry served in the Lancashire Fusiliers during the Great War ,then transferred to the Machine Gun Corps then Tank Corps /Regiment which I believe he was serving in whilst at Le`Havre. Condition :GOOD. The unit Pennant has been removed from Brigadier barry`s personal album , if you google ` House & Son Auctioneers -lot 268 for the 18th Of september Brigadier Barry`s medal group and personal Archive was consigned to auction and mentions this Pennant in the grouping and infact the brown album paper of the archive is a perfect match to the backing paper the pennant is mounted on im offering here - why this lot has been split away one can only guess that perhaps the buyer of the medal group did not want the associated ephemera .... A full signed written declaration is offered by us regarding where this lot was purchased and guarantee of originality. A genuine rare historical lot. Now On Hold SOLD £345.00
EAST LANCS H.G 4TH BATTALION DESIGNATION A nice clean example of a Home Guard designation : E.L/ 4 - 4th EAST LANCASHIRE. Condition :GOOD -USED comes with its original cloth shoulder title ( these items came just as they are together ) sold £35.00
EXETER UNIVERSITY SENIOR TRAINING CORPS SLIP-ON`s A genuine matched set. Condition :GOOD/Used , with wear and moth damage. Price£95.00 -Now sold ,thank you .
EXTREMELY RARE S.A.S INSIGNIA A very rare oppotunity to own a near impossible item of Special Air Service insignia . The SARAWACK BORNEO BORDER SCOUTS. This was an S.A.S run unit recruited from local tribes men / trackers to help in the jungle war in Boneo in the 1960`s The formation sign shows a hornbill bird was worn along with a printed shoulder title ` BORDER SCOUTS ` This was a S.A.S run unit and it is accepted by leading special forces cloth collectors that this badge was worn by S.A.S staff serving with this unit but a photo has yet to surface to confirm this . Condition : GOOD . Printed construction with high lights painted in afterwards A very rare near unobtanable badge
FIELD MARSHALL SIR CLAUDE AUCHINLECK SIGNED LETTER 1940 A rare and interesting find. This being a 1940 hand written letter from Field Marshall Sir Claude Auchinleck. The letter is written on United Services Club paper Pall Mall London and the date 3rd April 1940 Is days after his promotion to Lieutenant -General on the 16th March 1940 and just before his appointment to take over command of the Anglo French forces In Norway. Clear C.J ( Claude John ) Auchinleck full signature. Condition :GOOD/Used. Showing age and handling marks . NO need to add page after page of ` cut n paste` from google - the mans history speaks for its self. A lovely piece of history from a critical time in early W.W.2
FOOT GUARDS AND INFANTRY DRILL 1939 A good used copy of : DRILL FOR FOOT GUARDS AND INFANTRY OF THE LINE . Military training pamphlet No.18 1939 Condition GOOD used but complete with finer marks and wear to covers I side page is ink stamped : HQ COY 2 /Green Howards. UK -EUROPE POST PAID
GERMAN ARMY BREAST EAGLE NICE A standard German army breast eagle manufactured in bevo weave . Condition : FAIR -USED a tad tatty but a good original example . UK POST PAID
GERMAN PANZER ASSAULT BADGE A genuine original period Panzer Assault Badge with de nazified swastika . This is a quality example manufactured by Stienehaur & Luck with great surface detail Swastika has been only part erased and with a bit of gentle filing could be ` reactivated` / rear pin hook missing
GERMAN WEDDING PHOTO -NICE 1 A very clean an clear pre war original photo , of a german soldier and his bride . Condition : VERY GOOD Size 100mm x 130 mm Photographers ink stap to the rear UK POST PAID
GORGEOUS THEATRE MADE COMBINED OPS SIGN A really nice example of a `theatre` manufactured cloth sign . COMBINED OPERATIONS . Condition : GOOD /used , as manufactured in Split /Yugoslavia around 1944
GREAT WAR CHESHIRE REGT BROTHERS WILLS DOCUMENTS LOT A Superb and very emotive lot . The Last Will & Testement from two brothers both who served in the Cheshire Regt. Pte Charles Bradbury Morris 2nd Cheshires. Pte William Bradbury Morris 8th Cheshires. There are other brothers mentioned that are worth checking out for military service ? Condition : GOOD .complete with envelopes These are original rare items -we are in the fortunate position to have been able to buy several boxes of old documents direct from a firm of solicitors- the ` Blitz ` posters listed for sale else where came from the same store room , we will be offering the contents for sale over the coming months as an when we can research them prior to sale. A superb research project
GREAT WAR SAM BROWN BELT 1918 A superb example of a Great War period same brown belt . Genuine high quality manufacture 1918 dated and broad arrow stamped. Condition VERY GOOD . Gorgeous rich brown colour leather work soft and spple , just needs a wipe and it read for display . Hard to find a Great War example any where .
HOME FRONT VICTORY BADGE - V FOR VICTORY KING A nice item of Home Front ephemera , a `V ` FOR VICTORY badge with the kings head , broach pin type fastner . Appears to have been crudely made . Condition : GOOD . Length 47 mm
HOUSEHOLD BATTALION RARE PHOTO NAMED Original post card photo to a soldier in the Household battalion Named on the rear as J.W.EDWARDS. Condition :GOOD . Nice clear capbadge image A rare photo to a rare unit . UK post paid
IMPERIAL GERMAN FELDMUTZ A good sound example of the German Imperial Feldmutz or ` pork pie` hat. This is a really nice example with an unknown unit badge in the style of a skull and crossbones , this badge is original to the cap and shows clear signs of this with wear and rust. Condition : GOOD . Field grey material is worn but stong and intact as is the red band , the odd moth nip through out but nothing drastic. Inside shows staining and much wear but again is strong and sound very feint ink marking . The imperial badge ...may be a replacement of the original one . A very nice desirable example .
IMPERIAL SPADE ORIGINAL AND RARE This is an original Great war period trench spade we believe it to be Imperial German but may infact be Austrian Condition : FAIR /GOOD Well used with slight damade to edge and old wood worm , nor treated . This would look superb at living history days strapped down on your back pack or shoved down the front of ur belt . Sold at a low price to reflect condition / strong and sound not relic condition .
INDIAN FORMATION SIGN 107 LINES OF COMMUNICATION A really nice example in printed form. Condition :GOOD / used with press studs to the reverse
JUNGLE GREEN MILITARY POLICE SLIP ON ` INDIA ` A very clean example of the shoulder slip on : C.M.P. I Corps of Military Police - India on an airtex type jungle green material Condition :GOOD /used In very clean desirable condition
KNITTED GARMENTS BADGE ROYAL NAVY NICE RARE BADGE A really nice home front badge : KNITTED GARMENTS FOR THE ROYAL NAVY . This was a civillian organisation that gave out wool and materials to housewifes and mums an grans then collected in the finished garments to then be distributed to the R.N . Condition : GOOD pin complete and intact make marked `Thomas Fatorini Birmingham ` A really nice example of this hard to get badge
LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS CAPBADGE WITH HACKLE A good original Lancashire Fusiliers capbadge complete with its original ` Primrose Yellow ` hackle. Condition : FAIR . / well used UK post paid
LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS PAGREE FLASH A good original example , top an bottom edges curled over where the badge has been stitched to the pagree. Has been blancoed white for a smarter ` bull` look. Condition :FAIR :well used . Part of a Far east veterans lot that has just surfaced
LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS BATTLE DRESS / BUSH HAT INSIGNIA LOT Just found this week straight out of the tin that was straight out of the attic. A really nice original soldiers bring back lot - cut off his battledress and bush hat I presume in 1946 and sat in the tin ever since. Condition : GOOD / well used pagree flash and shoulder titles have been blancoed white for a smart ` bull ` look . If you want the tin and button stick as well just ask
LANCASTRIAN BRIGADE NICE EXAMPLE A good clean example of the cloth sign : LANCASTRIAN BRIGADE Condition : GOOD - USED a really clean heavy embroidered example ,
LONDON SCHOOL CERTIFICATES 1915-1918 Two gorgeous art work documents , As awarded to Kathleen McGrath by the London County Council durring the Great War . Condition : VERY FINE . superb vivid colours , large A4 size . Would look stunning framed up .
LOVERLY NURSING PHOTO A nice iconic image . Condition :GOOD .Photo taken Newcastle ,Darlington Bishop Auckland area. SOLD £12.00
LUMINOUS BLACK OUT BADGES SHOP DISPLAY CARD Another lovely unusual item . A shop advertising sign , printed on good quality buff colour card stock ` Don`t Bump !` luminous black out badges , only 2D Each . Condition :GOOD .Size is 27x 21 mm . If any one owns such a badge I would love to see a picture ,many thanks .
MEDAL PAIR ARMY SERVICE CORPS / BADGE LOT NICE A really nice sweet lot Great war war and victory medals to : 128819 pte H.C SCRIVENER . ARMY SERVICE CORPS . Medals are attatched incorrectly by means of a safety pin and has a later period R.A.S.C capbadge that has been broached and is pinned throught the ribbon may be a reference to post war / WW2 service Thes are exactly as I found them they came from a house clearance years back and as such are genuinely unresearched other than a casualty check I will leave it up to the buyer if they wish to un pin them and reverse the war medal. A nice ` as found group ` you may well laugh but I predict that A.S.C medals will become very collectable in the not too distant future.
METAL GERMAN EAGLE ORIGINAL - ( 3 ) Original german cap eagle . Condition :GOOD. ALL pins intact , very slight rustmark to one wing , 36 mm wing span. This eagle and all the other German insignia I will be listing are part of lot purchased direct from the familly - all orginal war time ` bring backs `
NAZI PARTY FLAG / DRAPE PERFECT SIZE A good no nonsence original Nazi party flag / drape. Double sided and constructed in standard form black printed design on white disc stitched to red cloth. Condition:GOOD. Very bright clean colours / the odd small mark or nick has had a rope and clip afixed at one time . A good sensible displayable size 6 foot x 2.5 foot
NO. 2 COMMANDO OFFICERS PRESENTATION TRAY K.I.A A rare and desirable item to a WW 2 Commando officer casualty. Wedding day presentation silver plated tray with traditional Scottish style edging . The tray has the following engraving : CPT & Mrs S.L JENKINS. From .no.1 Troop 2 Commando AYE. 16 December 1942. Taken from no.2 Commando war diary : Samuel Leslie Jenkings was killed on on the 06/03/1944 and is buried in Belgrade war cemetery , he was 29 years of age and originally from the South Wales Borderer`s Regiment . Captain Samuel Leslie Jenkins From the No.2 Cdo War Diary 4th March 1944 at Vis - "Captain S.L. Jenkins departed with Lt McMenamin to Solta to recce for proposed raid." 8th March 1944 at Vis " Lt McMenamin returned with the news that Captain Jenkins had been wounded and captured by the Germans on Solta." ( With thanks to the Commando veterans website for the details ) Son of John and Ellen Jenkins, of Carmarthen; husband of Jean Rosaleen Jenkins. This is a big heavy solid lump and displays well - will add close ups of the engraving .
NOTTINGHAM SHELL FACTORY STAFF BIG PUSH 1918 SUPERB RARE IMAGE A large original period photo of great historical significance . photo shows a specially selected mixed group of staff , from all levels including formen , directors , assembly girls , line and quality inspectors who where chosen for a publicity photo after a record monthly output . N.F.F NATIONAL ( NOTTINGHAM ) FUSE FACTORY . THE BIG PUSH . Plenty of detail showing uniforms metal triangular breast badges , armband and sweetheart badges Condition : GOOD mount has wear creaes and edge damage with slight age curve , photo could be re mounted with a little work . Size : 300mm x 240mm photo image excluding mount loverly historic image
ORIGINAL ROYAL NAVY COMMANDO TITLE A genuine original R.N COMMANDO cloth title Condition : GOOD / used This is the real item as always full return if not delighted .
ORKNEY AND SHETLAND DEFENCE FORCE A cloth sign as worn by the : ORKNEY& SHETLAND DEFENCE FORCE . Condition : FAIR -USED , a bit grubby but original needs a bit of love with a dry brush to get rid of the surface dust
PARACHUTE QUALIFICATION WING SUPERB RARE EXAMPLE A very rare original example of a british : PARACHUTE QUALIFICATION WING Gorgeous heavy quality with unique wing design . Condition : GOOD -USED a few of the shroud lines have nicks a pulls and the blue colour is faded but nothing drastic . Rare desirable wing
PRE WAR PALESTINE / LS&GC OVER 30 YEARS SERVICE ! ! Full details to be added. PETER JOHN HENRY MULVANEY / R.A.S.C COMPLETE WITH ` RED BOOK` all his service documented SOLD £145.00
Q.A.R.A.N.C`s OFFICERS SILVER AND GILT COLLARS Loverly pair of officers quality collars to : Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corps . Condition :GOOD . Lugs to the reverse are a little squashed and need a bit of work to open them back up .
QUEEN BAYS SHOOTING WARDS 1928 Loverly little set once the property of : L/cpl .W.MASON QUEEN BAYS / 2nd DRAGOON GUARDS 1 shooting medal and 2 silver hallmarked spoons one is engraved ` 2 Troop .A L/Cpl W. Mason score110 ` Condition :GOOD
R.A. SENIOR N.C.O`s TRADE / RANK BADGE PRINTED A good SENIOR N.C.O`s cloth armbadge as worn by the Royal Artillery , printed example. Condition : GOOD / UNUSED SOLD £7.00
R.A.F WIRELESS OP TROPICAL KD Really nice heavy quality badge: TRAINED WIRELESS / RADIO OPERATOR as worn in tropical areas . Condition : GOOD . UK post paid
R.F.C LETTERS 1917 ZEPPLIN INTEREST A set of two single page letters dated the 17th and the 20th december 1917 written on squadron note paper 36th (H ) ROYAL FLYING CORPS Newcastle-on-tyne from some one called `Harry` One letter is a reply to his parents thanking them for their sympathy over an issue with awoman - girlfriend ? and jokes he is going to run a fruit farm in Australia to get away . Condition : GOOD , slight damage to bottom of pages. Beautiful monogramed letter heads No 36 Squadron Royal Flying Corps was first formed on 18 March 1916 at Cramlington, Northumberland as a Home Defence squadron, defending the coastline between Newcastle upon Tyne and Whitby against German Zeppelin attacks. On 17 November 1916, Second Lieutenant I.V. Pyott, flying a Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2c destroyed Zeppelin L.34 over Hartlepool, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Service Order.[4] Once Zeppelin attacks on the North of England stopped, the Squadron switched to training duties, becoming part of the Royal Air Force on 1 April 1918, disbanding on 13 June 1919
RAF NAVIGATOR TUNIC NAMED AND DATED GORGEOUS A superb quality private tailored RAF officers tunic to a Navigator. named and dated so a nice research project Condition : superb / no moth superb quailty through out a darn / stitched repair but this is hidden by the belt
RAF NAVIGATORS FLIGHT HOLDALL ` NAVS BAG` 1944 A superb example of a 1944 dated ultra rare : ROYAL AIR FORCE NAVIGATORS FLIGHT BAG known by the crews as a ` navs bag` Condition : GOOD Very strong and sound stitching good and intact , with odd marks oil rust and staining water mark to the front but a very strong robust example of this rare item of kit. We have found one more of these in stock and we think its the best yet This time this is the last one when its gone its gone ........ UK post paid.
RAF NAVIGATORS FLIGHT HOLDALL ` NAVS BAG` 1944 A superb example of a 1944 dated ultra rare : ROYAL AIR FORCE NAVIGATORS FLIGHT BAG known by the crews as a ` navs bag` Condition : GOOD Very strong and sound stitching good and intact , with odd marks oil rust and staining water mark to the front but a very strong robust example of this rare item of kit. We have found one more of these in stock and we think its the best yet This time this is the last one when its gone its gone ........ UK post paid
RARE 5th INDIAN DIVISION CLOTH PAIR VERY RARE A rare chance to obtain an actual matched original pair of cloth signs as worn by the : 4th INDIAN DIVISON Condition : VERY GOOD-USED these have been worn but are in superb clean condition , actual red dot is not as bright in reality as in the pic rare unit to get an actual pair of signs to. UK POST PAID SOLD £85.00
RARE BADGE R.A.S.C WATERBORNE / COXSWAINS BADGE A very rare trade qualification badge as worn by a few selected personel from the ROYAL ARMY SERVICE CORPS trained to man small naval boats / landing craft Condition -GOOD One of the hardest trade badges to collect .
RARE EAST GERMAN ARMY ZELTBARN - INTERIOR POLICE ARMY GROUPS A very clean and tidy East German ground sheet. `These plain Ministry of the Interior police Zelts continued in use by the Kampfgruppen who were controlled by the Volkspolizei. ` Condition : GOOD . appears unused clear `1/55 ` date ( 1st quarter 1955 )
ROYAL ARTILLERY OLD COMRADES / NICE A nice straight forward brightly coloured ROYAL ARTILLERY ASSOCIATION OLD COMRADES badge . Condition : GOOD -clean n` clear maker marked J.R.Gaunt London. 23mm high Includes UK postage
SCARCE GERMAN ARMY FIELD POLICE COLLAR BOARDS A very clean original set of collar Boards as used by the Field Police. Recently found an completely fresh to market Condition : GOOD. A rare set to own
SILVER SWEET HEART BLACK WATCH 1915 SUPERB A gorgeous badge .A 1915 hallmarked silver sweetheart for the : BLACK WATCH. Birmingham hall marked 1915 ( W.J.D ) Condition : VERY GOOD / pin fastner fine A really loverly quality badge but priced low to sell
SMALL SCALE PARACHUTE AIR DROP . A post war british manufacture parachute set, possibly a miniature training aid or for parachuting a dog / small item ? has the wire ` sprung` first part that when deployed drags out the ` sock` containing the main chute . Condition :GOOD /complete with slight pinkish dye marks
SOLDIERS EATING KNIFE RARE LUMP One of the hardest lumps of british tommy personal kit to find - the knife from the eating utencils set . Correct shape to top edge and broad arrow marked ......... alas this is 1948 dated ! Condition :GOOD . Tip needs straightening a tad Identical to WW2 issue perfect for living history or untill you can stump up fifty / sixty quid for a war dated example
SS SOLDIERS LETTERS / PHOTO LOT 1945 - DRESDEN A rare set of very late war items belonging to a Soldier serving in the SS that were wrote from Dresden in early 1945. Both letters are to a young girl perhaps his girl friend and carry his unit details: 4 / SS-P.A=E BATT.1 (4 Kompanie SS Pioneer Ausbildungs- und Erzatz Batallion1) One letter includes a ` passport` style photo of the soldier stuck down to the paper , this is completely genuine and original to the letter which is made obvious by the outline indentation of the photo on the envelope due to years of been stored. Condition: GOOD /used with age an edge splits. `RED` marks to surface may be blood / red wine
SUPERB ARMY MANUAL PROTECTION AGAINST GAS AND AIR RAIDS A 2nd hard back copy consisting of THREE seperate manuals. Phamphlet -1 ,Protection against Gas and Air Raids 1939 , packet with details regarding the protection of men ,trucks , equipment , dug outs, Aircraft bombs , Anti - gas Equipment, eyes shields-capes anti-gas- ointment- cotton waste-detectors- dectector paint- suits-etc etc other sections covered. Decontamination. Anti-gas Training. collection of Gas Casualties. Protection of animals against Gas Attack. Many lists on Equipment for the army / Photos of personal gas equipment / gas capes / how to be worn. Phamphlet -3 Protection against Gas and Air Raids -Respirators. This again packed with detail but does not have the the rare colour plates as seen in the other example I have listed includes a section on the Civillian gas mask. Phamphlet -3 A very rare copy of : PASSIVE AIR DEFENCE 1939 Covers both Military & A.R.P Sections include: Method of laying sand bags. Construction of out door shelters Method of gas proofing. Includes superb detail kit lists in the Appendix. Scale of equipment for Air Raid Wardens and Look outs. Scale of equipment for Police. Scale of equipment for Messengers. Scale of equipment for Reconnaisance party.(Two persons ) Scale of equipment for First Aid Party (Three persons ) Scale of equipment for Medical and Ordance Equipment for First Aid Post. and Fire parties , Hose Teams ,Rescue parties,, Fire Engines ,Decontamination Squads ,. Diagrams on the lay out of P.A.D First Aid Posts , Gas Defence Centres ,Gas Cleansing Centre .........and the Scale of Equipment to kit tem all out .... Condition: GOOD /used with marks and age stains to cover but solid heavy item . A rare lump to own
THIRD REICH SPORTS SHIRT EAGLES AUSLANDER ORG Extremely rare set of sports vest eagles as worn by foreign members serving with in the NSDAP or `Auslands Org` Bevo manufacture with two examples still together cut from the roll . Condition : GOOD. Slight age marks and creasing . Completely fresh to market not held in a collection before
UPDATE @@ UPDATE @@ UPDATE @@ UPDATE Well it official ,Grandads-kitbag has been online two months today. we are truly delighted how things have developed and the many new friends and contacts we have made . This has been very much ` a work in progress ` for us and a great learning curve , we have taken on board the several key recommendations that you as collectors have made to help us improve our site . We still have several hundred cloth signs ,medal groups , uniform items ,sweethearts ,photos and rare documents to list for sale along with new items that arrive on a daily basis . UP COMING ITEMS ............. Items will include a rare Royal engineers bomb disposal officers casualty medal group for the Italian campaign , a superb Home Guard grouping , several rare cloth special forces items of insignia , A very rare 1st edition signed copy of ` The Wild Green Earth ` written by the Chindit officer Brigadier Fergasson , this is even nicer still as this actual copy was owned by the commando leader Robert ` Bob ` Laycock , a very rare great war british Royal Navy submarine K.I.A grouping and an absolute cracking Polish Free forces collection put together direct from the veterans themselves As always our aim is to offer genuine ` as found - unaltered ` militaria . A big thank you , Michael and Janette
VAN HEUSEN OFFICERS SHIRT COLLARS JUNGLE GREEN J.G Colour officers pattern shirt collar manufactured buy : VAN HEUSEN . Condition : GOOD beautiful markings / with original packing paper sleeve , slight white ` spotting ` age marks will sponge out .
VERY RARE HOME GUARD POSTER NEAR UNOBTAINABLE A once in a life time chance to own an original : HOME GUARD RECRUITING POSTER / DISPLAY CARD printed on stiff heavy duty paper with red cord hanging string this is a medium size display item would designed to hang on a factory notice board or or displayed in a shop window ( Jones the butcher ) " OUR COUNTRY SHOULD SUGGEST TO THE MIND OF A POTENTIAL PARATROOPER THE BACK OF A HEDGEHOG RATHER THAN THE PAUNCH OF A RABBIT " Condition : FAIR colour is still very bright , age staining dirt marks and edge tears through out . This is a genuine `fresh to market ` item and was , up until a short while back hidden behind a notice board . ( full details and address where this was located wil be passed on to new owner ) This would look the absolute perfection as the centre piece to an LDV / HOME GUARD display collection This is the real deal , an original HOME GUARD recruiting advertisment its the first ive seen in 20 yeas of collecting .........i dont expect to see another Size 300 mm x 250 mm SOLD £125.00
VERY RARE INDIAN ARMY PUBLICATION 10/ 11th SIKHS A very rare original copy of : GURU NANAK`S RESPONCES TO THE CALL OF HUMANITY This book been a military published booklet aimed at Indian / sikh troops along the lines of ` why should Indians fight for the british why is it our duty to join the struggle ` Guru Nanak being one of original founders of the Sikh religion . Along with this is a war office copy of : RULES AND STRATAGEMS OF WAR Condition :FAIR well read but complete. A very rare item off Indian Army ephemera
VERY RARE ROYAL NAVY DESPATCH RIDERS TRADE BADGE A very hard to come by example of a cloth trade badge : DESPATCH RIDER -ROYAL NAVY Condition : VERY GOOD .red coloured threads have come out a bit bright rare badge UK POST PAID
VICTORIAN WEST YORKSHIRE REGT MESS POTTERY A large size Victorian ` mess ` or formal dinning soup tureen , good clear West Yorks Regt design to the lid and main body. Condition :GOOD / used . Colours bright and clear , handles intact and no repairs
VICTORY PARADE 1946 CELLULOID BADGE RARE A very nice example of a hard to come by badge , a celluloid ` button badge` VICTORY 1946 VICTORY MARCH ,sold as keepsakes at the time of the parade . Condition : GOOD , pin intacted
WAR DEPARTMENT STREET MAP OF LONDON 1941 RARE A superb and hard to come by large size map of The City of London and surrounding areas. Produced by the Ordnance Survey department on government contract , dated 1941 and marked : ` Not To Be Published` . Condition :GOOD /used very clean and bright , age staining to the section its been folded to for many years . Perfect for the Home Guard / A.R.P / A.F.S collector
WOMAN MUNITIONS WORKER 1917 GLOUCESTER A rare original postcard photo of a a female munitions factory worker , Dated June 2.1917 Gloucester photographer. Condition : FAIR -GOOD
`GRENADE PIN / WARNING PLATE -NO.74 STICKY BOMB A very rare item indeed A securing split pin and warning plate for the no 74. ` Sticky` bomb Grenade. Condition :GOOD SOLD £45.00
.N.F.S CHRISTMAS CARD LONDON BLITZ 1941 A delightful little item a 1941 dated Christmas card from a member of the Fire service, superb embossed N.F.S insignia and a unusual London Fire Force design of St Pauls cathedral in a red V with flames atop . Condition :GOOD /USED near mint condition . A really nice item of home front ephemera
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105 ( MADRAS ) LINES OF COMMUNICATION CLOTH SIGN A fine clean printed example. Condition :GOOD /used
109th BANGALORE LINES OF COMMUNICATION CLOTH SIGN A rare original cloth formation sign Condition :GOOD / used complete with rear fixings
11th HUSSARS SIDE CAP AND ORIGINAL BADGE 11th Hussars (Prices Alberts Own ) original cap badge and side cape , badge is a non maker marked with slider. Condition :FAIR /used this hat is a genuine shed find last month and is a touch grubby and in dusty condition , with one prominent moth hole and what looks like specks of plaster - it is neither knackered nor falling apart and with clean up with gentle washing. This hat has been shown and debated on the British badge forum and opinions differ but the hat it appears to be from another period but the badge has been sat there a long long time . Genuine help and opinions welcome
12th ARMY FAR EAST PRINTED A good matched pair of printed signs : 12th ARMY. Condition : GOOD-USED , Printed signs backed on to KD cloth / nice original set SOLD £25.00
12th CORPS HAND PAINTED VERY NICE A really nice example of a cloth 12th CORPS formation sign , these have an interesting manufacturing process , they were printed first , then hand finished using paint to pick out the details , these are often found in very poor condition due to the poor quality of wartime paint used that reacted and rotted the badge ,this one seems to have survived : Condition: GOOD -used just the right side of grubby / just nice . SOLD £ 20.00
15th INDIAN CORPS FORMATION SIGNS MATCHED SET A clean original matched set. Condition :GOOD /used
15th INDIAN CORPS MATCHED PAIR GORGEOUS A Really nice original actual matched pair of woven 15th Indian corps formation signs . Maufactured in that distinct Indian ` salt an pepper` style of weave . We have been very lucky to obtain the uniform and equipment of a former .N.C.O far east campaign veteran , along with his uniform and small kit items there were many british / Allied / and Japanese items , including a large amount of cloth insignia , The whole job lot appears to have been bagged up and un touched since the gentleman returned back home in 1946 these pair of signs are from that source. Condition : GOOD , they have that damp attic smell and are creased and need a good pressing but not mothed ,damaged in any way . A nice original actual pair .
16th ARMOURED BRIGADE MATCHED SET A superb set of 16th Armoured brigade formation signs both stitched down on K.D material . Condition:GOOD / used
1914 CHRISTMAS CARD D.L.I 8th Service battalion D.L.I good condition with age marks rare to get a card so early in the conflict.
1914 TRENCH LANTERN NICE A good example of a nice early date British Trench lantern, this example been the one designed to fold flat and stored away in a carry tin when not in use or for when been carried up in to the line. Condition : FINE / strong and sound through out. This is not relic condition , all hinges and handles work fine and the rust is generally just surface area and not rusted through, all moving area have had a soak in WD40 thats it , perfect for a winters restoration project , I restored one of these a few years back and the trick is to get down your local junk market and find an old picture frame with the period glass and use this for replacement the old style glass is the correct thickness and has that slight haze look that is perfect . Rare to get a 1914 dated example .
1914-18 36th ULSTER DIV , INSIGNIA ARTICLE MILITARY ILLUSTRATED A 1991 hard to come by copy of Millitary Illustrated , with a superb feature on insignia worn by the 36th Ulster division 1914-18. Stunning art work with fantastic detail . Condition : GOOD . Clean tight readable copy
1915 RECUITING LEAFLET RARE RARE FIND A very rare possibly unique example of a Great war Recruiting document . Similar to the examples given out today to modern soldiers this 1915 example would be given out by staff at the various recruiting offices around the country . Document is four pages and outlines all aspects for the would be soldier , rates off pay ,trades , wifes an children , insurance ..... " special facilities will be afforded to men wish to enlist in bodies such bodies will ,if possible be drafted to regiments so that they may serve together " Condition:GOOD. Folded and with edge creases. good size 19cm x 25 A rare lump to own Sold £65.00
1915 `MARRIED MEN ENLIST ` ! ! ! RECRUITING LEAFLET A rare and original 1915 recruiting leaflet . ` MARRIED MEN ` Enlist now .You have the Prime Ministers Pledge that you will not be called upon to serve until the young Unmarried me have been summond to the colours ` Condition : GOOD . Folded several times large 26cm x 16cm size . A loverly rare item of Great war Recruiting ephemera
1916 DATED TOMMIES EATING FORK - RARE RARE ITEM Perhaps a once in a life time chance to add an ilusive rare item of tommies kit, 1916 dated eating fork with clear date AND broad arrow marked. Just a perfect item to add to your kit display Condition : VERY GOOD / Used The only dated and broad arrow Great War example I have ever seen
1917 CHRISTMAS CARD 8th DIVISION SUPERB FORMATION SIGNS A really nice attractive item showing what may well be several examples of unrecorded formations signs as worn by corps units serving in the 8th Division . Condition :GOOD /Used . bright vivid color .
1918 INFANTRY TRENCH STANDING ORDERS 42nd EAST LANCS A superb and rare privately published copy of an officers Trench standing orders / Aide memoire as they are now called. Inside page has printed design ` 42nd East Lancashire Division - Go One Better with various battle honors to the page corners . Published in February 1918 the outer cover is very grubby compared to the inside which gives me no doubt this book was issued and actually used. Sections include : questions a commander should ask himself in the trenches : Are my Lewis guns ammo and bombs clean and in good order ? Where are my bomb stores located ? Are my parapets and fire steps bullet proof ? Am I doing constant repair work on the wire ? Are my men drinking water from un authorized sources ? Am I making the best use of my Scouts & Snipers ? Have I done every thing in my power to protect and safe guard my men ? ` I AM HERE FOR TWO MAIN PURPOSES : to do as much damage to the enemy and to hold my part of the line in all circumstances ` This is not a war office officially published example but a small scale example printed directly for the 42nd East Lancashire division possibly in very small numbers making this a desirable item
1918 WOMENS ROYAL AIRFORCE PICTURES Two superb Womens Royal Airforce photos taken around 1918 great insignia detail. Condition ;GOOD.
1920`s / 1930`s GERMAN HUNTING ASSOCIATION BREAST BADGE A very sweet item being a pre WW.2 German /Austrian Hunting association badge. Very well constructed over 30mm diameter. Condition :GOOD. Pin fastner complete and working .
1930`s ROAD MAP GERMANY , BERCHTESGADEN Early 1930`s German Touring map , shows Saltzburg , and Berchestgarden. Condition :GOOD. Very clean with gorgeous bright colours
1939 ROYAL AIR FORCE M.I.D PAPERWORK LOT VERY EARLY D.F.M ACTION A fascinating and historical group of documents with a very early D.F.M connection for 1939 with a connection to the British actress Minnie Driver. The four page document dated 1944 is regarding an emergency commision for 531023 SGT Dennis Conolly who as an Air gunner with the rank of Airman was awarded the M.I.D in the Same action the front gunner, Aircraft man Charles Driver won one of the first D.C.M`s of W.W. 2 . On December 18 1939 22 Wellington Bombers planes from 9, 37 &149 squadrons were tasked with the destruction of German shipping believed to be anchored out side the port of Wilhelmshafen. On arrival the British force of planes released the shipping was anchored actually INSIDE the harbour and as was the code of conduct amongst the RAF in the early war the mission was aborted to prevent civilian casualties (I never new this ) Citation reads: "Aircraftman Driver was the front gunner in an aircraft engaged in operations over an enemy naval base in December, 1939. Although the aircraft was subjected to very heavy fire he remained at his post until both the front guns were put out of action and the flooring shot away or in flames, which he extinguished with his hands. As by this time the petrol system had been severely damaged, he proceeded to the hand petrol pump, and continued manual pumping until shortage of petrol caused the aircraft to land in the sea. Despite these exertions, Aircraftman Driver subsequently succeeded in launching the dinghy and assisted in saving the remainder of the crew, some of whom were wounded. It is undoubtedly largely due to his alertness that the members of the crew of this aircraft were brought to safety." Charles Driver spent many months in various psychiatric units and suffered with P.T.S.D for most of his life there after. Condition :GOOD with age and marks. There is an episode of Who Do You Think You Are featuring the actress Minnie Driver the daughter of Charles Driver telling the as then unknown story of her dead father war time service , extremely sad in parts but recommended viewing.
1940 patt BATTLE DRESS TROUSERS LARGE SIZED DATED ,. A superb example of a dated pair of 1940 patt Battle dress Trousers. Date / manufactures label is amazingly still present showing `1940 patt ` broad arrow and issue dated( 1943) These are a rare desiable LARGE SIZE 12. Condition : VERY GOOD ,through out . small specks of what look like green army paint to inside the leg . ( this is old and dry and could be scraped off ) A rare and getting very hard to find item in this size and condition.
1941 GERMAN ARMY GUIDE BOOK PANZER UNIT Bought in this week privately , a rare and hard to come by copy of `ENTWURF LIBYEN` or soldiers aide memoire to Libya. Published in Berlin in 1941 , many pages full of local information , photos , geography , many pull out charts , maps includes a very large example in the back cover. Condition : GOOD /used . Shows age and has ` foxing ` to card cover with small burn mark to bottom edge of first few pages. Has a superb original unit ink stamp ` 2nd Panzer Regt ` this it totally original and as found. The whole book comes in a post war home made manufactured card board cover , details to the front state : `Recovered from a burnt out German Tank ,N Africa ` and the british soldiers name is written too Albert Lambridge . A rare item of German North African period ephemera with a genuine Panzer unit ID. stamp .
1942 INSTRUMENT TRIPOD S.A.S A very fine Instrument Tripod .no.17 MK11 manufactured by Radio Ltd New Zealand and dated 1942. Condition :GOOD. All three legs fine an working well , original green colour NOT post war repaint , all screw fastners fine and working , webbing secure strap complete and fine . These are often seen strapped to the bonnet of Special Air Service ` pink panther` land rovers . Perfect for your military vehicle display. SOLD £125.00 Please contact me for postage costs .
1950`s GERMAN RED CROSS UNIFORM Interesting lot being a post war West German Red Cross lot to include tuinc and ` ski` cap. Condition GOOD /used . Idea for conversion for living history OR as a collectable item in its own right.
19th INDIAN DIVISION BULLION A 19th Indian Division formation sign made in wire Bullion . Condition : GOOD / used
1st DIVISION ROYAL ARTILLERY PRINTED A printed sign for the : 1st INFANTRY DIVISION / ROYAL ARTILLERY. Condition : GOOD -USED ,nice and clean SOLD £12.00
1st GURKHA RIFLES LOT SUPERB ARCHIVE A superb lot just discovered with a mass of paperwork /old comrades names letters listing many names ranks unit stories - full details on it way ......
1st POLISH ARMOURED DIVISION PRINTED INSIGNIA A very clean example. Used but in very fine condition - hard to get this insignia in printed form
20th INDIAN / R.A COMBINATION RARE A rare and very desirable combination ` hanger` 20th Infantry Division with R.A colors cotton slip on designed to hang from the shoulder . Condition :GOOD /used A hard combination to come by -totally period and original
21st INDIAN DIVISION /268th LORRIED INFANTRY MATCHED SET A genuine matched set , removed from uniform. Condition :GOOD /used We have obtained several sets of these so we are offering them at bargain prices , as always once their gone thats it
24th INDEPENDENT INFANTRY BRIGADE A really nice worn example of the : 24th INDEPENDENT INFANTRY BRIGADE Condition :GOOD-USED UK post paid
24th SEARCH-LIGHT REGT -RA RARE BADGE A nice clean example of a rare cloth badge: 24th ( Essex ) SEARCH-LIGHT REGT - R.A . Condition : GOOD war time construction with economy glue wash ` sized` backing , has remains of paper to the back whee it was once stuck down -nothing drastic -will add pic. Priced to sell / UK post paid
25th INFANTRY INDIAN CLOTH SIGN ( 1 ) A superb example with press studs to the rear . Condition :GOOD /used
25th INFANTRY INDIAN CLOTH SIGN ( 2 ) Better quality example. Condition :GOOD /used
25th INFANTRY INDIAN CLOTH SIGN ( 3 ) Lovely crude Indian made example . Condition :GOOD /used
26th INDIAN DIVISION Silk woven example ,backed on to KD cloth. Condition :GOOD / used
28th IND COMMONWEALTH BRIGADE SIGN BULLION A very clean example of the cloth sign worn by the : 28th INDEPENDENT COMMONWEALTH BRIGADE Condition : GOOD SOLD £15.00
2nd ANTI-AIRCRAFT DIV WITCH ON A BROOM STICK PAIR ! A nice original actual pair of rare cloth signs ; 2nd ANTI-AIRCRAFT DIVISION , the design being a witch ` sweeping the skies clean ` of german planes . Condition : GOOD -USED a rare badge / even rarer to get a matched pair
31st INDIAN ARMORED DIVISION CLOTH SIGN A good heavy quality example , stitched over a backing plate. Condition :GOOD /used . Fastener pin intact and working
31st INDIAN ARMORED DIVISION CLOTH SIGN Nice original example . Condition :GOOD /used
33rd INDIAN CORPS MATCHED UN CUT PAIR An original , cut straight from the roll pair of ; 33rd INDIAN CORPS formation signs , manufactured in that typical checked ` salt n pepper ` style . These would have been seperated cut to size an then folded and stitched over a card or metal backing plate to finish them off. Condition : GOOD , / unused . These badges could .... be finished of as described if the buyer wishes but it would be nice to keep them as they are as a good example how some Far east badges where manufactured ?
33rd INDIAN CORPS MATCHED SET 33rd INDIAN CORPS. Condition GOOD / used This badge and many others like it are part of a superb collection of Far East British / Indian army formations to be listed for sale this week this collection includes some rare gems so please look in when you get a moment
33rd INDIAN CORPS MATCHED PAIR A good oriniginal pair of : 33rd INDIAN CORPS formation signs manufactured in that ` salt an pepper` pattern cloth . Condition : GOOD - USED ,well used an ` been there` but just the right side of grubby . SOLD £65.00
3rd INDIAN DIVISION CHINDITS A good original example on a slighter darker backing cloth. Condition :GOOD. / used
3rd ROYAL TANK REGT OFFICERS SLIP ONS Officers Rank slip ons , for the long since disbanded : 3rd TANK REGIMENT. Condition :GOOD /used . Hard set to find with this rank .
3rd SCOTTISH ANTI- AIRCRAFT MATCHED PAIR - RARE A rare chance to obtain a gorgeous gorgeous matched pair of : 3rd SCOTTISH ANTI - AIRCRAFT division formation signs , manufactured in silk and worn for a very short period till1942. Condition : FAIR . An actual original matched pair of these rare badges , it will be a long time before another set like these appear
44 pattern WATER BOTTLE First pattern with metal cap . Condition :GOOD /Used with several dints to front
44 pattern WATER BOTTLE CUP1945 Excellent clean example , good clear 1945 date and broad arrow stamp. Condition :GOOD /Used
44 pattern WATER BOTTLE COVER 1945 dated An excellent example of this now hard to find item of kit , Good clear date 1945 and makers stamp Bag craft ltd with a further ink stamp `Cat No.AF.0044 and this example is even broad arrow marked under the flap. Condition :GOOD/ Used small rust stain to from complete with metal belt hook
45 th DIVISION CLOTH INSIGNIA COMBINATIONS SOMERSET L.I A superb set of cloth unit insignia combinations . as worn by 5th Batt : Sommerset Light infantry 135 Inf Bde, 45 Inf Div. Condition : GOOD : one example with mothing . Original no nonsense examples Will consider selling these individually if I can get two interested parties
46th DIVISION PRINTED PAIR KD SLIP ON`s RARE A good original matched pair of K.D slip on`s with printed 46th div formation signs stitched on . Nice worn condition , just the right side of grubby. Condition : GOOD SOLD £35.00
47th LONDON SIGN BOW BELLS A nice straight forward silk woven cloth sign : 47th LONDON DIVISION , using the sign of the `bow bells ` from the churches location in Bow / London. Condition : FAIR - USED. SOLD £14.00
47th LONDON DIV / BOW BELLS / MATCHED PAIR A good clean matched pair of cloth : 47th ( LONDON ) INFANTRY DIVISION , in silk woven form. Condition : GOOD-USED
4TH INDIAN DIVISION FORMATION SIGNS - PAIR A gorgeous clean an tidy pair of cloth formation signs : 4th INDIAN DIVISION A realy nice quality hand made set , eagle has been cut out an applied seperately , with the eye and beak picked out in seperate thread . Condition : VERY GOOD -USED A really nice tidy set UK RECORDED POST PAID SOLD £95.00
4th INDIAN DIVISION MATCHED SET 4th INDIAN Division combinations with red infantry brigade bar Condition :GOOD / used Superb , rare and original - simple as that
56th LONDON DIVISION .GREAT WAR PERIOD CLOTH SIGN A very nice clean example of a rare Great War period unit formation sign : 56th LONDON DIVISION Condition GOOD a few moth nips and areas of wear but strong ,tight and vivid colours A high price but a rare hard to come by badge
56th LONDON DIV BLACK CAT SLIP ON A nice original trio of cloth signs 56th LONDON DIVISION ,showing the famous design of Dick Whittingtons cat. Alas these badges have seen better days and are quite moth eaten . These three badges all came from the same lot so is perhaps safe to say they were worn by the same man , these examples are the earlier pattern with the slightly fat ` comfy cat ` that was later redesigned to a leaner meaner example ! the right hand badge is the best of all and infact is not too bad at all with just a nick at the bottom right - sold as is - priced to sell quick
6th INISKILLINGS RARE PHOTO - NAMED An original half size postcard photo of a pte in the: 6th INISKILLING DRAGOONS Cap badge ( with flag ) clearly visible . Condition : POOR shows age with much creases . name appears to be ` ANDREW LABURN ` ? Condition is not great but a good original image to an identified soldier in a rare unit .
72nd INDIAN INFANTRY BRIGADE Well used ,a touch faded but a genuine example. Condition: Good
78th BATTLE AXE DIVISION SLIP ON`s SUPERB A superb near perfect pair of KD slip on`s as worn by the: 78th `BATTLE AXE ` DIVISION . Original printed formation signs machine stitched to Khaki Drill material . Condition : VERY GOOD very clean , just slight sun bleaching ,fading. slight mismatched in size but this is not unusual for KD slip ons One corner of the printed sign is peeling away but this does clealy show the tell tale shade of the ` covered ` material against the outer sun bleached cloth , in short a good original set , impossible to up grade.
78th DIVISION ` FROM ALGIERS TO AUSTRIA ` UNIT HISTORY RARE A very very clean copy of the unit history : ` FROM ALGIERS TO AUSTRIA ` THE WAR TIME HISTORY OF THE 78th INFANTRY DIVISION . A superb account of the units war time role written by Cyrll Ray and published in 1952. 255 pages with 6 page `Order of Battle ` list the units an senior officers and their awards . 39 photographs 19 fold out maps Unlike many of thes books produced after the wars end this example has not been drawn from just official records or unit war diaries ,the author spent several years traveling here and the commonwealth to track down former officers to interview them in person and transcribe their own personal diaries . Condition :VERY GOOD The condition and quality of this book is simply astounding . beautiful embosed 78th divisional sign to front cover , photos protected by tissue sheets like in the old photo albums . This book honestly appears like it was bought , read once then put away , I have owned many of these post war produced unit histories and this example is just superb.
79th ARMOURED DIVISON A really nice example of the cloth sign worn by the: 79th ARMOURED .DIV. Badge appears to have been manufactured by printing the design on top of woven cloth like material unlike the normal printed formation signs , then the material folded round a card stiffener. Condition : GOOD / used condition , a very nice badge ( will add a pic of the reverse ) SOLD £25.00
7th INDIAN DIVISION BULLION 7th Indian Division in wire bullion , safety pin fixing to the rear appears to be the very kind found in the field dressing pack .... Condition :GOOD /used a bit dusty but intact This badge and many others like it are part of a superb collection of Far East British / Indian army formations to be listed for sale this week this collection includes some rare gems so please look in when you get a moment
81st WEST AFRICAN DIVISION A good used example backed on to KD material with signs of press studs once afixed . Condition :GOOD /used a touch grubby
82nd WEST AFRICAN DIVISION / ROYAL WEST AFRICANS COMBINATION 82nd West African division with a Royal West African Frontier Force slip on all afixed to a KD shoulder board , this is even more unusual as it has a 1945 ink stamp to the rear. Condition :GOOD /used
8th AIR FORMATION SIGNALS SIGN - RARE RARE BADGE A rare oppotunity to own a ` numbered` example of the : AIR FORMATION SIGNALS sign. Manufactured in beautiful Italian Bullion wire . ( many allied units that took part in the drive through Italy had unit badges made locally ) 8th Air Formation Signals was formed as 1 Coy, 'F' AFS, at Ramleh (Palestine) on July 14th, 1942, and tasked to provide landline and dispatch rider communications for 205 Group, RAF. 205 Group was the 'Bomber Command' of the Middle East with airfields from St Jean (north of Haifa) to the Canal Zone and into Cyrenaica. It was re-designated 8 AFS in August 1942. It was practice for Wellington bombers based in the Canal Zone to fly to Advance Landing Grounds (ALGs) in Cyrenaica where they refuelled before flying to their final destinations. 8 AFS therefore had an unusually large parish and it is likely that Charles Lawrence served on some of these ALGs a considerable distance from unit or company HQ. In March 1944 8 AFS moved to Italy and continued to provide communications for the RAF in Italy and Austria until it disbanded at some time after December 1946. Condition :GOOD-USED Rare to get a ` unit numbered` example SOLD £65.00
8th INDIAN DIVISION PRINTED 8th Indian Division printed formation sign . Condition :GOOD. Backed on to B.D material good original example This badge and many others like it are part of a superb collection of Far East British / Indian army formations to be listed for sale this week this collection includes some rare gems so please look in when you get a moment
A RARE R.W.A.F.F BADGES PAPERWORK RARE PHOTOS LOT A superb group of cloth insignia slip on`s metal badges photos and documents lot to the: ROYAL WEST AFRICAN FRONTIER FORCE SOLD £155.00 ,
A.R.P EQUIPMENT / UNIFORMS ISSUE BOOK - NORFOLK RARE RARE A very rare item of home front ARP ephemera . NORFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS ( N.C.C. - A.R.P ) REGISTER OF ISSUES OF EQUIPMENT . Covering the years 1941 - 1944 this book gives - date decription of item no. and the individuals signiture . " 1 /10/ 41 one set anti gas clothing H.Harding " Facinating reading , gives a real insight in to what kit was awarded , armlets , whistle , C.D respirator stel helmet haversack blouse , anklets , great coat , shoulder titles CAPE, beret ,bottle etc. over 20 pages filled in This book and many more items were part of a time capsule of Home front ephemera relating to the village of BARTON BENDISH / NORFOLK we were fortunate to obtain . Condition : GOOD still has original carbon paper ! SIZE : 20CM X 12 CM A rare and fasinating item of A.R.P history SOLD £34.00
A.R.P / POLICE BOILER SUIT / COVERALLS LOT SCANTLEBURY FAMILY LOT ( 1) A Large size set of Police / Air Raid precautions boiler suit coveralls badge up to the Lancashire Constabulary this cloth breast badge being same style and manufacture as war time ARP cloth insignia . C C 41 inspection cloth badge in collar . This lot was worn by John Scantlebury the son of the Great War officer whos paper work is also for sale , includes ARP booklets a , black sash , a Womans Silver ARP badge in correct blue box ( this is a womens example but came with the grouping so possibly his mother`s ) Also with this grouping is Scantleburys post war AB 64 service book and Army Pay Corps cap badge. Condition GOOD .Boiler suit is generally very fine with a slight mark here an there , belt is present complete with buckle buttons show age and staining but will clean up. Booklets are clean and tidy as is ARP badge AB64 is tatty . These boiler suits can be seen worn in period photos of on bomb sites after a raid has taken place worn over or instead of normal police uniform. Very few have survived , this is a rare chance to own an item of ARP / POLICE equipment that seldom if ever turns up
A.R.P CLASP KNIFE - 1939 RARE ITEM An extremely rare early 1939 dated example , never a common Item and near impossible to find in this good condition. Superb clear 1939 date blade slightly sharpened S
A.R.P DOOR SIGN GORGEOUS A really nice heavy quality enamel on metal ARP door sign Condition : GOOD enameling is good with minor marks top edge of sign has wear to metal . A scarce item-would look superb on the door of your` war room` SOLD £80.00
A.R.P STREET SIGN - ENAMELLED - GORGEOUS A really nice clean an tidy tide example of rare war time sign: AIR RAID WARDEN. Condition : A superb clean example with only a tiny amount of damage / rust marks . the red enamelling is just gorgeous , slightly raised and intact colours bright . Obtained from the city of York . A rare item now , best condition one ive seen in a long time SOLD £90.00
A.T.S PHOTOS LOT 3 original postcard photos of an A.T.S unit . The male soldiers and officers are badged Royal Artillery and appear to be an Anti-Aircraft formation . Condition : VERY GOOD , ink stamped Grimsby one photo is a dublicate
A.W BOMBS HOME GUARD ENAMEL SIGN no.76 PHOSPHORUS GRENADE RARE RARE ITEM A large enamel sign designed to sit inside the lid of the carry crate for the A.W BOMB Albright & Wilson NO:76 Phosphorus bomb as used by the Home Guard - the bombs could be thrown by hand or launched from a Projector . Condition : VERY GOOD . 95% suface enamel intact. A very rare lump indeed
AFGHANISTAN FLAG SOLDIERS BRING BACK Large size , very clean condition odd `pulls` or gaps to the gold edge trim. Displays well
AFRICA CORPS WATER BOTTLE TROPICAL Another loverly unmessed with item straight out of the woodwork from a british veterans estate . Africa Corps or more correctly tropical issue water bottle ,this is the ` blown wood` style with webbing instead of leather straps and bakalite cup . Many stampings and markings rear of bottle has the D.R.G.M 43 date . Condition :VERY GOOD . Slight marks and service wear to straps ,slight surface rust A nice honest lump
AIR DESPATCH / R.A.S.C VEHICLE STICKER Size is 12 cm x 15cm , not sure exactly what period this is from but does have the early clipped tail wing design that is considered war time or just after . Condition :GOOD/ Unused slight storage marks . Lovely center piece for a Air Despatch insignia display.
AIR FORMATION SIGNALS CLOTH SIGN A heavy padded theatre made example. Condition :GOOD /used Nice looking badge
AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS DOCUMENTS - NORFOLK VILLAGES A two page A4 size document being a list of Norfolk parishes , who the ARP warden is ,their address phone no. and location of nearest Police Station . ` CHIEF AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS SERVICES ` REPORT CENTRE Council Offices -Downham Market FIRST AID PARTIES stationed at Hilgay and Feltwell. Many villages named Barton Bendish , Fincham , Stoke Ferry , West Dereham. " Fincham -J .P.Adcock - The Moat House -Fincham no.215 " Condition : GOOD folded with rust marks Great historical infomation
AIR RAID SHELTER SIGN NICE A large `Directions to shelter` ARP sign . This is a big original lump but with some damage / the large letter `S` and arrow is fine but the last few letters of the word `SHELTER` are missing . I geuninely believe this would make an excellent restoration project as the damaged part after the missing letters is strong and sound and not rusted through , this needs layering back up , modellers clay ?? and the letters repainting - ok not pure but a really nice display at a reasonable price. Examples of these IF one can be located cost a small fortune now . Condition :Strong and solid
AIRBORNE / R.A.F WEBBING FLASK COVER RARE ITEM A very clean sound and complete example of this rare item of kit , good clear makers mark and broad arrow stamp dated 1943 / ( or 45) ? NOT 48. Condition : GOOD. Clean ,strong and sound through out . Comes complete with the original pads that sit inside at the base , these are usually absent
AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION / NO.1 BRITISH MONOPLANES A good copy of the war time publication : AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION ( NO.1 British Monoplanes ) This has had a few fires and gun turrets drawn on the diving planes In red crayon by some over eager child ! but in some way rather adds to the appeal and nostalgia of the book . Condition : FAIR - will add pics of the childs art work ...........
AIRFIELD CONSTUCTION UNITS RARE FORMATION SIGNS set 1 A very clean example of a rare set of formation signs worn by a mixed unit of R.E and pioneer troops whos job was to get captured damaged airfields back up and functioning . Condition :VERY GOOD. We have located several pairs and an odd single example direct from the family and will be offering them here but as always when there sold there gone and theres no more
AIRFIELD CONSTUCTION UNITS RARE FORMATION SIGNS set 2 A very clean example of a rare set of formation signs worn by a mixed unit of R.E and pioneer troops whos job was to get captured damaged airfields back up and functioning . Condition :VERY GOOD. We have located several pairs and an odd single example direct from the family and will be offering them here but as always when there sold their gone and theres no more
ALL OUSTANDING POSTAL ITEMS Just a quick note to confirm all outstanding items are now in the postal system , thanks ,Michael
ALLIED FORCES PERMIT / AUSTRIA - 1950 A nice unusual item of post war ephemera . ALLIED FORCES PERMIT PERMIS MILITAIRE ALLIE As isued to a STANLEY CLIFFORD BEST allowing him permission to enter Austria . Condition : GOOD folded in to three SIZE 270mm x 130mm very clean nice example
ALLIED P.O.W PROPAGANDA DOCUMENT RARE ITEM An extremely rare and totally fictitious war time produced propaganda document. These leaflets were air dropped over allied lines with the details how life as a prisoner of war wasnt actually so bad ............ Details of super food parcels , concerts , sunbathing first class food and living quarters etc . Several ` Genuine` P.O.Ws such as Sgt pilot William Cullan give praise to how well after capture the Germans treat us with hot food and cigs , good transportation to the camps with a clean mattress and hot water ........ The whole document is very cleverly but subtlety composed along the lines of " it is no shame to be taken prisoner why on earth are we fighting " Basically suggesting first chance you get pal jump ship and come over to the Germans ........... Condition :FAIR. Well use and with age foxing mainly front page. This item has a high price but is a rare and seldom encounted item of German propaganda
AN EXTREMELY RARE BRITISH 1945 DATED JUNGLE PONCHO A near impossible to find example of this rare item ' good clear 1945 date broad arrow mark and manufactures details . VERY clean supple condition the black marking lines are clear and not faded .the odd mark an nick to the material and stains - that's It. This is the second of several items from the same clearance ( please see the tropical stove container listed ) In genuine fine supple -NOT dried out condition . First I've every owned and I don't expect to see another .
ARCHITECTS PLANS POST WAR REBUILDING CITY of SHEFFIELD An usual and hard to come buy item of Home Front ephemera being a 1944 dated architects plan showing the lay out of a modern family home . Condition :GOOD .Folded . Sheffield was bombed many times from August 1940 through to 1942 with to major raids on the 12th and 15th December 1940. An unusual and totally genuine item
ARGENTINIAN AIRFORCE VOLUNTEERS R.A.F A pair of cloth overseas volunteers for the R.A.F `ARGENTINA ` in unused condition . These Argentinian titles with this style of embroidery first turned up in the late 1980`s in quite large batches along with the BRAZIL RAF cloth titles , they were never over popular with collectors due to there crudness in construction but as time goes by they have become a harder title to obtain. Condition : GOOD -unused priced to sell
ARMY / R.M COMMANDO COMBINED OPERATIONS CLOTH SIGN Original example , cut to shape and removed from uniform badge is in that ` just worn - just nice` condition
ARMY BLANKET 1942 RARE RARE A good original near impossible to obtain DATED british army blanket. ONKAPARINGA WOLLEN CO.LTD ADELAIDE 1942 There is a feint paint stencilled broad arrow ( picture 2 middle of blue line ) either side of this are the letters R.A. /I ? ? the last two letters are indistinct but it looks as though it may be : `royal army ? ? Condition : generally GOOD colour is good with a few moth holes an worn areas and a dark stain that should ? scub scrape off . All in all very good condition for an item like this. A SUPERB ITEM a great kit display item just perfect for next seasons living history , the only dated one I have ever seen . please ask for an up todate postage cost for overseas / Europe SOLD £38.00
ARMY CIGARETTE TIN ` SANDHURST CLUB ` RATIONS A very clean near perfect cigarette tin : ARMY CLUB SANDHURST STYLE , Marke on the edge ` manufactured for the proprietors by Godfrey Phillips ltd Londom. Condition : VERY GOOD, still has its gorgeous matt green colour , very clean NO rust
ARMY SERVICE CORPS WALKING OUT TUNIC 1914 Quite simply a stunning near mint example . Army Service Corps ` best` or walking out tunic in un worn un issued near mint condition , beautiful complete manufactures paper label with clear 1914 date and .A.S.C details . All buttons present but minus collar insignia ( never fitted ). Condition : VERY GOOD / un issued . These are terrible for mothing as they just love the wool lining but this example has an odd bit - that`s it. Not cheap but this wont be around for long the cleanest near mint example I have ever seen.
ARTISTS RIFLES SWEET HEART / OLD COMRADES BADGE Good condition with nice detailing.
B.E.F CHRISTMAS CARD 1915-1917 British Expeditionary Force Christmas card , good clean condition , signed inside.
BABY GAS MASK / HOOD A very clean tidy and complete example of a babies gas mask / hood . The condition is outstanding with the green khaki paint work clean and intact , straps clean and complete the air pump is supple and has no splits or rubber perished ,the draw cord and secure rings are present ( these are more often missing ) . The inside is clean an tidy and the hood still has the rich yellow colour to the material and is in stamped 1940 and a makers name . the outer bottom hood is dry and flaking but .......i am told an application of barbour type coat wax will solve this ! All in all a really clean example in outstanding condition
BANKERS BATTALION ROYAL FUSILIERS SCANTLEBURY FAMILY LOT (2) A Superb paper work lot to :George Bernard Scantlebury who served as a private in the : 26th ( Service ) Battalion Royal Fusiliers ( Bankers ) Before taking a commission in the Royal Artillery. Lot includes large parchment type document confirming his Commission in the R.A dated December 1917 , A stunning historic document in the form of a ` call to arms ` To the bank workers of London ` This Battalion is being raised by the Lord Mayor of London` A travel chit dated 5/5/17 at St Omer : ` The bearer no.19925 PTE Scantlebry 26th .BnR.Fusiliers has been selected for a commission in the Royal Artillery ans is proceeding to London to report to no.38 Parliament st Westminster` Another Travel ` on duty` form with a very nice unit stamp . Condition : VERY GOOD / with fold and the odd mark. A genuinely rare lot to war raised Pals battalion , part of a small family group just surfaced .
BARNBOW GIRLS MUNITIONS CRICKET TEAM VERY RARE PHOTO A superb rare image. Barnbow Womens Munitions Workers Cricket team. As the war progressed and more and more women took over the role of men in the factories a genuine effort was made to continue the `works ` Football and Cricket teams , this was at first in a small way with the odd womens team later to become complete womens only leagues. Condition :GOOD. Superb clear photo with cricket bat and ball on display , all in cricket whites and with male team coaches / umpires present. A lover touch is almost all the women are wearing unit regimental sweet hearts badges i presume from their brothers or true loves fighting over seas. Reverse of picture has ; " Auntie Lucy Barn Bow factory girls team " A rare and historical card
BEAUTIFUL OFFICERS GREAT COAT 1942 A truly stunning example of an officers private purchase great coat - large size in near perfect mint condition. This coat really looks like it was worn once then put away in just superb freshh condition , dated 1942 to an officer in the R.A.M.C Not cheap but quite simply the best we have ever seen in quality of manufacture and condition .
BEAUTIFUL VICTORIAN SILK UNION DRAPE A really sweet gorgeous item. A superb quality manufactured silk drape , with many sections hand sewn , large size 6ft x 4ft with three sets of cord ties to top edge. This has been handled by long standing collectors and is totally in keeping with late Victorian manufacture possibly earlier. Condition :GOOD , Strong and sound throught out , with stains marks and a few holes . Superb display item .
BERKSHIRE YEOMANRY PHOTO Original post card photograph . BERKSHIRE YEOMANY. Condition : GOOD . Loverly clear image UK post paid
BLACK WATCH OLD COMRADES BADGE Silver and gilt old comrades badge . BLACK WATCH . Condition :GOOD . Very clear details pin intact - maker marked Glasgow UK post paid
BOMB DISPOSAL LOT R.E A good original lot of insignia as worn by a member of : BOMB DISPOSAL / ROYAL ENGINEERS . Complete with the rare trade /qualification badge UK post paid
BOOKLET 1942 INVASION COMMITTEES CONFIDENTIAL ...RARE A rare chance to own a very hard to come buy item of british home front ephemera. CONFIDENTIAL CONSOLIDATED INSTRUCTIONS TO INVASION COMMITTIEES IN ENGLAND AND WALES 1942 26 pages covering many many sections . ` objects of the invasions, civil administration, denial of resouces to the enemy, control of traffic , shelter ,warmth ,food , stand firm , can civilians fight? , etc etc etc . Condition : FAIR - GOOD , staples have perished leaving rust marks but book is intact and complete , large size 24cm x 16 cm . A RARE ITEM TO OWN . SOLD £18.00
BOY SCOUT NATIONAL WAR SERVICE BADGE A scarce original NATIONAL SERVICE cloth badge as worn by certain members of the boy scout movement that worked with Home Guard and other civil defence organisations. The scout was used to capitalise on his local knowledge to act as a messenger / runner or general helper . Condition :GOOD -USED with remains of stitching threads , slight grubby marks ,nothing drastic. Getting harder to come by.
BOYS ANTI - TANK RIFLE ROUNDS & CLIP A very hard to come by set. Five Rounds for the Boys Anti Tank Rifle all war time dated. Condition: Good .Deactivated and UK Legal. One tip has slight wear Includes the near impossible to find war time dated brass holding clip. Please note Overseas buyers must contact me first.
BOYS ANTI - TANK RIFLE ROUNDS & CLIP A very hard to come by set. Five Rounds for the Boys Anti Tank Rifle all war time dated. Price if firm at £195.00 - sorry no offers. Condition: Good .Deactivated and UK Legal. One tip has slight wear Includes the near impossible to find war time dated brass holding clip. Please note Overseas buyers must contact me first.
BRITISH AIRBORNE BERET PARACHUTE REGIMENT A genuine out of the ` wood work ` item . British Airborne maroon ` Red ` Beret, khaki cloth liner with correct period leather band. Superb clear WDBroad arrow mark with code `L` for 1945-early 46 manfacture. Condition :GOOD.Strong and sound through out , good large size mothing to outer surface with one decent moth ` nip` and another good bite right through to inner cloth . Perfect clear sign where Parachute Regt badge was once fitted A good genuine no nonsense original . Part of a clearance from a veterans family
BRITISH ARMY CLOTH BADGE UNRECORDED EXAMPLE RARE ITEM A previously unrecorded example. Brown wool slip on with black letters ` I.A ` various opinions have been raised such as ` Indian Artillery ` or ` Indian Army ` even Intelligence Analyist ` not sure what to make of that one ...... Condition :GOOD / used . High price tag but a rare badge to own
BRITISH ARMY EAR PLUGS RARE ITEM An original set of WW2 British military ear plugs. Condition ;'GOOD/ Used , slight distortion to the plugs due to age so price to sell . A hard item to fine
BRITISH ARMY GAS DETECTOR BRASSARD A rare and desirable item of British soldiers equipment , the impregnated Gas Detector armband ./ brassard with good clear 1941 date ( 8/41 ) Condition :GOOD / used still has the cotton loop to afix to the shoulder strap that is usually missing , slight creasing but a gently steam through a damp tea towel will fix this . A hard to find item in any condition .
BRITISH ARMY GAS MASK EARLY DATED CANVAS EXAMPLE A very clean early war dated example of this now hard to come buy item . Early war canvas face mask with very clear markings and 1940 date , canister 1940 dated also , hose supple and intact - no splits. Elastic superb and intact with no slackness Condition :GOOD / used . Complete with haversack Strong and sound through out . Not cheap but these items are just not around in this condition any more
BRITISH ARMY INSECT REPELLENT - COMPLETE A genuinely hard item to locate ,WW2 period Issue Insect repellent complete with original contents. Condition :GOOD /used end caps are ` tight on` but not rusted on so should un do with a bit of coaxing . A perfect addition to your Jungle kit lay out
BRITISH ARMY RESPIRATOR SPECTACLES ( SET 2 ) A good clean set , slight scuff to outer case ( see pic ) nothing serious. Condition :GOOD /Used complete with inner instructions label
BRITISH ARMY TOOTH BRUSH Located a couple more .......... An extremely rare and near impossible to find item of british personal equipment. 1941 dated tooth brush , broad arrow marked an makers details On the rare occasion these do turn up they are more often that not ` bubbled up ` disintergrating due to the poor quality plastic used at the time now perishing with age and usually 1945 dated this example is in very good condition. we have obtained a small box of these - the price is not cheap but - when there gone thats it SOLD £70.00
BRITISH ARMY TOOTH BRUSH 1941 The last one .......... An extremely rare and near impossible to find item of british personal equipment. 1941 dated tooth brush , broad arrow marked an makers details On the rare occasion these do turn up they are more often that not ` bubbled up ` disintergrating due to the poor quality plastic used at the time now perishing with age and usually 1945 dated this example is in very good condition. we have obtained a small box of these - the price is not cheap but - when there gone thats it
BRITISH ARMY TOOTH BRUSH 1941 RARE ITEM An extremely rare and near impossible to find item of british personal equipment. 1941 dated tooth brush , broad arrow marked an makers details On the rare occasion these do turn up they are more often that not ` bubbled up ` disintergrating due to the poor quality plastic used at the time now perishing with age and usually 1945 dated this example is in very good condition. we have obtained a small box of these - the price is not cheap but - when there gone thats it
BRITISH ARMY TOOTHBRUSH 1941 An extremely rare and near impossible to find item of british personal equipment. 1941 dated tooth brush , broad arrow marked an makers details On the rare occasion these do turn up they are more often that not ` bubbled up ` disintergrating due to the poor quality plastic used at the time now perishing with age and usually 1945 dated this example is in very good condition. we have obtained a small box of these - the price is not cheap but - when there gone thats it
BRITISH EARLY WAR GROUND SHEET / CAPE A genuinely superb example of this pre war / early war period ( mitered corners ) brown rubberized ground sheet cape . Stunning supple condition with the rich yellow / orchre lining still bright just dirt marked . Collar fastenings present as is the hook and eye configaration that is usually missing . Condition :GOOD :Used . The odd nick or tiny hole , a few dry paint marks that should gently scrape off, one button to bottom of cape missing and a slight burn mark ?. No date markings visible but guaranteed early war period if not pre war as these were soon discontinued due to expensive manufacturing
BRITISH INTELLIGENCE CORPS COLD WAR PERIOD -BERLIN A nice group of scarce documents to the : INTELLIGENCE CORPS Documents are dated 1960 and concern a Captain .R. MANCHEE BRITISH INTELLIGENCE UNIT ( BERLIN ) Condition GOOD - USED 8 items . A nice lot of unusual documents from the hight of the cold war SOLD £23.00
BRITISH OFFICERS WARM 1945 GORGEOUS MINT An absolute stonking near perfect example of a british army : ` OFFICERS WARM ` Gorgeous clear label with 1945 date and broad arrow marks . Condition : SUPERB this coat trully looks like it was worn once in 1945 for a demob parade then taken off an put away for 70 odd years , just loverly - clean NO moth 90% ++ nap to the cloth Superb clean brown buff linning . Found last week / fresh to market just an absolutely sweet an gorgeous rare item of kit PRICE INCLUDES UK POSTAGE
BRITISH OFFICERS `ASH PLANT` WALKING CANE SWAGGER STICK A delightful item , just surfaced Typical of the items carried by british officers during the Great War. 75.CM In length. Has a metal collar to the base painted in military green probably salvaged off something else ,there to stop the base rotting and makes a lovely tapping noise on the parade square ..... Condition :GOOD. Beautiful aged condition - Perfect for living history events.
BRITISH RED CROSS / - A.R.P ARMBAND A nice clean example of this hard to find armband . British Red Cross / Air Raid Precautions/ Condition :GOOD / Used
BRITISH REINFORCEMENT TRAINING CENTRE ( INDIA ) A lovely printed example backed on to linen cloth. Condition :GOOD /used
BRITISH REINFORCEMENT TRAINING CENTRE ( INDIA ) MATCHED PRINTED SET Original matched set in printed form Condition :good / used
BRITISH SOUTHERN AREA COMMAND PRINTED PAIR / R.A A good straightforward printed pair of formation signs : SOUTHERN AREA COMMAND / ROYAL ARTILLERY Condition : GOOD / USED slight rust specks to left hand badge
BRITISH WW.2 HOSPITAL BLUES RARE FIND (1) Several months back we located a bale of these British military Hospital blue serge coats , all war time dated un issued in superb condition, these all sold. We now have another batch and these are the best yet mint MINT condition , superb early dates, beautiful condition just creased up - large sizes. This example is 1942 dated Condition :NEAR MINT that`s it .
BRITISH WW.2 HOSPITAL BLUES RARE FIND ( 2 ) Several months back we located a bale of these British military Hospital blue serge coats , all war time dated un issued in superb condition, these all sold. We now have another batch and these are the best yet mint MINT condition , superb early dates, beautiful condition just creased up - large sizes. Condition :NEAR MINT that`s it . We have eight very early 1940 dated examples just perfect for that Dunkirk period ,the the rest 1942
CANADIAN N.A.A.F.I TABLE CLOTH A linen table cloth .....from a Canadian N.A.A.F.I / canteen type organisation may be with a veterans connection . Condition :GOOD /used one or two tiny stains . size is 42 inch x 42inch . No real history on this item - just one of those weird random but unusual things that come along. Hs a large central display with the same design to each corner nice back drop display item for a Canadian collection .
CANADIAN SGT HORSE FARRIER An original postcard photo of a Canadian staff / colour SGT with the trade qualification of : FARRIER Condition : GOOD- nice clear image taken at Bramshot UK postage paid
CAP COMFORTER COMMANDO CAP 1942 A good original 1942 dated army cap comforter in near mint condition . Although these were issued across the board they will for ever be associated with the commando units and other raiding forces. clear broad arrow ` J.W.&S ` makers mark and a good early 1942 date applied in the yellow chalky paint print Way back in the distant past of the 1980`s and 90`s for those amongst us who hunted out british gear for our own collections these cap comforters along with the wool O/R`s jumpers were some of the hardest items to find, I payed a small fortune for mine even then as they nearly always appeared on the market mothed to hell . In the last few years quite a few have turned up , released off strength by European armies that had them gifted by the british M.O.D in the 1940`s this example and several others I have originated from Israel , these are genuine british war time manufacture in unissued near mint condition . A rare item but at a sensible price .
CAP OF HONOUR STORY OF THE GLOUCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT A good hard back copy of the book: CAP OF HONOUR the story of the Gloucestershire regiment 1694- 1975. Over 400 pages a well written concise history . Condition : GOOD / used condition original dust jacket , now long out of printed
CASUALTIES OF THE GERMAN AIR SERVICE 1914-1920 A superb reference wook. CASUALTIES OF THE GERMAN AIR SERVICE 1914-1920 , by Norman Franks / Frank Bailey / Rick Duiven A truly astonishing compilation giving name rank birth date place of birth and date of death ( or date of injury leading to death ) Condition : VERY GOOD appears near brand new , nearly 400 pages includes very rare details on Zepplin casualties . This is a big HEAVY book please ask for a postage quote if over seas
CHINDIT MEMOIR ` WILD GREEN EARTH ` BERNARD FERGASSON 1ST EDITION SIGNED A very rare chance to obtain a chindit unit history that connects two of great special forces personalities of W.W.2 ` THE WILD GREEN EARTH ` Brigadier Bernard Fergusson commanded 16th brigade on the second Chindit expedition ` Operation thursday ` Much has been written about the effectiveness of the Chindit operations regarding just what , if anything their operations actually achieved , was it a massive waste of men and materials in return for little in the way of military gain ? Bernard Fergassons book is wrote in a very honest and refreshing style , this book is not a general history of the brigages role but more of a ` day to day` account of what it was like to take part ,how they , ate , slept , looked after the mules , how they trecked through the jungles , what kit they carried ,how his signalers and inteligence officers worked , health , how the wounded were looked after and evacuated , his opinion on the enemy as a soldier , what rations they ate , why british mess tins were better than Indian manufacture etc etc This book is superb for any one wanting to collect to the Chindits or wishing to learn what is needed as a kit display . Major-general Robert Edward Laycock will need no introduction to any one interested in british war time special forces , he was one of the early ` godfathers` of the commando helping to train and command `LAYFORCE `In the middle east . In 1943 Robert Laycock won the D.S.O whilst commanding the ` special service brigade` in the Sicily campaign Laycock later went on to succeed Louis Mountbatten as commander of Combined operations . Condition : FAIR - GOOD with age foxing through out , top and bottom of spine shows age , splits . A first published edition and a rare item in its own right ,better still signed by the author and owned by a commando special forces legend .
CIVIL DEFENSE RESPIRATION SERVICE BADGE A woven silk badge for the Respiration Service. This was worn on the breast pocket by Civil Defense members who had passed the examination in artificial respiration. Condition :GOOD / used .
CLOTH FORMATION SIGNS SCOTTISH ANTI-AIRCRAFT DIVISION A good original matched set in silk woven form. Condition :GOOD /used SOLD £35.00
CLOTH ` ENGLAND ` SHOULDER TITLES A rare and unrecorded pair of shoulder titles : ENGLAND white letters on black stitched to K.D slip ons . Condition : GOOD a touch grubby . No idea these opinions welcome ,
CLOTH 404 ( EAST BENGAL ) LINE S OF COMMUNICATION SIGN A good original cloth sign : 404 ( EAST BENGAL ) LINES OF COMMUNICATION. A really nice example manufactured in typical Far east style Condition : VERY GOOD- used front has an old glue grease mark this is dry and will scrape off no problem , rear of badge has what appears to be a manufactures ink stamp
CLOTH BEACH GROUPS- PENGUIN RARE RARE BADGE A really nice example of rare cloth sign 22nd BEACH GROUPS BRIGADE Good original badge screen printed on to water proofed fabric as the original were - and the copies arn`t This badge has been stitched down to a piece of khaki cloth an then applied to the battledress . .............we have all seen....... " original cloth signs still attached to BD material blah blah " for sale on our favorite internet auction site - this is done to hide the back of the repro badge . This badge is the real deal - badge is original - khaki backing is original to the badge , mothed and with age - and not a piece of post war 1970`s soldiers puttee. Condition : GOOD Original and hard to find and at an affordable price .
CLOTH COMBINED OPERATIONS SIGN ORIGINAL A good original cloth sign as worn by : COMBINED OPERATIONS Condition : VERY GOOD correct thin material war time economy glue wash -`sized` backing. Colour not as bright ! A good no nonsence original example at a sensible price
CLOTH INDIAN ARMY ` BALUCH` REGIMENT A good original set of Jungle Green officers slip ons , Condition : GOOD /used SOLD £75.00
CLOTH MARKS MAN SHARP SHOOTER A very nice early example of a cloth trade badge : MARKSMAN -SHARP SHOOTER. Condition : VERY GOOD. really nice heavy quality manufacture would certainly think pre W.W.2 badge has been worn and picked out with white blanco for a smarter appearance . A very nice example of a scarce badge getting harder to come by
CLOTH PAIR 78th `BATTLE AXE ` DIV-PRINTED A very clean set of printed cloth : 78th INFANTRY DIVISION in printed form . Condition : VERY GOOD - UNUSED
CLOTH SIGN SANDHURST SKI TEAM 1949 A rare and unrecorded cloth sign that we think is: ROYAL MILITARY ACADEMY SANDHURST SKI TEAM 1949 . Blue cloth material with gold wire design , badge has been used and backed on to a leather stifferner ( this may well be an item of head dress insignia ) Condition :GOOD - USED , no guarantee this was worn on a military uniform perhaps military sports dress , Badge is shown next to a Anti -aircraft sign to show actual size
CLOTH SLIP -ON K.S.L.I METAL BADGE A straight forward example of an officers slip on shoulder ,rank slide for the : KINGS SHROPSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY , a nice touch been the used of the metal K.S.L.I title .
CLOTH WAR OFFICE DEPARTMENT SIGNS BULLION - NICE A very nice heavy quality pair of coth signs . WAR OFFICE CONTROLLED UNITS . superb heavy quality , with wire bullion detail. Condition:GOOD-USED
CLOTH WARRANT OFFICERS RANK BADGE / 3 A nice clean heavy quality WARRANT OFFICERS rank badge . Condition : GOOD -USED
CLOTH ` SHAMROCK ` FORMATION SIGN A cloth green ` SHAMROCK ` formation sign Condition : FAIR this badge is old an mothed with surface wear the top right is holed /damaged -but the material is present and lays flat
COLD WAR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS BERLIN - BRITISH ARMY OFFICER Two 1958 dated travel Documents for the Berlin sector , for a british army officer : LT .NASH. To allow him to cross in to the Russian sector Condition :GOOD / folded. Fascinating ` Cold War` ephemera
COMBINED OPERATIONS BEACH SIGNALS EXTREMELY RARE TITLE A rare chance to own a very hard to come by item of Special Forces cloth insignia. BEACH SIGNALS . As worn by the Royal Navy Combined Operations Beach Signals units . Condition : GOOD / use
COMBINED OPERATIONS FAR EAST THEATRE MADE EXAMPLE A gorgeous Theatre made example embroided on cloth then over stitched on to a card template . Condition :GOOD / used
COMBINED OPERATIONS FAR EAST THEATRE MADE EXAMPLE lovely `Theatre` made example heavy quality hand embroidery onto water proof type cloth then folded over a card backing plate. Condition:GOOD / used
COMBINED OPERATIONS VERY RARE CLOTH SIGN. A very rare chance to own a near impossible item of WW2 special forces insignia. Combined operations cloth sign , utilising a brass RAF eagle instead of an embroided example , the badge has been manufactured this way , meaning an eagle has not been un picked and a metal one added - this has been purpose made like this . ( I have seen 3 of these now all the same ). Suggestions are vast and varied as to who wore this style badge such as RAF Servicing Commando due to making the point of the metal eagle ...... Condition : GOOD . One of the very few examples known to exist
COMBINED OPERATIONS / COMMANDO SIGN A GOOD ORIGINAL NO NONSENCE BADGE ! This is an original cloth formation sign as worn by : COMBINED OPERATIONS and COMMANDO units . Condition :GOOD-used condition , has been cut close for a smarter appearance. Genuine badge / full return as always if not delighted SOLD £55.00
COMBINED OPERATIONS PAIR PRINTED NICE WORN CONDITION . A superb example of a printed set of formation signs COMBINED OPERATIONS. Condition : VERY GOOD nice to be able to offer a used set for a change. Sold these earlier this year but now bought them back with a small collection of british special forces cloth , will be listing these items soon . UK Special Delivery post paid
COMBINED OPERATIONS PRINTED SIGN A reall nice example , removed from uniform . Condition : GOOD . UK post paid
COMBINED OPERATIONS PRINTED SIGN A nice worn example cut to shape , slightly grubby but oozes history . Condition : GOOD / used slight worn area to top edge .
COMBINED OPERATIONS ROYAL NAVY UNIFORM Royal Navy ` pullover ` top as worn by a member of Combined Operations. Superb original wire Combined Operations formation sign period applied. As worn by a member of one of the Royal Navy specialist units such as Landing craft crew , Beach Signals , Under water Obstacle Removal units . Condition VERY FINE / used Shows wear and age with several holes around left arm pit. The RN cap ` vest and Nelsons collar are not original to this lot but have been added for display to complete the look , looks superb on a mannequin The top can be purchased at a slightly cheaper price if these items are not required . A superb rare Special forces item seldom seen .
COMBINED OPERATIONS SIGN NAVAL COMMANDO A rare original cloth sign as worn by Naval units serving as part of COMBINED OPERATIONS. Similar to the normal Combined ops sign but manufactured in gold thread , as worn by RN Commando ,Beach Signals etc Condition : GOOD-USED
COMBINED OPERATIONS SIGN ROYAL NAVY TROPICAL A very scarce hard to come by example of a Combined operations sign , this being the printed ordance issue but the far rarer ` tropical` warm weather example. Condition : VERY GOOD . One of the hardest Combined operations signs to obtain
COMBINED OPERATIONS THEATRE MADE MATCH PAIR A rare original set of `Theatre` made Combined operations signs as manufactured in North Africa / Yugoslavia Condition :GOOD. well used and grubby typical theatre made crude quality loose threads and untidy back but perfectly correct A good original pair please see item. 50786 for a similar badge sold last year
COMMANDO GREEN BERET ORIGINAL RARE EXAMPLE A superb condition example: R.M / Commando Green beret 1947 dated with clear manufactures markings with WD stamp and letter `R` year code . Condition : VERY GOOD . There is a crease to the underside where its been folded for many years this will fluff out Lare size gorgeous example
COMMANDO TRAINING STAFF 1944 ACHNACARRY A large 65 cm x 30 cm black and white picture of the Commando training staff June 1944 at Achnacarry in Scotland. Good clear uniform and insignia detail showing the black hackle and patch of Cameronian tartan ( with out cap badge ) as worn by staff also includes a very rare image of the R.S.M a former Guards man wearing the cloth Guards shoulder title stitched directly above the ` Commando ` cloth title. Condition :GOOD.
CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS DOCUMENTS SURVEY Fascinating item of ephemera being a 1945 dated document detailing facts and figures regarding war time Conscientious Objectors, ( including women ....) covering month and each year how many but most interestingly the area they came from London , South Western ,East Anglia, Cumberland etc etc . Condition :GOOD . nice original item of social History
CONTROL COMMISSION TUNIC POSSIBLE BELGIUM VOLUNTEER A highly interesting service dress tunic to a member of the Control Commission Germany . This is a standard privately tailored service dress dated 1946 manufactured in Leeds (UK ) with the name V. AMBLER and with second war service ribbons to each arm are the C.C.G formation signs and present on each shoulder are the Civilian Military Goverment Officer slip ons .These have been stitched down and are original to this tunic. The buttons are Belgium Free forces and are Actual Belgium manufacture these appear to have been added after the tunic was manufactured ? this is based on the different color thread and crude stitching, this has been done a long time ago and is totally period, this would suggest the original owner was infact originally from Belgium and changed his buttons at a later date perhaps on passing through post war Belgium .where he was able to obtain them Condition : GOOD / clean an tidy with no damage , a couple of moth nips / hole on the left arm ,one bottom pocket button missing. An interesting and totally genuine tunic with a hidden story worth researching ( I welcome genuine assistance or opinion )
CYPRUS DISTRICT PRINTED A good printed example of a : CYPRUS DISTRICT cloth sign as worn by garrison troops stationed there in ww2. Condition : GOOD - used slight split on the edge fold and loose threads to the right side but this will tidy up.
DAILY MAIL WAR MAP 1915 large size copy of the : DAILY MAIL GENERAL WAR MAP OF EUROPE ,a similar item to the WW2 Daily Express types but these Great War period examples are far rarer. Condition : FAIR with fold splits and marks and the odd edge rip but nothing drastic. Map has been folded an given a card cover as found on modern walkers maps , colours bright.
DAVID IRVING LETTER / PHOTOGRAPH ` HITLER DIARIES` A rare opportunity to obtain a signed photograph & letter from the controversial british author and military historian David Irving. Irving , came to public view after his 1977 publication of his book `Hitlers War` that went completely against modern and known historical documentation long since accepted by leading military scholars and authors as true. Condition :GOOD. Dated 1987 on personal stationary with his Dukes Street Mayfair address. David Irving became world famous for is exposing the 1983 ` scoop` The Hitler Diaries that the German magazine Stern had paid out millions as complete fabrication .
DERBY SCHEME RECRUITING LEAFLET 1915 A rare item of Great war Recruiting ephemera; "What Lord Derby`s Group System Means " Superb details and facinating insight. SOLD £34.00 Condition :GOOD./ with creases.
DIG FOR VICTORY ALLOTMENTS VEG PRODUCE An extremely rare example of the leaflet : DIG FOR VICTORY / VEGETABLE PRODUCTION in private gardens and allotments dated Feb 1941 this was no .1 in the series and is now a very rare item to obtain , how ever ......... Condition POOR / tatty all page seperated with edge tears , price includes UK postage SOLD £7.00
DORSET REGIMENT SWEETHEART / LAPEL BADGE (no.1) really nice quality made example , still afixed to manufactures card . Slightly different shade of blue to the other example listed Condition : Superb /near mint. Found last month in a shop attic along with the cards of brass buttons
DOUBLE T.T. 50TH INFANTRY DIVISION A cloth sign for the 50th NORTHUMBRIAN DIVISION , sign of the double `T ` Condition : FAIR - USED ,fine and intact a tad grubby. UK POST PAID
DUTCH ARMY SHOULDER TITLES A set of post war Dutch Army shoulder titles , matched pair removed from uniform . Condition :GOOD. uk post paid
DUTCH FREE FORCES NEWS LETTER PRINCESS IRENES ` DE KAMPKLOK ` A copy Dutch Free Forces news letter as published at DAN-Y-GRAIG CAMP ,Glamorgan ( Site still there now a Holiday camp site ) . Condition :FAIR A rare survivor
EAGLES RECALLED SUPERB AIR FORCE INSIGNIA Perhaps the only book you will ever have to buy if you collect Airforce insignia. `Eagles Recalled ` by Warren Carroll, quite simply a masterpiece of writing , stunning colour photos page after page of rare insignia covering British and commonwealth Air forces I bought my copy years back and was one of the best buys I ever made . Worth buying for the R.F.C section alone ....will let the pictures do the talking
EARLY BOY SCOUT LEADERS TUNIC GREAT WAR OFFICER M.I.D AWARD A post Great War manufactured Boy Scout leaders tunic privately tailored at a military outfitters named ` N.HADCOCK ` with original Mentioned in Despatches insignia and dated 1927. Original as found with period applied original insignia for the Northumberland area . Condition :GOOD /used one small hole to the back panel ( see pic ) and the odd snag marks . Basic research shows Hadcock earned his .M.I.D with the Royal Artillery in the Great War
EARLY GUNNERY AWARD CLOTH BADGE VICTORIAN 2 A beautiful quality Gunnery Award cloth badge in wire bullion , worn from Victorian times onwards . Condition :GOOD.
EARLY GUNNERY AWARD CLOTH BADGE VICTORIAN 1 A beautiful quality Gunnery Award cloth badge in wire bullion , worn from Victorian times onwards . Condition :GOOD.
EARLY ORIGINAL GELNGARRY POSSIBLE GREAT WAR PERIOD A fine original as found example. Early style leather band with the low profile design common with early examples , cap badge is a good original example with clear lovely detail and a day and is very bedded in to the inside lining and looks like its been there for ever.Original paper size label still present. Condition :GOOD /used strong and sound through out ,shows much wear and is now grubby with mothing to the cloth surface. A fine original obtained from the family along with the spats offered for sale untouched example.
EARLY WEST RIDING CAP BADGE FOR OVER SEAS HELMET An early manufacture possibly Victorian issue cap badge to the West Riding regt been a rare variation fitted with lugs NOT not a slider , believed to be worn on the Over seas service helmet. Condition :GOOD. Very clean completely original as manufactured
EAST GERMAN ARMY ` BLUMENTARN `CAMO SMOCK A rare and hard to come by item of post war kit. 1962 East German Army ` Blumentarn ` camouflage smock . Well used with the odd tear , buckles with surface rust. If you collect N.V.A items you will no this is a rare beast
EAST YORKS OFFICER BERET . A really nice well worn but sound example of a private purchase officers beret complete with an officers collar insignia with correct black backing instead of a usual capbadge , badge has been in the beret forever and is now rusted in place . Condition :GOOD ./used a few moth nips thats it.
ESCAPE / EVASION HACKSAW R.A.F RARE A very nice example of the Escape and Evasion hacksaw as issued to S.O.E and other Special Forces. This particular example was carried by Flt /sgt later Flying officer N.JACKSON R.A.F.V.R. Condition : GOOD . Slight surface rust but still with its rare card case This and all the other RAF items just listed were obtained by us this week from the familly ,these items are completely fresh to market - you will be the first to own it .
ESCAPE BUTTON COMPASS An unusual `escape` button compass , differs lightly from the norn as it is infact manufactured from what appears to be a plastic / bakelite insted of the usual brass case . This particular example was carried by Flt /sgt later Flying officer N.JACKSON R.A.F.V.R. Condition : GOOD . In working condition . This and all the other RAF items just listed were obtained by us this week from the familly ,these items are completlely fresh to market - you will be the first to own it .
ESSEX HOME GUARD OFFICERS BATTLE DRESS A good original example 1941 dated British manufactured battle dress with lined collar. To each shoulder are paint printed Home Guard titles along with original `ESX 2 ` printed designations for Maldon. These are period applied and looking from the inside of the sleeve at the rear of the badges they have that nice ` bedded in ` look from been there for the last 70 odd years. Officers pips are mis matched but are original and period correct. Condition : GOOD /used The odd moth nip or hole - that`s it . A good honest original example .
EXTREMELY RARE IRAQI FEDAYEEN HELMET An extremely rare opportunity to own a very rare helmet from a modern conflict. The ballistic Fedayeen helmet as worn by Sadam Hussains personal body guard . This helmet was used by Iraqi infantry during the opening months of Operation TELIC (also known as the War in Iraq). Made of a light ballistic fibre similar to Kevlar, and painted black to match the Fedayeen uniform, only a few hundred helmets of this type were produced. They were exclusively given to Saddam Hussein’s personal bodyguard. Featured on the right side of the helmet is an insignia bearing the silhouette of Saddam Hussein and an inscription in Arabic which translates as: “The Lord, The Homeland, The Leader.” The helmet’s appearance has been the cause of some speculation. It has been suggested that when Saddam’s son, Uday, handed over control of the Fedayeen Saddam to his younger brother he wanted to give his father something to remember his work by. He presented Saddam with a new uniform for the Fedayeen, supposedly inspired by the character of Darth Vader from the Star Wars films: a black shirt, black trousers and a ski-mask over which a strikingly Darth Vader-esque helmet was placed. In 2011 the Tate Modern in London held an exhibition by Michael Rakowitz which examined the surprising parallels between Saddam’s regime and Star Wars. Condition :GOOD / used . This is the genuine item with the white `plastic` showing through a feature not found on the copies , webbing harness is present side badge is missing. This example is even nicer as it has a name and a ` stick man ` design scratched in to the inside This is a genuine combat sourced example and not one of the few mint ones found stored in Saddams palace at the wars end Very few of these helmets exist out side of museums perhaps less than ten can be found in UK collections today .
EXTREMELY RARE HOME GUARD CASUALTY SCROLL A very rare, perhaps ` one off` chance to own a World War Two Commemorate Memorial Scroll to a member of the Home Guard . Private A.H Caygill West Riding Home Guard . Alfred Henry Caygill served in the 2nd WR ( Bradford ) Home Guard and is listed as killed 25.07.1942 . Photo is taken at the Thornbury Barracks , Bradford about a hop n ` a skip from the venue of the current Leeds ( Pudsey ) arms fair , Thornbury is now the depot for the T.A unit 4 PARA . Condition :FAIR / Scroll shows age and wear with creases and small edge tears ,the red writing giving the mans name and unit is a more simplistic `font` to the normal ones encounted but I have seen this style on Merchant Navy and A.F.S which suggests this style was produced for civil organisations - photo is clear with corner and edge knocks. Totally unresearched other than these details provided ,Alfred Caygill is listed as Burried Pudsey grave yard so his head stone may well offer up details of how he was killed . A rare rare item of Homefront Ephemera - the only example avalable today . There are more items from this familly including battle dress and great war medals - these will be offered direct as a matter of politeness first to the buyer of this lot
EXTREMELY RARE POLISH 2nd CORPS BADGE A very rare chance to obtain a near impossible to find Polish 2nd Corps badge , this being worn by the ` Geographica ` unit . Never more than 120 members of this company this is one of the hardest Polish Free forces badge to locate. Superb detail to the badge front , spinner with good crisp markings and period piece of card board as a backing plate Condition :GOOD / used complete . Completely fresh to market
FAR EAST LAND FORCES SIGN A printed cloth sign for the : FAR EAST LAND FORCES Condition : GOOD - USED well starched and pressed / a nice example UK POST PAID
FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY CAPBADGE A really clean crisp example . Condition :GOOD /very slight rubbing .
FIRE SERVICE LOT SHED FIND Genuine as found lot ,straight from a house clearance in York. Broad arrow marked bell with red paint traces , fire hose nozzle with manufactures details, Condition :GOOD /used , all items show age ans signs of use
FRENCH 1921patt COLONIAL TROUSERS AFRICA A superb near mint example French 1921 patt Desert / Tropical trousers often seen been worn by colonial and Foreign Legion troops. Condition VERY GOOD Gorgeous clean condition with good clear ink markings stamps Although a desert issue item these can be seen on 1940 period photos been worn by French troops in France , Belgium taking part in the early months of the war. A rare set of trousers at a sensible price
FRENCH 1940 ARMOURED UNIT BADGE 46:B.C.C RARE A scarce original French cavalry / Armoured unit badge . TOUJOURS EN AVANT 46:B.C.C Pin fastner on the rear with the makers details : ` MOURGEON PARIS 4 PARC ROYAL ` Condition : VERY GOOD These badges were obtained privately along with several other French items from a small town in France where a pal of mine has retired to , I now have 3 left an then there gone . this badge is another ` fresh to market` item . A rare badge
FRENCH 1940 CAVALRY BADGE ...RARE 46:BCC A scarce original French cavalry / Armoured unit badge . TOUJOURS EN AVANT 46:B.C.C Pin fastner on the rear with the makers details : ` MOURGEON PARIS 4 PARC ROYAL ` ( Will add photo of back ) Condition : VERY GOOD This item was obtained privately along with several other French items from a small town in France where a pal of mine has retired to , this badge is another ` fresh to market` item . A rare badge
FRENCH ARMY SPORTS BADGE A post 1945 French Army Sports qualification badge , very nice quality with `Drago` Paris manufactures details . Condition :GOOD. Nice looking badge
FRENCH I.D DISC P.O.W TAG STALAG A really loverly item found in France last summer. French army identity disc as worn by : MARCEL JEAN FRANCOIS it appears he was captured and became a prisoner of war as attached to his ID is is P.O.W tag . Condition : GOOD . shows abit of age and surface rust A really nice unusual item
FRONT LINE 1940-1941.H.M.S.O A good sound copy of : FRONT LINE 1940-1940 published by His Majesty`s stationary office. 160 pages packed with period photographs Condition : FAIR / GOOD complete
FULL LENGTH ROYAL ARMY SERVICE CORPS SCARCE A really nice example of the full length cloth title : ROYAL ARMY SERVICE CORPS gold letters on dark blue manufactured in the war time ` sized ` glue wash economy backing . Condition : GOOD -UNUSED / clean the odd moth nip . Getting hard to come by now
G.H.Q INDIA NICE PADDED USED EXAMPLE A really nice straight forward example of a tropical formation sign. G.H.Q INDIA ,heavy embroidered cloth design backed on to KD material complete with four hooks to aide easy removal for washing the jacket. Condition :GOOD-USED. SOLD £16.00
G.H.Q INDIAN FORMATION SIGN A heavy quality padded example with great set of rear fixings . Condition :GOOD /used
GALLIPOLI SUPERB WAR WEARY SOLDIER / STUNNING IMAGE A truly superb stunning image . Original post card photo of a British soldier in tropical dress possibly taken around the time of the Gallipoli or Mesopotamia campaigns . Hand Written message on the rear says: "From your old friend BILL CRASP ? ? " Card is addressed to Lincolnshire POST PAID
GERMAN - ITALIAN MEDAL AFRICA A lovely example of this now hard to come by medal. This example came to us with many other` fresh to market` items as a job lot , this medal was found packed in an old English jewelry box complete with a slip of news paper stating : ` Mr Bob Geldard of Norfolk close Leeds has a medallion which he found on the body of a dead German soldier in North Africa 1942 ` ( for once the ole story.. ....It was taken off a dead Jerry appears to be true ) Condition :GOOD. Early bronze quality example. knowing the circumstances in which these lots were obtained I honestly believe the owner of this was in fact the soldier Bob Geldard and there for this is the actual medal take as described from the fallen German soldier.
GERMAN ARMY BELT AND BUCKLE ORIGINAL EXAMPLE As found along with the German decorations and cap , original German army belt leather and buckle. Buckle is nicely marked up ` Dr F& C 1940` and the belt tab has a gorgeous clear marking to the same Company and a good clear 1940 date. Condition :GOOD / Well used , belt is soft and supple but slight dusty and needs a clean , buckle has most of its green paint to front still remaining. Genuine as found , belt and buckle have been together since 1940
GERMAN ARMY `'STIRNLAMPE ` HEAD TORCH RARE ITEM OF KIT A very hard item of German army equipment to find ,this is a `Stirnlampe` or head touch . Condition :VERY GOOD . rubber soft and supple ,superb markings / elastic looks like later replacement
GERMAN BANNER LARGE , VERY NICE COLOURS A good original Third Reich banner , good bright colour not faded , black printed swastika printed on white cloth circle seperately applied to the red cloth . Condition : GOOD a few tiny holes , a slight black mark to the red cloth and staining marks to the centre part. This banner is much better than a normal building drape as it is double sided perhaps designed to hang between colums or an arch way , has a ` tunnel ` fixing to the top edge to take a pole or rope . SIZE 15 foot x 5 foot
GERMAN BUTTONS SHOP OUT FITTERS SALES CARD A sweet and totally original shop uniform out fitters sale card displaying 6 period buttons. ` For Luftwaffe, Heer, S.A,SS, Marine ` Condition :GOOD . With age marks and creases
GERMAN CLOTH CROSS IN GOLD SUPER ORIGINAL A genuine rare chance to own an original ` straight out of the woodwork ` GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD. This is the real item , correct materials , construction through out with the correct purple backing common to this manufacturer. Condition :GOOD . This badge is expensive but a genuine rare un buggered about with example Will add clearer better photos in the morning SOLD
GERMAN GENERAL ASSUALT BADGE HOLLOW BACK Good original example complete with pin and working hook , hard to come by type with the hollow back. Condition :GOOD. just slight rubbing to high points . Part of genuine British soldiers war booty recently bought from the family , many more items to list .
GERMAN GREAT WAR TRENCH ` KNICKER` KNIFE A genuine original example of a great war period Trench knife known by collectors as a ` Knicker ` knife . Originally designed as a pre war hunting tool designed to finish off a wounded prey but carried extensively by German troops in the Early war period as can be seen on countless period photographs .
GERMAN HITLER YOUTH BELT BUCKLE (2) In a very nice used condition a German HJ Hiter Jugend belt buckle. The aluminium type belt buckle is made and marked RZM M4/46 (Wilhelm Schroder & Co. Lüdenscheid)
GERMAN HUNTING ASSOCIATION AWARD ( 1 ) A 1930`s German Hunting association award , possibly pre Nazi period beautiful detail. Condition :GOOD. Complete with ribbons and backing plate. If any one can give me a more accurate date please do .
GERMAN HUNTING ASSOCIATION AWARD ( 2 ) A 1930`s German Hunting association award , possibly pre Nazi period beautiful detail. Condition :GOOD. Complete with ribbons and backing plate. If any one can give me a more accurate date please do .
GERMAN HUNTING ASSOCIATION GOBLET AWARD A really nice find , a large heavy quality German hunting Association award. Beautiful detail with hunting scenes , rifles targets and prey. Condition :GOOD. A few slight chips to the top rim , and base has a twist to it that needs attention. Makers mark stamped to inside base and the town of ` Graz` A quality looking item full of history not sure of actual age probably pre Nazi period
GERMAN IMPERIAL SCHNAPPS DRINKING CUPS A pair of large and small pewter schnapps drinking cups , superb detail engraving showing patriotic scenes soldiers leaving home , wifes , girlfriends etc Condition :GOOD , edges and rim has slight bends but will straighten out no problem has makers marks to base ` F&M N (Nuremberg ) Several names places mentionend ,Abschied ,Heimkehr ,
GERMAN IMPERIAL ZELTBAHN / GROUND SHEET What appears to be a German Imperial ground sheet /Zeltbahn but is in fact a 1930`s Yugoslavian army example very similar in many ways and a cheaper alternative for living history or rolled up on display afixed to your assault pack .... Condition : GOOD . Has several holes and knicks but appears to have ALL tin buttons and is still very soft and supple . An interesting feature is what appears to be a Russian re issue stamp ?( picture 7) indicating this may have been part of captured Yugoslav stocks in 1941 utilized by the Germans then captured and reused again by the Russian army. A nice unusual item
GERMAN MEDAL RIBBON HITLER HINDENBURG As part of a grouping of original German war time bring backs obtained from a British soldiers effects there were several metres ( 40 ) of this ribbon . Ribbon is for sale in 8 inch sections the price been £10.00 including free standard postage, each length includes four (4) swastikas. Ideal if you have the medal but no ribbon or looks great across the corner of a period photo. If any one would like to obtain the full amount and corner the market please contact me with an offer , Thanks . Now all sold , thank you .
GERMAN MEDICS POUCH 1942 A very clean tidy example of a German army medics belt pouch , beautiful clear 1942 date stamp. Condition :GOOD. strong and sound through out .
GERMAN NAZI PARTY FLAG GREAT EXAMPLE A good clean example , with bright colors and a very desirable displayable size 750mm x 1350mm. Reinforced stitching a long bottom edge and strengthening patches to top corners original rope loops remain . Condition :GOOD . A few marks largest one to reverse side a few moth holes - thats it, very bright clean colors Came to us along with the Naval pennant just listed new and fresh to market
GERMAN OFFICERS QUALITY BREAST EAGLE COASTAL ARTILLERY A very clean original example of this type of eagle , Condition : GOOD . Removed from a tunic- another badge from a original lot of German militaria that was recently obtained from the british army veterans daughter.
GERMAN PARATROOPS IN NORTH AFRICA STUNNING BOOK !!!! A simply stunning book ............ German Paratroops In North Africa / tropical uniforms ,head gear and insignia of the Fallschirmjager in World War two . A massive heavy quality book packed full of colour photos of jump smocks , helmets , caps , documents , cuft titles , eagles , shoulder boards , kit and equipment backed up by many superb period photos taken at the time . Over 300 pages Condition : VERY GOOD .Just slight corner bumbs to top of spine . This book is a superb achievment by the author John .E.Hodkin a life long collector of German WW2 tropical uniforms - the best and only book you will need to own. Please contact me for an exact shipping cost to your location
GERMAN PROPAGANDA AIR DROP LEAFLET NORMANDY 1944 German Air drop leaflet as dropped over Normandy in 1944. Condition : GOOD . folded four times I presume to save in back of the soldiers AB64 paybook as a keep sake . Slight tear to top middle
GERMAN TROPICAL ` AFRIKA CORPS WEBBING / BAYONET SET Straight out of the wood work attic find. A very rare opportunity to own an original ` as found ` set of early German tropical webbing , this been a good 41 dated buckle manufactured by Brehmer with early web tab complete with correct webbing belt in early Africa tropical green color , has an ink written name to belt. Along with this is an excellent example of a K98 bayonet complete with matching serial numbers to bayonet and scabbard with makes mark W.K.C and 39 for 1939 This is contained in a very rare original webbing frog again in early green color . Condition :GOOD / used strong and sound through out. Original ` attic fresh` vet bring backs like this just are not turning up like they used to be and this is a rare perhaps one off opportunity to own a set. A rare lot that wont be around for long. Price £625.00 PLEASE NOTE , This lot is on hold for 72 hours subject to payment Now sold and paid for , thank you .
GERMAN VOLKLISTE AUSWEIS UKRAINE SS SIGNATURES A hard to come by lot of three related items . Lot is regarding a man from the Ukraine who has been ` passed` as a racial German. The Germans actually sent out "units" to the occupied countries to find "Germans" they could repatriate. If it was determined you had a good German blood line, you were classified as a Volksdeutscher, given an EWZ (Einwanderzentral) number and placed on the list of racial Germans. ( Thanks Jeff ) Condition :GOOD /used with age and marks Includes two SS signatures
GERMANY AWAKEN ALBUM A superb example of GERMANY AWAKEN , ALBUM . Complete with all cards and the rare paper dust cover that is usually lost , Condition : VERY GOOD - VERY VERY CLEAN - complete , slight bumps to hard back cover corners and tiny splits to top of dust jacket. This is another fresh to market item from the familly of the English soldier who brought it back - not been offered for sale before ..............A really nice clean - complete example SOLD £65.00
GORGEOUS INDIAN ARTILLERY THEATRE MADE CAP A really sweet privately tailored R.A side cap . Really nice `been there` look and feel to this cap . sold as a seperate item but looks superb combined with the KD tunic also listed . Condition : GOOD -used very slight wear and age to the cap with the usual local tailors label . A really nice straight forward honest cap UK post paid
GORGEOUS MOUNTED MACHINE GUNS CORPS A really nice rare example of a sweetheart badge: M.M.G MOUNTED / MOTOR MACHINE GUN CORPS . Condition : GOOD slight rubbing or scratches to the enamel , superb clear details to the vickers working parts Pin and hook complete and working . SOLD £16.00
GOURGEOUS HAND STITCHED 46TH DIVISION . A really nice example of a cloth sign that has been individually altered to give it a smarter appearance. This badge started life as a print manufactured 46th Division sign . but then the ` sherwood forrest oak ` has been hand embroided to pick out the details and give the whole badge a much smarter look. ( the badge for sale is shown next to an unaltered example for show only - the other badge is sold seperate ta ) Condition : GOOD-USED. A really nice example SOLD £34.00
GRAPPLING HOOK Well ........as a kid I always want one..... `The lady loves milk Tray` an all that ..... Heavy quality construction , over a foot long , I have no idea if this is a Commando / mountain unit example , Great War or even earlier. Condition :Rust coated but solid, if any one is familiar with these items and knows if they have markings / stamps please let me know and I will try and clean it . Please contact me about over seas postage
GREAT WAR BROTHERS EPHEMERA LOT A small un researched Great War lot to two brothers , mixed lot of ephemera some contents of envelopes absent . Condition :GOOD / used
GREAT WAR 1916 POSTER RARE ORIGINAL ITEM A rare and totally original Great War poster . ` War Charities Act 1916 ` Poster gives details of the penalties of non registered charities acting in an illegal or no regulated manner raising funds by deception. Condition :GOOD /used with age marks and folds Large Size is 57cm x 45cm. A rare original survivor , a hundred years old
GREAT WAR BOOKLET ` A SOLDIERS RIGHTS ` SUPERB A delightful item `A Soldiers & Sailors Rights` Covers pay pensions allowances , Dictionary of Facts covering many units and offices of the Armed Forces , war legislation affecting individuals rights , full of brilliant detail with a strong ` unionist` thread regarding what the War office can an cant do to a member of the services , such as how much notice must be given before having to quit married quarters etc . Condition : FAIR / GOOD, Slight damage to base of spine. Ful of superb period adverts , cant find a publishing date but suspect 1917 - 1918 period. Gorgeous little item
GREAT WAR CLOTH OVERSEAS SERVICE CHEVRONS . GREAT WAR PERIOD OVER SEAS SERVICE CHEVRONS . Fine well made heavy quality Condition :GOOD / used has two purpose made holes ( east and west ) for a pin fixing . UKpost paid
GREAT WAR COMPASS 1916 Great war period compass , broad arrow stamped with good clear makes details a superb 1916 date. Condition :VERY GOOD . Lid is a gud tight lock - one screw missing from the case but works perfect only fault is its grubby and needs a clean
GREAT WAR GERMAN PRISONER OF WAR WOOD WORK CRAFT A large 12 inch x 24 inch wooden tray , clearly marked on the back by the German P.O.W that made it . ` Made by Prisoner of War no .700 N` J.W. Brodsky Feltham Feltham is a town in on the edge of London the prison been a former borstal young offenders institute ,along with German P.O.Ws many Danish sailors were interned here , I believe this item to be of the Great War period as I can find no record of the prison been used again in ww:2 Condition :GOOD / Used
GREAT WAR MEDAL PAIR LANCS / FUSILIERS Great war pair : 6406 PTE L ROYDS LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS . Condition : fine with contact marks and the odd edge knock
GREAT WAR MEDAL TRIO ROYAL NAVY SUPERB NEAR MINT 14 /15 Star trio to M.15050 E.Boardman - R.N . Condition :GOOD. Complete with mint full length original ribbons , paper envelopes and card boxes , medals extremely fine condition . Interesting rank shown here being junior R.A & senior R.A which is similar to sick birth attendant Boardman was from Bolton in Lancashire
GREAT WAR MEDICAL ` VERNAID` SLING SCOTTISH HORSE An early 20th century Vernaid` medical sling showing a series of printed drawings demonstrating various medical applications. Condition ; GOOD slight marks . This came from a private source along with the Scottish Horse medical section photo also for sale. Regarding the date on going research on the manufacture suggests this sling may be of the Boer war period
GREAT WAR OFFICERS WASH TOWEL 1914 NAMED A very rare item of Great war officers kit , A 1914 dated and named personal wash towel. This was owned by LT . FREDRICK PHILLIP SELWYN RAWSON from Halifax West Yorkshire , son and heir to the famous Rawson banking family . Condition :GOOD ,but with ware and age marks , top left corner are the inked initials .F.P.S.R and 1914 . size is 22 inch x 16inch. LT.Rawson served with the West Surrey regt in the Great War and at one point commanded the battalion as all other senior ranks were killed or wounded . Please see other items from this family Im offering for sale .
GREAT WAR PAIR GRENADIER GUARDS MILITARY MEDAL WINNER Great War pair of War medal & Victory to : 282330 Pte H.Cole G.GDS. Condition : Fair, with wear and contact mark. Pte Cole was from Wolverhampton ,This lot comes as found ,boxed with medal ribbon bar original paper clipping with photo all packed in Wolverhampton jewelers box. A nice fresh to market set. On Hold £125.00
GREAT WAR PATTERN `D` TINS RARE A rare set of british and commonwealth soldiers eating ` D` TINS Condition : GOOD strong sound condition no holes or weak spots handle loose and working fine , surface rust to the lid and minor rust through out , a few hours restoration with some fine ` wet an dry ` paper will soon bring these back up to scratch........... or just leave them as they are ? A nice iconic item of great war Tommies kit getting harder to come by now in any condition UK POST PAID
GREAT WAR PERIOD WATCH FACE GUARD A really nice and getting hard to come by example of a : WRIST WATCH FACE GUARD as used by officers and O.R`s in the Great War . Condition : VERY GOOD , needs a bit of soap and water as its a touch grimey but good strong sound condition - no weakness to metal - no rust
GREAT WAR PERIOD JACK KNIFE A really nice example of a British / commonwealth issue jack knife. Large lanyard copper ring as is correct for this period , these knives were made well in to the post war years but this is correct in every way for a Great war item . Condition : Good . Slight ware and sharpening to main blade nice and tight with no ` wobble`
GREAT WAR PHOTO .R.N.A.S. / ROYAL SCOTS. Superb original period photo post card showing a member of the Royal Naval Air Service and his friend perhaps brother serving in the Royal Scots Fusiliers . Clearly visible on the uniform of the R.S.F guy is a large circular battle patch and what appears to be a tartan backing under his brass R.S.F shoulder title. Condition :GOOD . Stunning clear image.
GREAT WAR PHOTO ALBUM EGYPT / TANKS ARMOURED CARS More photos on the way ...........
GREAT WAR PHOTO ALBUM EGYPT / TANKS ARMOURED CARS A genuine out of the wood work item - just located and not offered for sale before. Original and thus extremely rare period photograph album from the Great War . This album recently surfaced in Wales so may have a unit connection from that area , over a 130 photographs belonging to a soldier ( later officer we think ) who served with : 303 Motor Transport Unit / A.S.C ,the guy may well have been a despatch rider as there are several of him on a motor bike. Photos start with several of him in hospital recovering from injury with a nice group shot of him with Scots and Australian soldiers Many ,many photographs of military vehicles of different kinds , two VERY rare unpublished pics of british tanks, another rare image is of a shot down German fighter plane with pilots dead body laid across the wing , an equally rare image is that of British prisoners at work these appear to be defaulters rather than P.O.Ws another pic shows a wire compound with wht looks like a gallows ( pic ). Several photos of armored columns showing Rolls Royce Armored cars , medical ambulance convoy ( note on back says heading for Jerusalem ) many individual pics . More pics including football team , officers in a bunker type cave , equipment been unload at docks , several pics camel units camels been loaded on to train`s. Condition :GOOD. with age and creases , about 20 photos are loose and need remounting but i will leave that pleasure for the next owner ....! A good few pics are of the ` sight seeing type` with image of old Egypt and tribes people but this is more than compensated by the quantity AND quality of the military pics. Great War albums are rare as it is but to obtain an Egypt campaign example that also shows tanks in operation makes this a rare lot indeed
GREAT WAR PHOTO LOVERLY IMAGE WITH BATTLE PATCH 29thDIV A good original post card photo of a soldier in the : ARMY SERVICE CORPS . Nice clear image showing a dark triangular battle / unit formation sign ( 29th DIV ? ) Rear of card has the message " to my best and finest pal Les old days come back , from Johny " France January 1918 Condition :GOOD nice and clear creases to the front left no where near as bad on the original UK post paid
GREAT WAR PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM,THREE FAMILY MEMBERS A superb Collection of Great War pictures to the SEXTON family , Albert ,Lillian and George Sexton. Albert served in the 10th Middlesex , Lillian in the Queen Marys and George Sexton was killed serving with the Kings Royal Rifle Corps in 1917. There are over 40 military pics many of them post card size big clear images , several nice images include George wearing early Kitchener blues , another of him with ` Aldershot 27.1.16 ` on the back another great image is bother brothers together where a wound stripe can be seen been worn by them both . There are over two hundred pics in this album starting from 1890 till the 1960`s showing Albert as an old man in his retirement bungalow , many post war pics of Albert rebuilding his life , his sweetheart then wife birth of his children a great shot of him in Home Guard uniform with his two sons on in the Tank regt . Album shows several post war pilgrimages to his brothers grave , the first is quite soon after the wars end as its still a wooden cross , later images show a head stone. Condition: GOOD / a good few photos are missing but these all appear to be later or non military. Rare to get a set to three members from the same familly
GREAT WAR ROYAL NAVY PHOTO- RARE CAP TALLIE Original post card photo Great War period Royal Navy Sailor with theVery rare cap band :R.N.V.R -LONDON . Condition :GOOD
GREAT WAR SERVICE EXEMPTION DOCUMENTS 1917 A really nice lot of Great War ephemera relating to : Arthur Wesley Hill ,a shopkeeper of Putney -London. This is a fascinating lot showing the various stages of exemption that became harder and harder to uphold as the war progressed and more able bodied men were needed ....... Lot includes :His 1915 National Registration Act with several medical review board stamps. A really nice document being a 1916 dated card issued by the Town Hall Southwark stating he has only been granted exemption from service on the grounds he joins a volunteer training unit or becomes a Special constable, " I require you on behalf of this tribunal to furnish me within three days from this date to answers to the questions sent herewith " " in order for you to retain this exemption it will be neccessary for you to produce on the first day of every month evidence you are complying with these conditions " A document dated 25/01/1917 instructing Authur Hill to appear at the Recruiting office town hall Wandsworth to produce either war service badge or Certificate of exemption. Finally and most interesting is the document : Notice As To Appeal To Central Tribunal dated 13/10/1917 , it appears that Hill some time in 1917 must have been called to the colours but tried to appeal - this document states his appeal has been `Refused` Condition : FAIR /GOOD . Generaly sound through out with folds creases and tears. If any one can confirm the shop is still there in London I would love to know ,thanks Sold £56.00
GREEN HOWARDS CAPBADGE WITH BACKING CLOTH A lovely example of this capbadge , white metal with original green cloth backing . Condition :GOOD /used dirty an dusty in that just found condition
GREEN HOWARDS PLASTIC ECONOMY Green Howards - Princess Marys own . Condition :good / used both original blades intact .
GRENADIER GUARDS STIFF SERVICE CAP NORTH AFRICA / ITALY DESERTER - HARD LABOUR A very rare chance to own a superb emotive and possibly unique item of soldiers kit . Service issue stiff cap to 2622264 Guardsman ` Bolton ` 6th BATT GRENADIER GUARDS ( his real name will be past on with copies of all photos documents and full service medical history ) Hat is complete with its original brass capbadge that has been in place forever . Size 7& ? broad arrow mark and Collets manufacture the date is hard to read it looks like 1936 but is indistinct the third digit has a curved top so can only be 36 or 86 ! certainly not 46 the earlier date fits well with the style of construction ( large eylets ). A little history as told to me by the familly and from the documents they still have I purchased this hat direct from the familly a few months back and what at first I thought was a rather nice honest straight forward Guardsman stiff service cap turned out to have a rather sad and truly moving story about a brave man who simply had enough.......... The soldier in question I will call Guardsman Bolton , his decendants have asked me not to publish his name . Bolton , a butcher by trade enlisted in 1941 very sober of character and a keen church goer and pacifist declined the option of joining the Medical Corps but chose the infantry and was sent to train as a Guardsman and then posted to the Grenadiers , his logic been the quicker we fight the sooner it will be over . Bolton was first wounded in 1942 whilst deployed against rioters in Baulbeck SYRIA and was hospitalised. His first major action was at Medenine in Tunisia in 1943 whilst serving with 6th Genadier Guards 30th corps as part of the battle of the Mareth line , here he was badly wounded by dive bombers his injuries included shrapnel damage to left thigh ,abdomen , upper left arm , lower back and was evacuated to Advanced Dressing station 5th light Field Ambulance. ( Bolton was moved through five different medical units in just over 24 hours ) as confirmed by his service documents After several months recovery Bolton rejoined his unit in time for the invasion of salerno in early 1944 , he was now re deployed as a unit stretcher bearer . Some time in June /july after several bouts of Malaria something snapped , his medical documents state there was much unrest in his unit as the brigade was to be broken up and the survivors sent to other units of which he did not approve. Perhaps it was this or the fact that his familly had been informed he had been killed in action and a funeral sevice had been planned or that he had been blown up a further THREE times ..............Bolton deserted. Four months later Bolton returned to his unit and despite extensive psychiatic reports on his mental condition Bolton was brought before a Court martial and sentenced to two years hard labour . Condition : GOOD , slight flattening to the crown due to long storage , te odd moth nip -thats it stong n sound through out . This hat is sold with full COPIES of photos ,AB64 paybook , full service and medical history , 6th Batt G.G news letters for North Africa , telegram stating Bolton is not dead as had been reported but badly wounded post war claim for disability pension and medical reports. All the paperwork is still held with the familly and may be avalable for sale at a later date these will , as a matter of politeness be offered to the buyer of this cap first A superb item SOLD £225.00
GUARDS TRAINED SOLDIER RARE CLOTH TRADE BADE A rare example of a trade qualification badge : GUARDS TRAINED SOLDIER Condition : GOOD /used but with quite a decent moth nip. A hard one to get
H.L.I SWEET HEART BADGE A good quality silver and mother of pearl sweetheart badge for the : HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY. Condition : GOOD pin intact and working / back of badge stamped ` sterling silver rim ` hight 24mm
H.L.I SWEET HEART BADGE A metal sweetheart badge for the : HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY REGT. Condition : GOOD . Height 22mm pin fastner in good order
HEREFORD HOME GUARD DOCUMENTS /ARMBANDS / PHOTOS LOT A very nice mixed lot of ephemera to: COMPANY QUARTER MASTER SGT BENNET Hereford Home Guard, includes his original LDV and Home Guard armbands , two large photos of Hereford , one marching across the main bridge the other appears to be the market place ? Includes several items of paperwork ( 3rd Hereford city batt) one document lists over a hundred items avalable on strength to HG units everything from Spigot mortar spares, Browning Mg ,stens ,Browning automatic rifles ,Lewis guns , Fougasse accessories etc etc etc this alone is just fasinating reading , also a large `tech` drawing : " siting of 50 person blast shelters " Condition : GOOD. Armbands are used and a touch grubby ,paperwork shows odd creases.
HIGHLAND .LIGHT INFANTRY GORGEOUS SILK COVER A superb clean near mint example . Gorgeous gold silk with all edging lace intact , even the cotton wool insert with card backing is fresh and complete. Condition : SUPERB . Would look great as a centre piece for H.L.I insignia display
HIGHLAND DIVISION WAR TIME ECONOMY A good clean cloth sign for the : 51st HIGHLAND DIVISION . Condition : GOOD - UNUSED , badge has the typical war time ` sized ` economy glue wash to seal the badge back , correct thin felt . slight moth bite to one edge. A nice original badge
HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY / RE CASUALTY PHOTO GLASGOW MAN An original post card photo dated 1914 of a group of Highland Light Infantry including young seviceman : ROBERT GILCHRIST Rear of card has the message , " tell father and mother I was asking for them ,staying fortnight ,Robert Gilchrist " Card is posted to Miss CHRISTIE Violert Gilchrist ,tile work CARLUKE. The commonwealth war graves gives us a : sapper R.GILCHRIST Royal engineers killed serving with 103 field company 31.08.1916. Next of kin details give his parents living in CARLUKE and his wife CRISSIE Condition : fair , card is creased and a touch on the grubby side but no heavy damage Pte Gilchrist is marked on the photo with a pencil cross. A superb and poignant of great war ephemera .
HITLER YOUTH BELT BUCKLE (1) Good used condition , genuine original item .
HITLER YOUTH KNIFE STRAIGHT FROM THE FAMILY A well used but clean and honest example , part of a small lot of original German items bought direct from the family of the British Veteran that brought these items back at the wars end . Condition :GOOD/ Used , no motto is now visible having been used as intended as a general camp knife , press stud working fine and rubber washer to top of blade still present. Solders name and details of service ,his unit etc will be passed on to buyer.
HITLERS MEIN KAMPF SCARCE ENGLISH LANGUAGE VERSION A hard to come by copy of the English language edition of Adolf Hitlers Mein Kampf . This is a 1939 print with the rare German political design to the front not often found on English produced copies this is beautifully embossed in gold relief , Condition :GOOD. Clean and tight with ` foxing ` and age stains to pages
HITLERS SECRETARY TRAUDL JUNGE SINGED LETTER ` DOWN FALL` Original hand signed signature of Traudl Junge . Traudl Junge became Adolf Hitlers last private secretary in December 1942 and remained in this post till the wars end . She most remembered as the person who typed out Hitlers Last will & Testament. Condition : GOOD . Letter is dated 27.12.1985 and is sent from Australia this is genuine and factual correct and is confirmed was written whilst visiting her sister at Christmas. Inside the envelope is an original period photograph dated 1940 have no idea what the connection is but this was genuinely inside when I obtained this lot . Amazing to think the woman who signed this letter typed Adolf Hitlers Last Will & Testament.......
HOME GUARD POSTER 1950`s A superb Home Guard recruiting posted from the 1950`s or ` second phase` as it became known . Gorgeous old style printing witha very striking 1950`s retro look . Condition :GOOD . very slight damage holes ( photo 2 ) folded several times but on heavy duty quality paper stock . Nice unusual item
HOME GUARD PLASTIC ECONOMY BADGE A VERY clean example of this rare Womens Home Guard badge . Makers detail to the rear Condition : GOOD . SOLD £55.00
HONOURABLE ARTILLERY COMPANY SUPPER INVITE VICTORIAN A very old ` supper ` invite ticket for the : 5TH COMPANY HONOURABLE ARTILLERY COMPANY. Name looks like MAJOR .E. RAWSON and the invite is for Saturday March 14th. Condition :GOOD but full length crease down right hand side. size is slightly bigger than postcard size UK POST PAID
I.E.M.E MAJORS K.D SLIP ONS Indian Electrical Mechanical Engineers K.D shoulder rank straps for a major . Condition :GOOD /used
IMPERIAL BRASS BELT BUCKLE WITH TAB German brass ww1 period belt buckle complete with its original belt tab that is maker marked stamped . Condition : GOOD -USED has surface rust and leather work needs a bit of love an treatment but genuine as found item , .
INDIA COMMAND SUPREME HEAD QUARTERS RARE BADGE A super example in bullion. Supreme Head Quarters - India Command . Condition :GOOD. A padded example with three press studs to the rear.
INDIAN AIRBORNE OFFICERS TUNIC - PARACHUTE DOCTOR RARE ORIGINAL ITEM. A superb original lot that has just surfaced Completely genuine and period Four pocket service dress tunic to a Captain ( Doctor )who served with the 44th INDIAN AIRBORNE Division . tunic and belt are dated 5.11.1942 and was worn by :Lieut.P.M.M.Pritchard a famous pre war Polar explorer and award an M.I.D confirmed London Gazette. Original printed Indian Airborne formation signs period applied to both arms , these badges having the correct ` silky ` feel and the crude Chunky wording ` Indian`. Original far east manufacture Parachute qualification wing to the right arm , this is loose as is all the insignia and the tell tale shadow can clearly be seen underneath.. Condition GOOD / Used , the odd moth nip and stain - thats it Metal pips detached but in top pocket. A rare item of Airborne militaria - even rarer as he was a Doctor/
INDIAN AIRBORNE PEGASUS NICE ORIGINAL A good original printed example, nice crude think lettering to the word ` India ` as is correct . Condition: GOOD / used , still with remains of stitching from removal from uniform Really nice example in that just worn - just nice condition
INDIAN ARMY BUTTONS 9th JAT REGT A small group of Indian Army regimental buttons . 9th Jat Regiment. Condition :GOOD
INDIAN ARMY `HD` CLOTH TITLE RARE INDIAN ARMY H.D cloth shoulder title oppinions vary on these badges at the minute but it is believed they were worn by female staff and th H.D stands for ` Headquaters Detachment ` Condition GOOD Gorgeous example backed on to cloth with original press studs
INDIAN ARTILLERY KD TUNIC THEATRE MADE A really nice tunic to own , Theatre or " bazzar " made as it was known KD tunic to a captain in the : INDIAN ARTILLERY. Rare India cast `I ARTY ` Brass shoulder titles and captains pips to each shoulder> (reinforced with card to the under side which is a nice period touch ) Collar ` UBIQUE ` grenades are again India cast Condition GOOD odd mark and stitch pull a few grease oil marks -nothing drastic . The R.A officers side cap shown is not for sale here / but sold as a seperate lot - they were purchased by the previous owner from an auction house as seperate lots - I believe they originated together an compliment each other perfectly - but I cant proove this so sold as seperate lots . A realy nice tunic that displays well.
INVASION DOCUMENT S.H.A.F.E A good original SHAFE ` INVASION ` document as handed out to the invasion force on the eve of D/Day Condition : FAIR -folded several times now a rare hard to get item
IODINE AMPULE 1914 COMPLETE RARE RARE ITEM LAST ONE Several years I was very lucky to be able to buy a box of ten 1914 dated Iodine Ampules that were found in storage at a british army Medical Centre , these are the items carried in the service dress tunic inside pocket along with the soldiers First Field Dressing, most sold very quick and this is the last one out of my own collection of Great War equipment A very rare and hard to obtain iodine bottle in complete condition .Glass iodine bottle ( contents still liquid ) with cotton protective cap contained in card carry tube complete with the original cotton wool packing. Card carry tube is marked with details and Instructions : " push the glass ampoule out of the tube , hold it in a vertical position and strike the padded end downwards on to a hard surface ,freely apply to the wound before applying to dressing ". CLEAR 1914 DATE . This item as with all items on this site comes with a no questions asked full refund if not delighted A very rare chance to own an extremely hard to come by item of a great war tommies personal kit . Condition : NEAR MINT - that`s its . This item has a very high price tag - probably the only example for sale any where today
ITALIAN PRISONER OF WAR PAPERWORK LOT Nice original lot of paper work to : Antonio Marino , captured in North Africa 1941. Condition :GOOD /Used. Marino was originally from Brancaleone and served in the 141th Infantry regt. His place of work was Minorca Farm , Measham.
JACK KNIFE WHISTLE AND LANYARD COMBO A genuine ` as found `lot. Being a 1941 service whistle original issue lanyard and dated issue Jack knife. I have spend several nights scutinising the date on the knife with a glass some times Im certain its 1931 and other times it looks 1951 ? ? So to be on the right side I will offer this as 1951. Condition : GOOD , knife has rust and needs a clean ,is working and would be ideal for a living history set up and save your war time dated example . Sold just as found the lanyard is a rare beast to get an worth the asking price alone .
JAPANESE ARMY PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM Fascinating old photo album showing Japanese armed forces , different units shown. Condition :FAIR . many pages loose need refixing to spine , album is an English /American manufacture so these photos may well have been picked up war time from deceased soldiers and added to this album by an allied soldier ...
K.O.S.B SLIP ON`S KD A really nice set of in theatre ` bazzar` manufactured slip ons for the Kings Own Border Regt. Condition: GOOD. Typical crude mismatched embroidery on KD material .
K.O.S.B SLIP ON`s JUNGLE GREEN An excellent set of K.O.S.B`s regt slip on`s in Jungle green material as worn by the Kings Own Scottish Borders in the Far East. Condition :GOOD/ very slightly grubby
K.O.S.B CAPBADGE UNUSUAL EXAMPLE - NICE A good early example , a nice unusual touch is the lions tail has been snapped off and filed to a sharp point ! Condition : GOOD . A bit of ` spotting ` to the metal but complete with pin and nice original cloth backing .
K.O.S.B with wife A nice straight forward original postcard photo of a soldier serving in the : KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERS . Condition : FAIR , picture taken in DUNDEE . price includes UK postage
K.O.S.B`s officers tunic A really nice clean example of a `cut away` style tunic to an officer in the : KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS Condition: GOOD . Clean strong and sound throught out the odd moth nip . An interesting point is the lower left sleeve has two purpose made holes to take a badge ? they are horizontal and about 25 mm apart .....? ( picture 5) The tunic has clear indications where a row of medal ribbons where once stitched including the remains of purple thread suggesting the owner was awarded a M.C . A nice clean example getting harder to find //////////////// Please note ////////////////// I have had several enquiries regarding this tunic and the use of the K.O.S.B metal shoulder titles - this is exactly how the tunic came to me these titles have been on the tunic a long time - and they show clear evidence of this - one suggestion is that the owner of this tunic was promoted from a warrant officer and the holes in the sleeve are wear a brass rank crown was once worn ? I welcome your comments ,regards ,Michael.
K.O.Y.L.I CAPBADGE LONG LUGS Kings Own Yorkshire LI cap badge in bi metal . Condition :GOOD. With two robust long lugs as worn WW2 period
KINGS SHROPSHIRE L.I OFFICERS SLIP ON Cloth officers rank slip on with the adition of a metal K.S.L.I title afixed aswell. Condition: GOOD . UKpost paid
KINGS SHROPSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY PHOTO ALBUM 1944 RADIO TRUCKS R.S.M NICE A small pocket size photo wallet containing 17 photos to a N.CO. SIGNALS SECTION KINGS SHROPSHIRE L.I taked 1944-45 . The soldier appears to be an N.C.O incharge of a signals vehicle with the H.Q COMPANY , several good clear photos of the vehicles clearly showing serial numbers an unit numbers ` 62 ` many of the photos have hand written captions to the rear : ` my operator my driver an another driver ` ` the tall one - Col Ralingson ? C.O of K.S.L.I with the 2IC` ` A couple of Russians my driver and me ` ` the brigade band playing " retreat " from the top of our billet ` ` From left to right K.S.L.I -C.S.M - R.S.M my driver and me ` superb photos of inside the vehicle showing signals equipment his wedding photo and a few other assorted early war pic with wife and baby ( badge up Royal Signals ) Condition : GOOD wallets is fine but fasterning strap loose phots clean with handling marks . A really nice researchable lot regarding one of the main units in the Normandy break out and drive to Germany .
LAHORE DISTRICT CLOTH SIGN A heavy quality manufactured example stitched over a steel backing plate. Condition :GOOD / used both lugs intact
LARGE MACHINE GUN CORPS PHOTO 1918 Large size 61cm x 7.5cm period photo of a M.G.C unit . ` Headquarters 24th ( Pees ) Coy 4th Reserve Batt. M.G.C ` Clipston Camp April 1918 Condition :GOOD / a touch grubby , edge tear Lots of clear uniform detail , officers with floppy trench caps etc .
LARGE ROYAL FLYING CORPS PILOTS DOCUMENTS LOT A fine original lot of photographs and documents to : LT JAMES MUNDIE who served as a signals officer in the Gordons before transfuring to the Royal Flying Corps . ( originally joined as Pte 3493 Mundie ) Lot includes postcard photo as signals officer and includes a rare instructors certificate of signalling dated 29th Jan 1916 as issued by the northern command signalling and grenade school. Another nice document is is Transfer card from The Gordons which is stamped no.8 Reserve Squardon Royal Flying Corps . The nicest and rarest item is the RFC officer graduation Certificate as awarded by the Central School of Flying -Upavon Wiltshire . on the 20.05.1917 LT .MUNDIE was wounded by gunshot whilst flying over Bullecourt Condition : GOOD . with folds creases and handling marks . The large black and white mounted picture appears to be a later copy . This lot comes witha large amount of research . A nice genuine honest lot
LEAGUE OF JEWISH WOMENS INSIGNIA LOT Two items of insignia to the League of Jewish Women . cloth ` breast badge ` for canteen overalls and a metal lapel badge Condition :GOOD. Metal badge maker marked.
LEATHER CAMMO JERKIN WAR TIME DATE A very clean supple example 1945 dated with an unusual ? green wool lining , originally with factory applied camo finish now faded. Condition :GOOD / used . A clean and supple example with all buttons
LEATHER COSH / PRESS GANG POLICE / TRENCH RAID . First offered this item a few months back but placed it `on hold` as an accurate verification was in doubt, it is offed again here with out any historic description as positive identification is as yet beyond me . It has been described to me as any and every thing from a Victorian naval cosh to German police cosh ........ What ever it is it is very well made and obviously old , has a lead filled tip.
LEICESTERSHIRE REGT CAPBADGE Leicesters bi- metal capbadge , good heavy quality casting with voided `tail` . Condition :GOOD .
LIVERPOOL PALS OFFICERS PHOTO ALBUM SUPERB AND RARE Superb and rare great war period photo album . Over 90 photographs to an officer serving in the : KINGS LIVERPOOL REGT LIVERPOOL PALS. Album starts with a superb 1914 dated photo " the rest of the office staff " an goes on to show pictures of him and his mates larking about on the beach with the girls on that important August bank holiday 1914 . Many places and people and several other officers names , good views of the distinctive collar badge been worn as odd pairs with the normal capbadge . place named includes : ` April 1915 no.4 company lines ` ` Bayonet fighting class ` `Victoria barracks Cork 1918 ` The is a nice set of pics when hes home on leave and goes on a camping trip with his sweatheart . Condition :GOOD cover is loose / some fading to pictures . This album has just been discovered and is fresh to market - a nice honest lot
LONDON DISTRICT RARE MANUFACTURED VERSION A rare manufactures variation , these badges are what appears to be a screen paint printed manufacture . Condition :VERY GOOD -UNUSED 100% original discounted for years by collectors but now quite hard to obtain .
LONDON MUNITIONS FOOTBALL LEAGUE LOT 1917 A gorgeous little set . card football fictures for the season 1917-1918 London Munitions football League., showing teams representing such firms as VICKERS , WILKINSON ,SOPWITH ,HANDLEY PAGE, F.I.A.T . Also an original post card photo of the league winners C.A.V football club . Condition : Fixture card is fine , photo is a little grubby , creased but VERY clear war service lapel badges clearly on view . Nice lot fresh to market today
LONDON SCOTTISH CAPBADGE Original London Scottish cap badge in white metal , gorgeous crisp detail , original broach pin officially converted at unit level and not a ` sweet heart ` item
LONDON SPECIAL CONSTABLE GREAT WAR LOT A nice lot of ephemera relating to Alfred Prestige Lewis who served in the City of London Police as a Special Constable in the Great war . Condition :GOOD. Nice historic lot
LOVERLY OBSERVERS RAF BREAST WING EARLY WAR A really nice example of an RAF OBSERVERS BREVET. superb detail and quality an with that nice gorgeous ` oatmeal ` colouring. This wing is a large example and spreads out horizonal rather than the more common raised / vertical examples . This design it typical of the late 1930`s style that were worn very early on in ww.2 Condition : VERY GOOD - used . A really clean nice example SOLD £32.00
LUFTWAFFE TRADE BADGE AIRCRAFT EQIPMENT ADMINISTRATORS Aircraft Equipment Administrator's trade badge Condition : GOOD. nice detailed weaving to the badge ( wil add a pic of the back ) UK post paid
LUFTWAFFE WRIST COMPASS AK.49 A German Lufwaffe Airforce Wrist compass known as the AK/39. Condition : FAIR ,well used with marks and scratches ,wrist strap absent Bargain price
M44 GERMAN COMBAT PANTS / BLACK A good original pair of German M44 combat pants . These have been dyed black -It would have been nice to think they had been dyed late war as an economy measure for a panzer unit but thats perhaps not the case and these may have been worn by a P.O.W . Condition : generally very good . The specks you can see in the pictures are not paint but a kind of plaster ? this is old and scrapes off no problem. There is a front belt loop missing and the odd hole - thats it . Very strong throught out it is possible - with a bit of skill to bleach these back to field grey .
MALAYA COMMAND THEATRE MANUFACTURED MATCHED SET A nice original matched set, in country manufactured with Jungle green cloth material with press studs . Condition :GOOD. /used
MANCHESTER SPECIAL CONSTABLE WARRANT 1917 A really nice sweet item , 1917 dated Manchester City Police Warrant Card SPECIAL CONSTABLE ` ARTHUR MANUEL GOLDSMITH ` Appointed - 4TH JAN 1917 Chief constable Arthur Peacock. Condition : GOOD folded down middle and edge fold to the left side , age ` foxing ` to the back size is 115mm x 75mm SOLD £10.00
MARITIME ANTI-AIRCRAFT ARTILLERY RARE 1st PATTERN Formed in 1941 to train crews for merchant vessels with defensive armourment. MARITIME ARTILLERY ANTI - AIRCRAFT . This been the rare first pattern with the letters `A A `. Condition : GOOD-USED A good rare original sign SOLD £45.00
MARITIME ANTI-AIRCRAFT FORMATION SIGN . A superb example of what appears to be a hand made or ` theatre` manufactured badge as worn by Royal Artillery units serving aboard ships . Condition :GOOD./ used The white A A`s appear to have been highlighted with white paste for a smarter look.
MARKS MAN CROSSED RIFLES IN BRASS A brass made example complete with backing plate and pins , backing plate appears to be field made out of a lump of tin. Condition :FAIR / with rust
MARRIED MEN !! ENLIST NOW !! RECRUITING LEAFLET RARE ITEM A rare and original 1915 recruiting leaflet . ` MARRIED MEN ` Enlist now .You have the Prime Ministers Pledge that you will not be called upon to serve until the young Unmarried me have been summond to the colours ` Our research has shown these leaflets were handed out by women voluntary workers at train stations to encourage /embarrass men that had as yet no joined up Condition : GOOD . Folded several times large 26cm x 16cm size . A loverly rare item of Great war Recruiting ephemera . Please see our other Great war recruiting documents for sale
MEDLOC HAVERSACK RATION TROOP TRAIN TICKET An unusual item of war time ephemera , beeing a HAVERSACK RATION TICKET - FRANCE 2ND HALT as used by british / commonwealth troops using the MEDLOC military rail service ( I had never heard of it either...) " Medloc, as some will recall, stood for Mediterranean Lines of Communication. Hitler had blown up the Mont Cenis tunnel. Such troopships as were available were needed in Egypt and Greece, and as the Japanese war was still dragging on, some were needed there as well. Field Marshal Lord Alexander had decided that everyone should have some leave or get home for good, before Christmas 1945, and this meant 100,000 people a month, or 3.000 a day. This needed four trains every 24 hours, and as the round trip Milan-Calais-Milan took five days, some twenty complete trains were required. Some chaps were airlifted out, but bombers were unreliable in the fog, and the 8th Army went from Austria by road - MEDLOC B in this case " Condition : FAIR - BUT UNUSED AND COMPLETE Size : 95mmx 65
MEIN KAMPF RARE LATE WAR WEDDING EDITION A late war ( 1943 ) Wedding edition for the town of Graz ` the city of popular Uprising ` has the signature of Julius Kasper the mayor Condition : FAIR . but with age `foxing` and marks to the outer black spine , back cover at fault .
METAL GERMAN EAGLE ORIGINAL - ( 1 ) Original German cap eagle , . Makers mark under left rear pin and R.Z.M mark to the middle . Wing span 57mm Condition :GOOD - ALL pins intact Still retains much of its original ` frosting` This eagle and all the other German insignia I will be listing are part of lot purchased direct from the familly - all orginal war time ` bring backs `
METAL GERMAN EAGLE ORIGINAL - ( 2 ) Original German cap eagle , complete with R.Z.M mark and makers code `117` 47mm wing span Condition: GOOD / ALL pins intact This eagle and all the other German insignia I will be listing are part of lot purchased direct from the familly - all orginal war time ` bring backs `
MICKY MOUSE GAS MASK /WITH CARRY TIN A sound example of the hard to come by childs gas mask; the MICKEY MOUSE complete with its private purchase carry tin. Condition : GENERALLY GOOD THROUGH OUT . - USED . MASK - is strong and sound with rubber intact and not perished ( just grubby ) Canister is strong and blue elastic harness is fine intact and still very springy , all securing points from harness to rubber are strong and not pulling way. TIN - Is well used and shows age wear ( not knacked ) it is sound with no holes or splits , lid is buckled BUT FULLY WORKING ( needs an oiling ) The owners details are written in to the lid : ROYAL CARVILL 6 WAREHOUSE LANE WATH ON DEARNE NR ROTHERHAM. This lot is another genuine ` as found ` and came to us last month just as it is and has no doubt been sat somewhere quiet for the last 70 odd years .and would be a super tidy up project just a gentle clean and a bit of love is all that is required . SOLD £38.00
MILITARY ILLUSTRATED RARE COPY SCOTTISH CLOTH INSIGNIA A near impossible copy to find with the superb article on W.W.2 Scottish battle insignia. Condition : GOOD .well read but clean
MILITARY ILUSTRATED SCOTTISH BATTLE INSIGNIA WW2 A very scarce 1991 copy of Military illustrated with a superb article on WW2 Scottish cloth insignia ( 1943-45) Condition :GOOD . Tight clean copy
MONSOON CAPE 1944 RARE FAR EAST ITEM A rare item of british Far East issue equipment Monsoon Cape , a special manufactured item issued to help keep the soldier dry in the rain and Monsoon season . Condition : VERY GOOD . A rare item in its own right this is better still as it is the hard to come by example that uses brass studs / grommets . Beautiful 1944 date and makers code and several other ink numbers through out , this is an issued used example hence the internal straps have been removed , a common practice as they served no real purpose and just got in the way. Conditon :GOOD THROUGH OUT . Material is soft and supple overal condition is strong , soldiers service no. is inked in to the collar , slight rust marks inside ( will add pics ) A nice rare hard to come by item of Jungle kit .
N.F.S FIREMANS SAFE ROPE / LINE RARE ITEM A very rare lump of Home Front kit . N.F.S FIREMANS SAFETY WORKING ROPE /LINE Condition : SUPERB . Unused and still coiled as it left the stores . A rare item to obtain .
N.F.S UNIFORM - HELMET LOT RARE LOT A very rare chance to obtain a genuine NFS lot . NATIONAL FIRE SERVICE tunic and trousers AND helmet to the same man . Tunic is a very heavy quality and has its original label with clear 1942 date , plastic N.F.S buttons and original N.F.S cloth badge period applied to right breast . Trousers ,again manufactured from heavy quality wool material. Helmet has a good clear 1938 date with original period green paint and transfer decal ` N.F.S ` 4 ( LEEDS/ DEWSBURY - WESTRIDING ) Condition : VERY GOOD THROUGH OUT. Tunic and pants are clean and supple with no heavy wear the odd moth nip / hole - helmet is clean and strong with liner still flexible and not dried out . Although purchased as a group , I can not confirm the belt and equipment belongs with this uniform - the axe has other unit markings so im presuming these were added to make up the set so we are selling them as seperate items. ( the belt , safety rope and axe are shown here for display ) The whole set up looks absolutely stunning on a mannequin Purchase all the items and get free secure postage on the lot This is a very rare chance to get a uniform and helmet to the same unit / fireman - this chance wont come again
N.F.S FIREMANS WORKING BELT N.F.S Firemans working belt Used for carrying axe and safety line . Condition :GOOD UK post paid Please note - last photo shown is for display only to display the full set / thanks . Please see a superb N.F.S fire service uniform and helmet for sale else where on yhis site/ thanks UK post paid
NAGPUR DISTRICT INDIAN CLOTH SIGN Nagpur District Indian Formation sign In printed form. Condition :GOOD / used
NAGPUR DISTRICT RARE CLOTH SIGN A rare example clean with fresh colors . Condition :GOOD .
NAVY AND ARMY NEWS 1896 LARGE MAGAZINE A very large format military 1896 dated magazine NAVY AND ARMY NEWS Basically a Victorian version of todays ` soldiers ` magazine covering many units and military personalities of the time complete with superb period advertisements. Condition : GOOD complete / cover loose
NAZI REGALIA BOOK The one that got a lot of us started .......... Full color pictures of many rare items . Condition : GOOD / well read but complete
NEW ZEALAND AIRFORCE CAPBADGE A really nice example of a hard to come by badge. Condition :GOOD. Lugs intact
NEW ZEALAND REGT GREAT WAR Original post card photo of a soldier in the: NEW ZEALAND FORCES . Capbadge shows a rampant lion , similar to the Wellington regt but holding a flag ? Condition : FAIR . Reaverse of card has hand written message .
NORFOLK REGT BRASS CAP BADGE. Original all brass example , came in this old jewelry box so sold as found. Condition :GOOD/Used
NORTH WEST ARMY - INDIA FORMATION SIGN A very clean example of this rare sign. Condition :GOOD /used. Badge has been backed on to K.D material
NORTHERN IRELAND DISTRICT A good example of a hard to come by Cloth printed sign for the : NORTHERN IRELAND DISTRICT. Condition : FAIR -UNUSED a few creases , will press out.
NORTHERN IRELAND DISTRICT RARE QUEENS CROWN A good original hard to come by cloth sign : NORTHERN IRELAND DISTRICT .....for some reason these queens crown examples are harder to get then the wartime ones ..........?? Condition : GOOD -USED UK POST PAID
NORWEGIAN SS FOREIGN VOLUNTEERS ARM INSIGNIA A superb original rare item of insignia. Silk woven arm badge as worn by foreign Volunteers serving in the German SS division . size is 60mm x 45mm ( Red edge to Red edge ). Found last month in a bag of british cloth formation signs and completely fresh to market . One of the rarer European SS volunteer Items of insignia to own .
OBSERVERS WING SUPERB (4) A Really nice example of an: RAF OBSERVERS HALF WING Flat constructon with that beautiful detailed gorgeous `oatmeal `colour silk threads . Condition : GOOD - UNUSED wing is very clean an fresh but the moths have been nibbling the edges of the backing cloth , nothing masive but it there. A realy nice example but with slight damage- priced to sell
OFFICER CADETS WHITE HAT BAND WITH DETAILS One of those strange little items you pick up along the way ... A white cloth band as worn around the caps of officer cadets this example been adorned by the soldiers class mates signatures , never seen this done before and wounder if this was a common thing ? ( your comments most welcome ) G.3 SQUAD C.S 16 Shrivenham April / May 1941. Condition : GOOD / used
OFFICERS GREAT WAR PAIR CAMERONIANS SCOTTISH RIFLES LATER COLONEL A great war WAR MEDAL AND VICTORY MEDAL to : W.M ANDERSON 2nd Lieutenant . CAMERONIAN SCOTTISH RIFLES. Condition : VERY FINE , with original ribbons PLEASE NOTE , M.I.C card states LT Anderson applied for his medals in 1926 whilst O.C 2nd bn Scottish Rifles White barracks Quetta . post war and WW2 service unresearched SOLD £95.00
OFFICERS SMALL BOOK 1914 ROYAL WARWICKS REGT A hard back copy of the officers small book : COMPANY TRAINING / BY BRIG-GENERAL R.C.B.HAKING.CB Commanding 5th Infantry Brigade Inside cover is ink stamped: CAPTAIN F.W.FOSTER 2/5 R.WAR.R 3 page has a hand written name and 1914 Inside title page has Captain Fosters details again . Condition : GOOD - USED age wear an slight splits to spine ( nothing drastic ) page 3 is missing bottom section . At 470 pages this is a heavy book , so postage will reflect this - please contact me for overseas quote , thanks .
ORGANISATION TODT ID BOOK ARCHITECT FUHRER H.Q RARE A very nice and rare example of an Organisation Todt ID / members book. Research has shown the owner was an architect and was discharged 30.9.1944 from Lager Kniebis (Camp Kniebis) which was close to the Führerhauptquartier (Hitler HQ) called Tannenberg , which would strongly suggest he was involved with the construction at the H.Q. Condition: VERY GOOD . ID Is sold with other related paperwork
ORIGINAL BRITISH ARMY SHIRT - RARE RARE A genuinely superb example of a british army issue : OTHER RANKS SHIRT Quite simply stunning , heavy wool flannel cloth complete with ALL buttons . Condition : VERY GOOD. no moth gorgeous clean soft material ,all nap of cloth remaining . Thi shirt has no date as tag washed out but this is an actual war time late example ( heavy wool cloth ) the post war ones had more cotton content good decent size with full length back . Looks fantastic with an open neck battle dress and tie . buy the shirt - get the tie free......... rare loverly item of kit .
ORIGINAL GERMAN M34 FIELD CAP A completely genuine as found original example Recently bought direct from the family Field grey material with original hand sown insignia and soft cloth lining. Condition : GOOD / grubby and well used with several moth holes , three across the left side ( pic ) a couple to the top crown and a hole top left of the cloth Rowndel. This is a totally original that has been sat since the end of the war with the other German items on offer , full name and details of the british soldier that liberated these items will be passed on to the new owner . The description sound much worse than the actual cap looks the cap is grubby but strong and sound through out and just oozes character. Just a nice genuine example
ORIGINAL GERMAN S.A PHOTO RARE INSIGNIA Original post card photo of a member of a Nazi political party possibly S.A ? taken on what appears to be his wedding day. Unusual and distinct collar patches as yet not identified ?? Brides dress and head dress look quite early and have an Easten European feel to it ?? Latvia Estonia ?? Condition :GOOD . Your help and opinions very welcome , thanks .
ORIGINAL POLISH PARACHUTE BRIGADE METAL JUMP WING . A rare chance to obtain an original Polish Para Brigade jump wing complete with ` Combat ` wreath. This example was awarded to: Private. Bronislaw TRYPUC He made combat jump during Operation Market Garden on 23rd of September with 1st Para Bn/HQ Coy. ( Thank you Rafal ) This example was manufactured by Kirkwood and Son. Condition :GOOD / used . light wear to front with lovely copper bronze color showing through, rear nut is a replacement possibly from a metal collar badge - this is exactly how it came so we are certain it is a period addition . Badge has correct numbering and ` font` with matching numbers of badge and Combat Wreath A rare chance to own a completely ` fresh to market` example Other items belonging to Pte TRYPUC, cloth badges , ID discs AB.64and medal cards we are in the process of obtaining and will be offered direct to the buy of this badge
ORIGINAL SUFFRAGETTES DOCUMENT VERY RARE A rare 1918 dated letter from the W.S.P.U: The Women`s Socialist & Politic Union ( Suffragettes ) Detailing the goverments plan to pass through a bill in Parliament compulsory testing for sexually transmitted diseases . Condition :FAIR / with age and marks Letter is sent from a Miss L Marsh honorable sec and is dated July 1918. A rare item of ephemera regarding British women`s campaign for the vote
ORKNEY AND SHETLAND DEFENCE FORCE BADGE A nice straightforward cloth sign as worn by the : ORKNEY AND SHETLAND DEFENCE FORCE Condition :GOOD-USED nice tight weaving to the anchor design . UK post paid
OXF, & BUCKS AIRLANDING TITLE D-DAY A genuine and hard to come by cloth shoulder title `OXF.&BUCKS ` as worn by the : OXFORD and BUCKINGHAMSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY . Condition : VERY GOOD - made in the typical war time manufacture of a ` sized ` glue wash backing to seal the badge . This title was worn by standard infantry units but is more famous for been worn by the air -landing battalion , part of the 6th Airborne division that captured the bridges across the Orne river / canal in the early hours of june 6th , one of the opening military engagments of the d-day landings. slight moth nibbles to bottom edge below the letter `s ` A good clean example of a rare title
PALESTINE 1946 TERROIST DOCUMENT SHOOTING / HANGINGS A rare historical document being an original hand written message ( Army form C2136) " 4 B.O.R (british other ranks ) were injured when a land mine blew up two WD vehicles near Jaffa. Irgun Zvai Leumi ( terrorist group ) has admitted responsibility for the Cairo - Palestine train disaster they have also stated that in future any British troops or police caught with arms will be tried by a court with no chance of appeal they will be convicted as members of an ilegal organisation and executed by shooting or hanging " Condition : FAIR . Document Is fine with wear to the folds and one edge tear. Superb historic item .
PARACHUTE QUALIFICATION WING -2 A good original : PARACHUTE QUALIFICATION WING . Slight vertical slant to the feathering on the wing ( for any off you that believe that myth ) Condition : GOOD - UNUSED slight part missing to top left backing cloth Black fabric backing cloth as found on war time period R.A.F wings . Original and scarce SOLD £55.00
PARACHUTE REGT SLIP ONS RARE ACTUAL PAIR A good genuine set manufactured in printed form/ Condition: GOOD / near mint. Belived to have been designed to be worn on K.D uniform and issued for a very short time , perhaps just weeks . A very rare set to own
PERIOD GALLIPOLI PRINT .RIVER CLYDE Superb original print of the River Clyde ship during the Gallipoli landings in 1915 , this is a 1920`s print in original period frame and mount , written on the back is I presume the original owners details a former member of the Lancashire Fusiliers . Condition :GOOD . Would benifit from a clean and new backing .
PERIOD LEATHER SUITCASE COLDSTREAM GUARDS A good war time period heavy duty leather suitcase ink stencilled to the front is the name : J TURPIN COLDSTREAM GUARDS. Condition : FAIR with age stains but very strong , intact and sturdy , in perfect working order and just perfect for living history displays . SOLD £45.00
PESHAWR DISTRICT FORMATION SIGN A good original example showing the `Jamrud` fort at the entrance to the Khyber pass. Condition :GOOD /used complete with rear fixings .
Petty officer
PICTURE POST 1944 ..WITH NUDES ! ! ! A rare example of a 1944 dated magazine : PICTURE POST . This issue covers the liberation of Paris includes photos taken from the film footage used in the super tv series ` World at War ` ( those of us old enough to remember that superb progame ) Shows the scene when the petrol bomb is thrown down from the window in to the back of the open german truck , along with this there are 3 pics of a german sniper been killed and his weapon be taken from his dead body - this very emotive scene was used to end the episode in freeze frame as the end credits rolled .......... Usual period adverts and a very interesting article on nudes ! ! ! Condition : GOOD -COMPLETE . A collectable in its own right but perfect for your living history displays either laying there on the passengers seat in your war time vehicle or an excellent ` prop` as part of your camp / kit display. Nice item
PIONEER CORPS PLASTIC ECONOMY GOREOUS MINT A superb neear perfect example of a plastic war time economy produced badge of the: PIONEER CORPS . Condition : VERY GOOD , both blades intact never folded , maker marked `Stanley and Sons Walsall ` Gorgeous deep brown colour - just perfect
PLASTIC ECONOMY DUKE OF WELLINGTONS BADGE NICE A really nice clean crisp example of the plastic economy badge : DUKE OF WELLINGTONS -WESTRIDING . Condition : GOOD both pins intact good crisp casting with sharp details - very very slight age curve UK POST PAID
PLASTIC WAR TIME ECONOMY PIONEER CORPS A war time economy `Plastic` capbadge for the Pioneer Corps. Condition : NEAR PERFECT -MINT Both blades intact UK post paid
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POLISH 2nd MONTE CASSINO / COURT MARTIAL LOT Polish 2nd corps lot of of insignia I.D discs , paperwork and Polish `legitamatzia ` cards a rare lot soldier in the Polish 2nd Corps who fought at monte cassino. It would appear by the details of his pay book that he was in the headquarter tank protection platoon and was put before a court-martial and let off with a caution. Condition :GOOD / used with age marks rips and general wear , nice to have the dog tags AB64 bit tatty but all there
POLISH 2ND ( WARSAW ) ARMOURED DIVISION A very nice quality cloth formation sign as worn by the 2nd ( Warsaw ) Armored Division ,Polish 2nd Corps . Condition :GOOD / used Has a separate applied Brigade / unit cloth bar to the bottom of the badge .
POLISH 2nd CORPS CARPATHIAN LANCERS RARE SIGN A rare example of this cloth sign , being an early 3 part construction as worn soon the unit was formed in North Africa. Condition :GOOD./used
POLISH FREE FORCES BATTLE DRESS LOT SUPERB RARE GROUP A delightful recent find. A named and thus researchable example of a British manufactured Battle dress as worn by a member of the Free Polish Forces 7th Armored Regiment / Polish 2nd Corps . in World War two. 1940 pattern BD showing all the distinctive traits expected in a uniform worn by a Polish soldier, collar lapels have been tailored and faced with smoother material , shoulder pads have been added , stitched in ` darts` to the front waist and pleated back giving that gorgeous ` fan tail` effect to the back of the BD. This uniform has a nice unusual combination of insignia and rank being a Cpl / Officer cadet , the Officer cadet grading been shown by the tress along the cuff and bullion to the shoulder straps, wire bullion POLAND titles to each shoulder with a superb Italian manufactured 8th Army sign. The jewel of this lot is the extremely rare chained metal 7th Armored Regiment badge , with good clear manufactures details to the reverse , this badge alone is worth a small fortune. Condition :VERY GOOD through out / no mothing. Collar kites are absent as is the metal breast badge but these are the less rarer items to locate , beret has the rare cloth backing but no badge .The chains on the armored badge are loose and need refixing This lot has recently come to light and has not been held in a collection before. I accept the price tag is very high but represents one of the finest genuine un messed with Free Polish Battle Dress for sale in the UK today .
POLISH FREE FORCES PLASTIC ECONOMY BUTTONS. Large size, perfect replacements if your tunic is missing a button or two. Condition :GOOD/ Used
POLISH FREE FORCES SET 2nD CORPS A good original set , all from the same guy . Condition :GOOD. /used
POLISH MADE OF WARSAW CLOTH SIGN Polish 2nd Corps ` Maid of Warsaw` formation sign in printed form Condition :GOOD /used
POST 1945 HANOVER DISTRICT STAFF CAR PENNANT A staff car pennant for the British Army of Occupation in Germany for the Hanover District . Two German manufactured Hanover formations signs have been applied to green felt cloth with what feels like padding underneath the badges to give a quilted effect. Condition :GOOD /Used with moth tracks and age.
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POSTWAR BRITISH ARMY BERGAN MALAYA /BORNEO S.A.S PERIOD A seldom encountered post war british army Bergan as often seen in period pictures been used by the Special Air Service in Malaya , Borneo and many post war ` selection ` photographs. Condition :GOOD .Generally sound through out , both side straps are still present as these were often cut off the leather patches underneath for the ground sheet straps to pass through are present and strong , all buckles and straps work weel as does the internal zip. Waterproof linning strong and sound .Metal frame has rust and needs a touch of paint Feint but readable 1963 date and MECO stamp Perfect for post war Special Forces collector / or living history
PRINTED COMBINED OPERATIONS SIGN - NICE A cloth Combined Operations formation sign in printed form as worn by Commando and Combined ops units . Condition :GOOD /used
PRINTED HONG KONG DISTRICT A printed HONG KONG district sign. Condition : FAIR/ in used well starched well Ironed condition ! ! price includes UK postage
PRIVATE PURCHASE HOME GUARD GAS MASK TIN VERY VERY CLEAN A quite superb example of a private purchase gas mask tin . Condition : VERY VERY GOOD 95 % of paint finish intact both strap hinges present and intact ( appear never used ) inside is clean an tidy , tin shows slight rubbing bare metal on surface edges and where the lid fits , but very minor Black lettering is near complete with a few tiny scratches , lid is a snug secure fix , lid hinges complete and fully functioning . The best example I have ever seen , and no doubt it will be a long time before an example as clean as this turns up again . just a loverly example .
QUEEN ALEXANDERS NURSING PHOTO ALBUM FAR EAST Photo album belonging to : Nursing Sister Mary Agnes Hamilton Q.A.I.M.N.S 196 Photos covering her service in the Far East and later North Africa . Many uniformed photos , appears to have served some time with an American unit - pictures suggest her unit may have been involved in the treating and repatriating of English internees in the Far East at the wars end , many photos of her fellow women nurses , some very pretty girls and Indian military personel both male and female , wounded british soldiers convalescing , visting the North African battle fields Condition :GOOD . Complete no photos missing .
QUEENS REGIMENT OLD COMRADES ASSOCIATION . A very nice clean example of a : QUEENS REGT OLD COMRADES BADGE . Nice large badge over 30mm high ,maker marked ( J.Taylor % Co London ) button hole fixing Condition : VERY GOOD reverse of badge has old glue will easily clean off.
R.A.F FLIGHT ENGINEER BREVET NICE ORIGINAL A good used nice and original example ENGINEER RAF half brevet . Condition :GOOD -USED ,just the right side of grubby . UK EUROPE POST PAID
R.A.F NAVIGATORS FLIGHT BAG ` NAVS BAG` 1944 A superb example of a 1944 dated : ROYAL AIR FORCE NAVIGATORS FLIGHT BAG known by the crews as a ` navs bag` Condition : GOOD Very strong and sound stitching good and intact , with odd marks oil rust and staining through out but a very strong robust example of this rare item of kit This is the last one when its gone its gone ........ UK post paid
R.A.F 1940`s BADGE 264 FIGHTER SQUADRON A very clean example 1940`s manufacture 264 Squadron badge as manufactured and stamped on the back "H.W.Miller Ltd Branston St B'Ham.18 " Although these badges are 1940`s manufacture it was hard to pin down if these were manufactured in the late 1940`s as post war veterans items it is now accepted they are actual war time manufacture ` non uniform` official functions . On 8 December 1939 it was reformed at RAF Station Martlesham Heath to bring the Boulton Paul Defiant fighter into service. Operations began in March 1940 when the squadron started convoy patrols. After initial successes the Luftwaffe soon realised that the Defiant was vulnerable to frontal attack, and the squadron started to have heavy losses of aircraft and crew. At the end of May 1940 the squadron was withdrawn from operations as a day-fighter squadron and began to train in the night-fighter role. It was called into action again in the day fighting role at the height of the Battle of Britain but again suffered losses and returned to the night-fighter role. After a number of moves around England, including Luton Airport.[1] In May 1942 the squadron moved to RAF Colerne to operate the de Havilland Mosquito II, later trading them in for the later Mark VI. The Mosquitos were operated as night-fighters in the west of England and on day patrols in the Bay of Biscay and western approaches. In 1943 after concentrating on night intruder missions, it operated in support of the Bomber Command to attack enemy night-fighters attacking bomber formations. In 1944 it re-equipped with the newer Mosquito XIII and returned to defensive roles. In June it carried out patrols over the Normandy beaches until it returned to night-patrols from western England in the western approaches. As the Allied forces advanced the squadron became part of the 2nd Tactical Air Force providing night patrols. By the end of the war it was carrying out p
R.A.F AIR GUNNERS TUNIC A nice clean example of a flight Sgt air gunners serge tunic , matched sgts chevrons with brass crowns and lovely clean printed shoulder patches. Condition :GOOD /used . The odd moth nip /hole worse example shown in pic (7) but is not visible when tunic is buttoned up . No size label present
R.A.F AIRCREW BREVETS NAMED RAF aircrew half wings for Observer then late Navigator. These particular examples as worn by Flt /sgt later Flying officer N.JACKSON R.A.F.V.R. Condition :GOOD /used These and all the other RAF items just listed were obtained by us this week from the familly ,these items are completley fresh to market - you will be the first to own it .
R.A.F BELGIUM VOLUNTEERS CLOTH TITLE Cloth shoulder title ` Belgium ` as worn byvolunteers from that country serving in the RAF. Condition:GOOD /unused.
R.A.F FLYING SUIT BADGE 30th SQUADRON A genuine clean example. Condition :GOOD /Used.
R.A.F INDIA VOLUNTEERS RARE RARE BADGE A rare example of an RAF overseas Volunteers insignia ` INDIA ` Condition : GOOD A hard one to get
R.A.F NAVIGATORS PARALLEL RULE `AM `MARKED R.A.F Navigators ` Parallel Rule ` A. M marked with code , wood construction with brass fittings . Condition :GOOD , slight chips to wood , nothing serious. Size 15 cm
R.A.F OBSERVERS BREVET Good original example. Lovely ` oatmeal` color Condition :GOOD./ Used
R.A.F OBSERVERS BREVET ( 5 ) A good original : R.A.F AIRCREW OBSERVERS BREVET stiff padded construction with good detailed feathers. Condition : GOOD - USED a touch grubby
R.A.F SIDE CAP / PLASTIC CAPBADGE A good original example , with a plastic economy RAF cap badge an plastic buttons too . No date visible now but has the W D mark and Size code Z for the year 1944 /45. Condition :GOOD / one small moth hole - that`s it
R.A.F SILK ESCAPE MAP FRANCE / GERMANY A very nice example of an RAF silk escape map.This been the very sort after Sheet -C /D West /Central Europe. ( Holland Belgium France Germany - Berlin ) This particular example was carried by Flt /sgt later Flying officer N.JACKSON R.A.F.V.R. Condition :VERY GOOD . very fresh bright colours A rare attributed example that was actually carried on operations over Europe. This and all the other RAF items just listed were obtained by us this week from the familly ,these items are completley fresh to market - you will be the first to own it . Will more pics
R.A.F. AIR MINISTRY COAT HANGER Genuine R.A.F A.M marked coat hanger. Condition :GOOD/ used Not cheap but if you have an original war time R.A.F tunic this is the final perfect addition .
R.A.F. SIDE CAP OFFICERS Well used but sound example , clear signs where badge once was . Condition :GOOD . If you need an example to complete a tunic / uniform in nice used worn condition this example is ideal.
R.A.M.C DOCTORS MESS KIT GORGEOUS Includes jacket and waist coat , superb quailty through out . Officers service dress quality badges with London marks Name label and details present so another nice research project
R.F.C MEDAL AND SILVER WOUND BADGE A nice straight forward victory medal to the ROYAL FLYING CORPS / ROYAL AIRFORCE . Medal is marked up to : 31400-1- A.M -W .ROBINSON / RAF Along with this is a scarce silver war badge this is nice as its marked up RAF 7529 Condition : medal is E/F with edge knocks and verdigris to the rear wound badge fine and pin complete and intact . UK POST PAID
R.F.C / R.A.F AIRCRAFT ROUNDEL AND PROPELLER TIP A couple of aviation items located together , first is a wooden picture frame type item with space to add two photographs husband and wife , sweet heart etc . these were supposed to have been ` salvaged` from the propellers of crash planes .....? The second item is a large framed paper fabric roundel , this has remains of green paint and wooden splinters to the rear so it appears this is an actual used example and not a stores item. Condition : GOOD / propeller tip is fine and still has the glass , roundel is well used with damage and faults and several old taped repairs glass is missing but has been replaced by a sheet of perspex , both items came together so I presume are connected.
R.F.C EPHEMERA LOT POSSIBLE OFFICER CASUALTY ROBERT STRONG A really nice sweet lot of ephemera to the: ROYAL FLYING CORPS . Item -1 is a 1913 dated letter to a Miss A. Strong of Shropshire posted from : ` sgts mess Central Flying School Upavon Wiltshire ` Beautiful embossed note paper and envelope with RFC crest The contents of the letter are fasinating includes a rather ironic cynical comment regarding the death of a pilot .......... " one of our officers was killed last friday-he came down from about 250 ft he wasnt hurt much he only smashed in the top of his skull broke his jaw and his ribs and his chest and arms and legs - that was all ..... " Along with the letter is a postcard sent to the same lady , a souvenir photo pack of Damascus and to old snap shots of military personel in vintage cars . Condition : FAIR letter shows age and handling marks The writer of this letter is identified only as `Bob` the letter is sent to a A.STRONG There is a Lt.Robert.STRONG listed as an RFC casualty . STRONG, ROBERT ABRAHAM Initials: R A Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Second Lieutenant Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Unit Text: 273rd Sqdn. Age: 28 Date of Death: 01/12/1918 Another superb reseach project SOLD 34.00
R.F.C MEDAL PAIR GREAT WAR A Good untouched and quite grubby ! war medal and victory to the ROYAL FLYING CORPS . Detail are 24902 cpl .W.STILL R.A.F . Condition : FINE , mounted as worn grubby and un cleaned but fresh to market and un researched. SOLD £48.00
R.F.C PHOTO ( 3 ) A superb original postcard photo ROYAL FLYING CORPS with nice clear cloth title image . Condition : GOOD . Taken in Ilford London . UK post paid
R.F.C PHOTO ( 4 ) Original post card photo. ROYAL FLYING CORPS . Condition :GOOD Post paid
R.F.C PHOTO WOMENS SECTION Original post card photo of R.F.C personel , many women on show with a good mix of uniforms . Condition : GOOD .
R.N.A.S METAL SIGNALS BADGE........ NICE Not sure on this, badge is hand made , cut out sheet metal with lugs welded on . Condition : GOOD SOLD £28.00
R.N.A.S PHOTO CLOTH ENGINEER INSIGNIA An original postcard photo of a member of the : ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE with a good image of the cloth cap an engineers insignia. Condition : FAIR with age foxing and marks but clear an crisp UK POSTAGE PAID
RA SENIOR N.C.O`s TRADE / RANK BADGE A cloth trade / rank badge for the Royal Artillery manufactured in the war time economy ` sized` glue wash backing . Condition : GOOD / UNUSED
RA. PATROL JACKET LT/ COLONEL 1919 Royal Artillery patrol jacket to the rank of Lt/ colonel. This is a quality private tailored item with the following details hand written on the label: D.ALLEN 12.6.19 ( could be 29 but dont think so ) Basic research has thrown up a Lt Col John Richard Howard Allen who died in 1939 aged 83. Could the D be “Dick” – Condition :GOOD . There is very clear indication over the top left pocket where two very big full length across the top medal ribbon bars have been sown - would guess at the very least 12 medal ribbons so a well decorated man . Another good tunic that just deserves some one who knows their stuff to research it .
RAF GROUP PHOTO A nice straight forward large size photo of a mixed group of ROYAL AIRFORCE PERSONEL Condition : GOOD UK POST PAID
RAF INSIGNIA , I.D DISCS LOT NAMED A good original mix of insignia and Identity discs as worn by : FL/sgt later Flying Officer N.JACKSON R.A.F.V.R. Includes his brass RAF capbadge as worn early in his service as a sgt before later been commisioned as an officer and given a new serivce no. Condition : GOOD /used These and all the other RAF items just listed were obtained by us this week from the familly ,these items are completley fresh to market - you will be the first to own it .
RAF REGIMENT FAR EAST LOT , MEDALS, BADGES , PHOTOS , JAP FLAG , HIROSHIMA This lot was purchased before I could complete the listing description. Thank you to the several of you that have asked to purchased this lot but I must confirm this lot is bought and payed for . Thank you all for your interest . regards , Michael SOLD £160.00
RAF REGIMENT PHOTO , LARGE NICE DETAIL A large size photo of a group of trainee officers and directing staff for the; ROYAL AIR FORCE REGIMENT Condition : GOOD nice an clear with plenty of insignia and uniform detail ...includes some very smart ...very hard looking N.C.O instructors . nice item SOLD £16.00
RAF SIDE CAP LARGE SIZE 1944 A really nice clean example of an RAF side cap . large size ( 7-1/4 ) with gorgeous clear dated and manufactures logo : J. COLLET 1944 /I\ and a feint W /I\ D Ink mark to the blue cloth lining . Condition : VERY GOOD , bit dusty to the inside but appears unused . A nice size nice condition SOLD £26.00
RAF SIDE CAP OTHER RANKS Nice clean and honest example , with very little wear . Clear makers name and date 1945 ( will add pic ) Condition : GOOD .
RAF TRADE BADGE WIRELESS OPERATOR TROPICAL KD -1 R.A.F trade badge as worn in tropical climates on KD uniforms TRAINED WIRELESS / RADIO OPERATOR . Condition :GOOD used A hard manufactures version to get
RAF TRADE BADGE WIRELESS OPERATOR -TROPICAL KD -2 R.A.F trade badge for use on tropical KD uniform TRAINED WIRELESS / RADIO OPERATOR Condition : GOOD -used Really nice example of this hard to find badge UK post paid
RAF TROPICAL ` SLIP ON`s REALLY NICE A really nice pair of KD slip ons as worn by the : ROYAL AIR FORCE. Condition : GOOD -USED Unusual and rare
RAF WALLET nice item A period leather wallet with gold RAF wings design to the front , inside has places for money an sweet hearts photo . Condition : FINE well used but strong and intact in side shows use . Perfect for that finishing touch with your RAF living history display. UK post paid
RARE BRIT HELMET WITH SCOTTISH UNIT BADGE An unusual and unrecorded WW2 helmet . liner has good clear markings ` B.M.B 1939` and the badge to the front is ` Scottish Young Clan` Condition : GOOD , with liner and chinstrap
RARE BRITISH ARMY EATING KNIFE SUPERB DATED EXAMPLE A stunning example, 1939 dated AND with good sharp broad arrow stamp. Condition:VERY GOOD. Near impossible to find in this condition
RARE EARLY NAZI PERIOD WALL DRAPE A large size Nazi period wall drape or tapestry , central design has been applied square rather than the normal on its axis which suggests this may be an early pre 1933 item . The red back ground cloth has a subtle pattern of oak leaves to the material and the whole item has a quite crude manufacture ` home made feel` this is heavy quality material so I believe this was not designed as a flag due to its weight and lack of fixings . Condition: GOOD / with marks and stains . A rare genuine bring back bought in this week from a local clearnce
RARE FIND HOSPITAL `BLUES` CONVALESCENT COATS WAR TIME DATED A great opportunity to own a scarce and unusual item of British war time militraria. 1940 dated Hospital blue convalescent jackets , beautifully marked up in side . Good large size. We have located a small quantity of these , they are straight from the bale and have that `smell ` from years of storage slight dust marks and creasing . Condition : VERY GOOD. Material is superb with full nap to cloth , colours bright I have kept one for my own collection , this has been lightly sponged with warm water and pressed with an iron and has come up really well , the ones offered for sale are as found untouched un tampered with . Each jacket will be sold with the correct period red tie . Scots cap is just for display .
RARE FIND HOSPITAL `BLUES` CONVALESCENT COATS WAR TIME DATED ///////////////// REDUCED LAST ONE ///////////// great opportunity to own a scarce and unusual item of British war time militaria 1941 dated Hospital blue convalescent jackets , beautifully marked up in side . Good large size. This example is one of the best of the batch as it has a paper code no. stitched to the inside We have located a small quantity of these , they are straight from the bale and have that `smell ` from years of storage slight dust marks and creasing . Condition : VERY GOOD. Material is superb with full nap to cloth , colours bright I have kept one for my own collection , this has been lightly sponged with warm water and pressed with an iron and has come up really well , the ones offered for sale are as found untouched un tampered with . Each jacket will be sold with the correct period red tie . Scots cap is just for display .
RARE FIND ITALIAN WOMEN`S SERVICE PENNANT A rare and hard to come by item large Italian pennant for the ` Opera Balilla` a kind of Italian version of the Hitler Youth but more female based that was formed in 1934. Superb heavy construction with beautiful bullion fringes amd woven design ,. Condition :GOOD . Slight ware to the black cords where it was ripped down and the odd oil mark to surface. 95 % edging still intact Not cheap but a rare item of Italian war booty , brought back by the british soldier whos uniform I will be listing a long withmany other German `out of the wood` work items
RARE L.D.V ARMBAND ZONE MARKED A good original example with the rare early ` Zone ` markings. Z.2 L.D.V G.X . This example came from the Oldham area of Lancashire so may well be for that town . Condition :GOOD/ used. The name of the guy will be passed on to the new owner .
RARE ORIGINAL POLISH PARA WING A rare chance to own an original just located Free Polish Para wing complete with its applied `combat` wreath to signify the soldier took part in the Airborne assault at Arnhem in September 1944. Correct matching no.s from badge to wreath also with the ` correct font and styling ` only seen on originals , I wont elaborate but if you know what your looking at you will know exactly what I mean. Condition : GOOD. just slight rubbing to front This is a genuine fresh to market not held in a collection before There will be no reductions this is the price
RARE POLISH WARSAW RISING BOOK LONG OUT OF PRINT ss camo uniforms Extremely rare and long out of print book published in Poland in 1957 , Book is absolutely packed with black and white photos taken by the Polish Home Army during the uprising of 1944 A fantastic book in its own right , It is also a very interesting book due to the many rare photos of SS camo been worn by the Poles that were obtained from the captured ss clothing depot . Im told many of these pics have not been published out side Poland Condition: GOOD / Used comes complete with its original card case and is hand signed by the author. Hundreds and hundreds of photos A good
RARE ROYAL NAVY TRANSPORT INSIGNIA A very clean example of a hard to come by Royal Navy Transport officers insignia cap band . The unit was formed just prior to W.W.one and saw extensive service organising and unloading stores in the Gallipoli campaign. Condition : GOOD .
RARE SURREY & SUSSEX YEOMANRY CLOTH TITLE A hard to come by cloth shoulder title: Surrey & Sussex Yeomandry Q.M.R. This been the rarer of the two worn examples known , being gold letters on mid blue , the more common example been gold on dark blue / black Condition :GOOD . In that ` just worn just nice ` condition . As worn by the 98th and 144th Field Regt - R.A
RARE SURREY AND SUSSEX YEOMANRY A rare shoulder title, A cloth ` Surrey and Sussex Yeomanry Queen Mary Regiment gold letters on dark blue / black backing , as worn by the 98th and 144th Royal Artillery units . Condition : GOOD , badge is in that ` has been worn , just right / just nice ` condition , SOLD £75.00
RARE UNRECORDED GERMAN NAVAL PENNANT ORIGINAL An original unknown German Naval pennant believed to to connected with pre war Nazi Naval racing / sailing regattas. Correct material and construction expected on these earlier pre war manufactured Flags / pennants ,wool cloth construction with re enforced ` header` and correct style of rope . This pennant has been form discussed by experienced collectors of long standing and it is suggested this style of pennant was flown by the ` starter` boat at the beginning of a race or possibly the boat in charge of the event , as yet there is only one known period photo of this flag in use and that is aboard a private boat with Reichsmarschall. Herman Goering stood next to it Condition :GOOD / used age stains and marks but colors very bright one small hole center top . This is quite a large size : 65 cm x 17 cm. This item is completely new to market having been purchased at a village hall ` buy in` direct from the Soldiers daughter , it is believed this item was located in Norway at the wars end . A rare desirable item
RARE VERY EARLY WOMENS ROYAL AIRFORCE PHOTO /PORTRAIT An original post card photo of a member of the : Womens Royal Airforce taken around 1918-19. Condition :GOOD . UK post paid
RARE WAR TIME BOY SCOUT BADGE PRINTED (2) KINGS SCOUT A hard to come by Kings Scout badge made in printed form for war time economy. Condition :GOOD /used
RAW EDGE BRODIE SUPERB UNIT MARKED EXAMPLE A rare chance to own a first pattern ` raw edge` brodie helmet shell ,Original factory applied green paint can be clearly seen under a later covering. A superb original unit formation sign is clearly visible showing a red and white square ,this is unknown to me as yet but im sure some one out there will know , the unit sign is genuine original period applied no question - just look at the pics . This is a genuine raw edge I have looked and checked and looked again and it has never had a rim ( more pics will be add ) Condition : GOOD / strong and sound through out with rust age marks . This is a fantastic restoration project and with the addition of the correct period liner this would be a very desirable and valuable helmet . .
RE 3rd ANT I- AIRCRAFT DIVISION SIGNS - FIRST PATTERN A rare set of this first pattern 3rd Scottish Anti Aircraft division. Condition :GOOD /Used
RECCE CORPS MEDALS BADGE PHOTOS LOT VERY RARE NICE GROUPING A rare chance to own a superb as found fresh to market grouping to : 6020377 TROOPER WILLIAM MORRIS FREEMAN . 1st RECONNAISSANCE REGT / R.A.C. Lot includes his medals: 1939 -1945 star / AFRICA ( with 8th army bar) and ITALY stars. WAR and DEFENCE medals ,unnamed as issued Soldiers RELEASE BOOK stating Freeman was discharged NOV 1947 with his military career described as ` Exemplary ` An all brass RECCE corps capbadge ( lugs crushed but intact / could be straighted out ) RECORD OF SERVICE CARD ( .....the important bit ! ! ) Essex Regt 15-2-40 til 28.01.42 Recconnaisance Corps 29-1-42 til 31-12-43 Royal Armoured Corps 01-4-44 till 01.08.46 Although Trooper Freeman was listed as R.A.C he was still serving in the RECCE CORPS Over 22 original superb photos several showing unit / formation signs , several with notations on the back " view of camp Syria 1946 " some show mates or relations in other units / RAF etc Condition : medals VERY FINE with contact marks and dings ribbons grubby and dusty and on the wrong medals just as they came to me . Documents are in ` handled ` used condition with photos the same with creasing. William ` Billy ` Freeman was from Grimsby North Yorkshire and was a Fish BUYER in civilian life before the war . For a large part of his service in the RECCE corps he was the COMMANDING OFFICERS DRIVER . A rare untouched as found grouping to a superb unit that saw much war service in Africa , Italy . A nice lot.
RECONNAISSANCE CORPS CLOTH TITLE SUPERB AIRBORNE TYPE An absolute superb example of a cloth title : RECONNAISSANCE as worn by the Reconnaissance Corps . This is the rarer example as often favoured by the RECCE elements of the Airborne divisions - this been the manufactured version with ` serifs` and the " wonky " 3rd letter N. Also , another nice touch is this started of as the larger length title with rounded ends this example has had the edges cut straight and stitched on Condition : VERY GOOD / used . This badge is in that ` just nice - just worn - just gorgeous ` condition.
RECONNAISSANCE CORPS PLASTIC CAP BADGE A excellent example of this war time economy ` plastic` cap badge. Condition :GOOD/ Used , no warping or age deterioration both blades intact . Mark 1-A and A.Stanley & Sons ,Walsall A really sweet example at a fair price
RED CROSS SERVICE BADGE - NUMBERED Maker marked J.R.Gaunt London . Condition : GOOD
ROYAL AIRFORCE AIRCREW POUCH WITH CONTENTS A really nice sweet lot. Leather period pouch with several RAF related keep sakes . No history or name with this lot , its just as It came to me at my local antique market , I presume put away by the guy himself at the wars end
ROYAL ARTILLERY CASUALTY NORMANDY BREAK OUT BOX MEDALS CLOTH ETC ..... A superb ` as found ` group of medals and ephemera to a Royal Artillery casualty. 988516 gunner Lenonard JOHNSON. 53RD MEDIUM REGT ROYAL ARTILLERY lot includes 1339 -45 star - France / Germany star War and Defence medals / un named as issued with issue postage box adressed to Mrs Johnson of bolton Lancashire ( UK ) Condolence slip is original and correctly filled out Along with this lot there is a cigarette tin with Gunner Johnsons insignia and a ladies RA sweetheart badge , this is exactly where these badge were found an I presume thats where they have layed for the last 70 odd years. these were bought by me this morning ( 23.07.11 ) from an antique dealer who obtained the group last week from a estate sale The last item is a small photo of Gunner Johnson , taken in Blackpool / Lancashire. Condition : all items very fine , medals show age toning and the odd mark ( for some reason the ribbon for the F%G medal was absent , i have included another ) A quick look on the C.W.W.G.C states Gunner L .Johnson was killed on the 13th August 1944 and is commemorated at the ` la Delivrande war cemetery , Douvres . A superb as found group / a great Normandy break out research project SOLD £90.00
ROYAL ARTILLERY. GUARDS DIVISION PHOTO LOT NICE INSIGNIA A nice straight forward lot to the: ROYAL ARTILLERY / GUARDS ARMOURED DIVISION . Sports meets in at Flesburg June 1946 Several good pics of cloth formations and Artillery insignia ben worn . Condition :GOOD . 25 items UK post paid
ROYAL ENGINEERS M.I.D BOMB DISPOSAL OFFICERS KILLED IN ACTION MEDAL GROUP SUPERB A very rare chance to own an officers Killed in Action -M.I.D group to a member of a bomb disposal unit . Superb group of medals an ephemera to : T /( Temporary ) Major HENRY GILL FRENCH / ROYAL ENGINEERS Who was Killed in Action 30th july 1944 in Italy whilst serving with the : 15th AIRFIELD CONSTRUCTION GROUP a unit who`s role was to move in quick and re activate captured airfields and get them back operational in the fastest time possible. Lot consists of : 1939-45 -AFRICA -ITALY stars and war medal along with original 1st ARMY BAR and the M.I.D . ( the M.I.D is confirmed in the London gazette ) ORIGINAL un messed with award slip A pair of printed un used RE shoulder titles Red lanyard ? A brass type ring with Africa design postcard photo of Major French The original card postal delivery box is present with this lot but in relic condition . This lot was obtained last summer from a private source with the details that French was a bomb disposal officer and was infact killed defusing an ALLIED bomb that had been dropped on the former german airfield . These details were past on to me by the seller who was not interested in militaria and had no reason to fabricate a story I have no way of prooving this fact but a check with the Royal Engineers museum should soon confirm this . Henry Gill French was from Malton in North Yorkshire and left a young wife Dorothy Marguerite French. date , place of death and the unit is confirmed on the CWGC site . A very are chance to obtain a superb K.I.A -M.I.D OFFICERS group UK -EUROPE POST PAID
ROYAL ENGINEERS TUNNELING COMPANY RARE ORIGINAL BADGES A rare original set of insignia for the: ROYAL ENGINEERS TUNNELING COMPANIES Still affixed to original battle dress shoulder material . We have all seen spurious cloth signs stitched down to hide the rear of a fake badge " genuine original BD material ".............which more often than not is infact 1970`s cloth putties cut up in to bits.............. Thes are the real deal - once in your hands you will know for sure / as always sold with a full no argument return / refund Condition : FAIR / USED Colour not as bright as in the photos material is old an a little brittle with mothing through out still with cobwebs attached ! Rare and original.
ROYAL ENGINEERS WATER TRANSPORT FLAG This item has taken a bit of pinning down, It was bought along with other Royal Engineers badges and cloth titles and was originally thought to be the unit flag of : 537th (M) LIGHT ANTI AIRCRAFT/SEARCH LIGHT REGIMENT RA (Tyne Electrical Engineers) (TA) The story that came with the flag was ` he was a search light operator` However further research indicates it may belong to the unit: Submarine Mining Service and the Inland Water Transport R.E that operated on Germanys rivers and waterways in the imediate post war years ( the flag does infact have a German manufacturers label ) The actual truth is perhaps some where in between Condition : GOOD . Nice bright colours ,the odd snag or stain - large size 92 inch x 66 Many thanks to the gents on the British and Commonwealth badge forum for their time and effort identifying this flag . SOLD £65.00
ROYAL FLYING CORPS MEDAL PAIR RARE ! ! ! A rare chance to own a great war medal pair marked up to the : ROYAL FLYING CORPS. 30842 PTE F.W COATES R.F.C Condition : VERY FINE , with original ribbons other than a casualty check these are genuinely unreseached , fresh to market and not held in a collection before . These are not cheap but rare to get them marked up to RFC and not the normal RAF SOLD £90.00
ROYAL FLYING CORPS DOCUMENT M.S.M WINNER Superb Item of Royal Flying Corps ephemera. Discharge document to Amos Wilkinson , born Cheshire 1878 Enlisted 1915 and joined RFC September 1916. Awarded Meritorious Service Medal Condition : GOOD . Folded several times slightly larger than A4 size
ROYAL FLYING CORPS LOT 1 DOCUMENTS PHOTOGRAPHS A truly superb and highly emotive recent find. Documents, letters, photographs belonging to : Lieutenant Cyril Frank Hunt officer in the Royal Flying Corps. Cyril Hunt was from Richmond in Surrey and originally enlisted in the Artist Rifles before gaining a commission in the R.F.C. Lot includes several excellent photos of Lt Hunt who had served over two years in France and was described as ` daring and efficient officer with ever prospect of a brilliant career ` and despite his youth had been selected as part of a special selected unit to carry out a raid in to the interior of Germany ,this raid was cancelled due to the armistice. Condition :GOOD/ used . All paper work is generally fine with the odd rip tear and handling marks , his squadron 97th is noted on much of the paperwork and includes a letter written on 11/11/1918 .......... Lieutenant Hunt was killed in a flying accident at Ford Aerodrome 23rd April 1919 - he was aged just 19 years old . A superb one in a life time purchase. Further personal details contained with in the letters and also the tragic manner of his death will be past on to the new owner .
ROYAL FLYING CORPS O.S.D CAP BADGE Original ` no nonsense ` example , name and details of the person that wore this will be passed on . Condition :GOOD /Used.
ROYAL FUSILIERS ARM BADGES RARE SET Scarce set of cloth arm formations as worn by the : ROYAL FUSILIERS. Condition ; GOOD / used . colours not as bright as in pic
ROYAL INDIAN ARMY SERVICE CORPS CAST TITLES A good straight forward set of Indian cast titles : ROYAL INDIAN ARMY SERVICE CORPS , afixed to a pair of officers JG shoulder straps . Whats nice about these is the pre made holes to take the officers pips were not wide enough for these titles and a 3rd hole has been crudely punched through Condition : GOOD -USED these are cast but of a high quality - nice set SOLD £35.00
ROYAL MARINE ARTILLERY 1918 TWO original postcard photos of a soldier in the : ROYAL MARINE ARTILLERY . ` J. FRANCIS ` Condition : FAIR , shows age / creases SOLD £8.00
ROYAL MARINE COMMANDO / COMBINED OPERATIONS COMBINATION RARE A rare example of a special forces cloth combination: ROYAL MARINE / COMMANDO / COMBINED OPERATIONS . The two `cash` name tapes have been stitched directly to the Combined Ops badge which has had the the top edge trimed off then the whole lot worn as one combination sign . Condition : FAIR- GOOD/ used A rare and un usual set up - one for the serious SF collector UK Special delivery -post paid
ROYAL MARINES COMBINED OPS UNIT PHOTO SOUTHSEA A superb large size photograph showning much detail of the officers Royal Marines depot / training staff Southsea Includes attached medical and Naval officers . Condition : GOOD . Prefect for reframing
ROYAL MARINES , WOMENS NAVAL UNITS Another super photo with great insignia detail . Original postcard photo of ROYAL MARINES of all ranks and WOMENS ROYAL NAVAL SERVICE ,photo includes two women officers and several female other ranks showing lots of insignia , an eye glass is need to pick out the finer details but photo is clean and clear. Condition : GOOD really nice rare image
ROYAL NAVY FLAG H.M.S GLAMORGAN FALKLANDS CONFLICT Bought directly by me from the Royal Navy veteran who ` liberated it` including the plaque awarded to all crew members im told when the ship was sold off to a foreign country in in 1986. Flag is huge and is a correct naval issue example being slightly elongated in length unlike a ` normal` Union flag . Cotton canvas weave with wooden stiffener in the seam along with brass fixing clips . Condition :GOOD , the odd nick or stain - thats it The seller of this flag guaranteed this flag was aboard ship during the conflict ( He was a navy sick birth attendant) and to that I will include a signed letter by me that this is so .
ROYAL NAVY / R.N COMMANDO PARACHUTE WING Royal Navy / RN. Commando Parachute qualification wing A superb rare example light blue feathers on very dark blue / black backing material . Much as been written ( wrongly ) that any war time british Para wing with a dark backing cloth MUST be 156 para or RAF Para qualification wings this is not correct infact many of the wings that do turn up like this are infact early standard issue army wings but the first few batches were manufacture on dark backing as they were obtained through the RAF purchasing system and like other RAF badges were manufactured on dark backing cloth ............. but all that is another story . This example was worn by Royal Navy and Royal Navy Commando parachute qualified personel . Condition : GOOD /USED front is faded to off white . A rare set to get
ROYAL NAVY COMBINED OPERATIONS CLOTH FORMATION SIGN A nice clean example of a Combined Operations formation sign ( Gold thread on dark blue ) as worn by Royal naval personal serving with in Combined Ops R.N Commando , beach signals etc . Condition : GOOD / used getting harder to find in any condition .
ROYAL NAVY COMBINED OPERATIONS CLOTH SIGN BULLION WIRE A good clean example of this rare badge. Combined operations formation sign in gold wire as worn by Royal Navy Commando and other specialist Navy units under control of the Combined Ops Command such as C.O.P.P`s . Condition : GOOD /used . This is an original example -NOT a cut down post war `blazer ` badge
ROYAL NAVY COMMANDO BEACH SIGNALS TITLE A hard to come by example of the Royal Navy Commando ` Beach Signals` cloth shoulder title. Condition :GOOD /used This unit was formed at Hayling Island and its Role was the organisation and control of Radio traffic in the first few hors of an amphibious invasion .
ROYAL NAVY COMMANDO TITLE RARE ! ! ! A very rare and hard to come by cloth shoulder title : R.N.COMMANDO ( Royal Navy Commando ) The R.N Commando`s were formed in 1941 and went on to have the units depot at H.M.S Armadillo , Scotland. Condition :GOOD - used condition . This is the real deal / full return as always if not delighted. Rare original title SOLD £245.00
ROYAL NAVY HIGH RANKING OFFICERS CAP RARE A rare example of a high ranking Royal Navy officers cap . Cap is named to R.HALL-PATCH who was a director and inspector of Naval Engineers a position held by only eleven officers in the entire Navy . Cap is a very fine quality manufacture by Gieves LTD London , cap is constructed from very high quality melton cloth with superb quality Naval bullion insignia and detail to the peak. Condition : Strong and Sound . This was Hall-Patch`s `working ` cap and the condition and wear reflects this , one end of the chin strap is weak and torn and the peak has a slight ` parting ` from the main body but is hidden by the cloth insignia band and just needs a few stitches if at all . As stated this was his day to day cap ,Hall -Patches parade / best cap I sold early this year . Hall -Patch was killed in a motor car accident in 1945
ROYAL NAVY MARKSMAN CLOTH BADGE WARTIME A good clean wartime produced Royal Navy trade badge . SKILL AT ARMS / MARKSMAN. Condition : GOOD . Manufactured in typical wartime economy ` sized` glue wash backing .
ROYAL NAVY SUBMARINE CREWS ARCTIC TROUSERS. RARE FIND We have been very fortunate to have the chance to clear out a recently closed down hard ware shop that at one time many years back must have been an old school Army surplus /work wear outlet . Several unusual batches have come to light including these. Royal Navy Arctic cold weather issue trousers , these are heavy quality padded construction in a Ventile close weave cotton. The research we have carried out through contact with Royal Navy archives is this : In the immediate post war years what we now know as the ` cold war` the Royal Navy submarine fleet explored further and longer in to the polar regions , the standard issue R.N cold weather clothing was realised to be far from adequate for polar regions . A new advanced up to date uniform was designed with the support of former polar Explorers and former expedition members and were designed to be utilized by deck crew in Artic /Antartic conditions and infact used ashore on the ice cap by` land crews` unloading and transporting food and supplies to Naval & scientific stations. Condition :GOOD. These are what is now trendy referred to as ` new - Old stock' ( god bless American Pickers T.V program ) meaning never used but stored away, all buckles and buttons present , buckles still wrapped in tissue paper - slight ` old ` smell needs a gentle soak. A genuine rare find- when their gone there gone.
ROYAL NAVY TRANSPORT OFFICERS GREAT WAR RARE BADGE A good used example of a rare great war period insignia : ROYAL NAVY TRANSPORT officers capbadge. These officers were used to command and control the loading of men and material in docks and harbour areas and worked closely along side the RN Railway transportation officers . The were infact the forerunner of the WW2 Beachmasters and were heavily involved inthe Gallipoli landings acting as landing and control officers . Condition : FAIR /GOOD -used , with age wear and the odd mark . A nice rare badge UK POST PAID
ROYAL SCOTS SERVICE DRESS TUNIC NAMED FAMOUS FAMILY A superb tunic to an important Scots family . Scottish pattern cut away tunic to an officer in the Royal Scots regt . Good clear label details identifies this as owned by a : MAJ. N.G SALVERSEN 355707 R. SCOT OCT 1940 . Tunic is superb quality material with regimental buttons and gorgeous two part construction O.S.D collar insignia . In the period of the mid 1800`s Christian Salversen left his native Norway to seek his fortune in Scotland , setting up as a timber and coal merchant , from these beginings he moved in to shipping and fishing including wale hunting , his boats sailing afar as the Black sea and the Mediteranian he went on to build a massive empire and played a leading part in the Scotish industrial revolution before his death in 1911 Our understanding is this tunic was owned by his grandson :N.G SALVERSEN Condition : GOOD strong and intact , there a few snags and tears to the lining with a few moth holes and a scattering of moth nips to the front ( mainly one small patch see pic ) one of the shoulder boards is coming loose and needs a stitch This is a super gorgeous tunic in its own right and displays beautifully , with a direct conection to a historical and important Scotish family
ROYAL SCOTS GREYS SOLID SILVER N.C.O.`s arm badge An extremely rare example , Birmingham 1904 hallmarks. Condition : VERY Fine. A genuine rare original badge - buy it before its gone....
ROYAL SIGNALS SLIP ON TITLE - FAR EAST - BULLION An unusual example of a tropical ` slip on` shoulder badge . Bullion wire embroided wire on green cloth as used in the Far East . Condition : GOOD - nice and unusual. UK POST PAID
ROYAL SIGNALS /A.C.F TITLE A two part shoulder title combination ,Royal Signals /A.C.F Army Cadet Force still stitched together . Condition :GOOD /used
ROYAL WEST AFRICANS PARACHUTE TRAINED OFFICER TUNIC A scarce original parachute trained officers KD tunic . Tunic was worn by an officer originally serving in the : ROYAL WEST AFRICAN FRONTIER FORCE Private tailored tunic with RWAFF composite plastic type buttons , top pocket flaps have press studs for a smater fixed down appearance . A fixed to the right breast is a good heavy quality parachute qualification wing ( the wearing of parachute wings on the breast is often seen in far east period photos of Indian Airborne S.O.E units ) The wings have been attached by the use of press studs to aid the easy removal for cleaning the jacket the inside of the jacket shows a distinct pressed imprint where the wings have been worn for a long long period ( PHOTO 8). Condition : GOOD The odd mark dirt , oil etc nothing serious the buttons are attached by brass rings that have sweated with age and marked the inside ,again nothing serious just prooves they have been on this jacket a long time . The R.W.A.F.F served in the Far East with some members going on to the Indian Airborne commando and S.O.E which would explain the Parachute training . Shirt and tie shown for display only and in reply to several questions , no - the black and white period photo is not of this tunic ! A nice original Airborne item at the fraction of the cost of a battle dress.
ROYALWELCH REGT OFFICER PHOTO ...NICE A very nice example of a great war image . Original postcard photo of a captain serving in the: ROYAL WELCH REGT . A really nice image with lots of uniform detail , high leg lace up boots , early war cuft rank tunic ,and what appears to be a private purchase lightweight officers trench cap. Condition : GOOD ever so slightly faded . rear of image is marked : ` ER COF ` AM DAFYDDY WERN 12JUL 1916 SOLD £10.00
RUDOLF HESS SIGNED GREETING CARD A superb original item. 1937 dated greetings card from Hitlers deputy ; Rudolf Hess . " Dear Mr. Kreytenberg, to you and your wife my heart felt thanks for your rhyming birthday greetings. I hope your "Geilenberg wish" comes to be. Card has the correct address where Hess lived at this date. Condition :GOOD ,Slight water stain / mark to bottom right hand corner . Rudolf Hess was born in Cairo in 1894 and was the 16th member of the Nazi party and became Hitlers deputy in 1933. Formerly Hitler’s loyal deputy, he took it upon himself to fly to Great Britain in a Me. 110, from which he landed by parachute in the evening of the 10th May, 1941, at Eaglesham in Scotland. He was wearing the uniform of a captain in the German Air Force. He gave his name as Alfred Horn and stated to the Home Guard and the Police that he was on a “special mission” to see the Duke of Hamilton, and that he had intended to land at Dungavel, 12 miles distant from the spot where he landed. The reasons for Hess`s flight to England are uncertain , his claim he was trying to make a peace deal with the British either on his own behalf or at the request of Hitler have never become clear , current popular thought is that it was a highly intricate plot by the british security services to fool him in to thinking the British would welcome him and entice him to make the flight . After his trial at Nuremberg he was found guilty of crimes against peace he spent the rest of his natural life a prisoner in Spandau jail Berlin . Rudolf Hess died in 1987
S.A.S - ISSUE JUNGLE MATCHETE MALAYA - BORNEO A very rare chance to own an original jungle ` parang` or matchete as used by a member of the : SPECIAL AIR SERVICE. Typical far east style manufacture wooden handle with a wooden ` sleeve ` case with bambo type decorative finish , the belt loop is an ingenious use of period nylon cord wrapped round the top of the scabbard. ( many jungle parangs had extra string or parachute cord fastened around the scabbard for use in a survival situation ) The blade is CLEARLY stamped with the numbers `22` for the 22nd S,.A.S Regt, these have been added by the unit armourer or more likely at source by the village blacksmith when the order was placed Condition : GOOD . Blade has surface rust and the odd ding but will clean up no problem .. Infomation that came with this knife was : part of the effects of a former helicopter pilot who had the parang given to him whilst on operations by a serving S.A.S soldier in the Far East . ( will add the Pilots name )
S.A.S. OFFICERS RANK SLIDES RARE ORIGINAL An extremely hard to come by set of original Special Air Service officers rank slip on`s ,early post war Malay period. Condition GOOD / Used Original honest as the days long set.
S.H.A.P.E STAFF INSIGNIA LOT A nice pair of badges one cloth the other as worn in the typical European pocket ` fob` style. S.H.A.P.E Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe. part of N.A.T.O`s Command set based at Casteau Belgium. Condition :GOOD/ as worn . R.A.F officers name on reverse
S.R.D JAR 1940 DATED RARE RARE ! ! A very nice ` as found ` example of british army issue second world war dated rum jar : S.R.D - SERVICE RATION DEPOT ........... or as the troops used to call it " soon runs out ...seldom reaches destination " Condition : GOOD but needs a clean. The base is stamped with the makers details and the town `CHESTERFIELD ` along with a good clear` 1940 ` date. This is just as it came to me with its cork and improvised carry rope / handle , all Ive done is to give it a light wash with soapy water to get rid of the heavy muck - cork is now loose .inside stinks of rum ! ! Very rare to get a second war dated example /////////// please contact me for overseas postage quote /////////// pictures added this aft
S.R.D RUM JAR 1913 DATED An unusual and interesting S,R,D Rum jar ,slightly smaller than the normal this been about 2/3rd size , beautiful deep embossed lettering SRD with makers mark and 13 ( for 1913) stamped in. Condition :GOOD /Used the cork perhaps is not period , a lovely touch is the original metal folding handle. Rare to get a dated example .
SCARCE R.A.F WAG BREVET A hard to come by WIRELESS /AIRGUNNER brevet . Condition : GOOD /used . A good original example
SCHOOL OF AIRCRAFT RECOGNITION DEEPCUT- 1944 PRETTY GIRLS ! ! A good clear photograph being , ` PERMANENT STAFF - SCHOOL OF AIRCRAFT - DEEPCUT - JULY1944. Usual mix of young officers , old sweat N.C.O`s with great war medal ribbons and some very pretty A.T.S gals ! ! ! Condition : GOOD / has marks and the odd scratch but nice and clear with good uniform detail .
SCHOOL OF MUSKETRY INSTRUCTORS BADGE RARE LOVERLY EXAMPLE A really gorgeous example of a rare badge . Superb detail . Very early style construction 1920`s possibly Great war period Condition :VERY GOOD
SCOTS GUARDS GREAT WAR PERIOD SHOULDER BADGE Great war period cloth shoulder ` patch` as worn by the SCOTS GUARDS. Condition :GOOD a few moth nips and a couple of decent bites to bottom left corner A a rare original badge
SCOTS R.E.M.E UNIT 52nd LOWLAND DIV Original postcard photo of a group of N.C.O`s from the : ROYAL ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERS sign says it all .....! Condition :GOOD nice clear image
SCOTTISH TREWS PARADE WALKING OUT SUPERB Absolute loverly near mint condition , with all nap to cloth remaining . Gorgeous clean khaki drill lining with broad arrow and WD ink stamp. ..... sadly these are post war dated - just 1947 but exact same manufacture as war time examples Large size great for display on a maniquin or perfect for ` walking out ` with battle dress at living history events Condition is simply superb
SCOTTISH ATHOLL BONNET ORIGINAL BADGE A good original example of this item of headdress , fine original pre 1914 cap badge with gorgeous clean striking , the hat has no visible markings so age is uncertain both items been together a long long time . Condition :GOOD.
SCOTTISH HORSE PHOTO Original period photo of a member of the : SCOTTISH HORSE. Conditon : GOOD but faded original is clearer than scan ,collars and shoulder titles an be seen. Ink stamped ` Pitlochry ` UK post paid
SCOTTISH HORSE MEDICAL SECTION GREAT WAR Nice original period photograph of the medical section : SCOTTISH HORSE . Good clear image with great uniform detail many of the men wear the cloth redcross trade badge and several can be seen with the Imperial service breast badge . No details given but a little research should pin down which unit ? for a starter the O.C is a very distinctive looking man with many medal ribbons . Condition :GOOD ,Gorgeous original frame and mount . This is a big heavy lump please ask for a postage quote
SERVICES WELFARE -W.V.S RARE TITLE A good original example of this rare title. Condition:GOOD /Used condition a little tatty along the edges but complete.
SHEFFIELD PAL CITY BATTALION RARE PHOTOGRAPHS . Two very rare original post card photographs of the : 12th YORK AND LANCASTER REGT / SHEFFIELD CITY BATTALION SHEFFIELD PALS . First pic taken on parade at Bramell Lane football ground with the cricket pavilion in the background probably taken on the 15th September 1914 when the training began . 2nd pic im not sure where was taken but same unit same time perhaps in the local park . Both pictures taken by same photographer ( WATSONS 84 the High St ) The 12th City battalion was part of the Kitchener new army and had its baptism of fire on the 1st of July 1916 taking part in the battle of the Somme resulting in very high casualties . Scarce rare images completely fresh to market
SILVER WOUND BADGE Silver Wound Badge / un researched no .167724. Condition : GOOD / pin intact
SILVER WOUND BADGE D.L.I Silver wound badge to : 59593 Pte Dean 3rd Durham Light Infantry. Condition :GOOD.
SINGAPORE DISTRICT MATCHED SET A good actual matched pair. Condition :GOOD. just used , just faded, just nice
SINGAPORE METAL SHOULDER TITLES Matched set of brass shoulder titles , believed worn by the Singapore Regt just after the end of W.W.2. Condition :GOOD / with all four lugs and pins
SKILL AT ARMS GUNNERY AWARD RARE EARLY BADGE Condition GOOD-USED. Still has original manufactures paper label.
SLIP ONS , 4th INDIAN DIVISION ......GORGEOUS MATCHED PAIR A superb original matched pair of KD slip ons for the : 4th INDIAN DIVISION . These are nice for several reasons the first is the fact they are straight forward printed manufacture as many of the slip ons to this unit are usually theatre made or embroided . Thes have been made in the usual style with the printed cloth design stitched down to the KD as normal but then some time in their life the bottom parts of the KD has been folded under and stitched down flat so the whole badge can then be stitched down again to either a shoulder strap or the arm of a battledress jacket. Condition :VERY GOOD- USED . A really nice rare set of unusual insignia . SOLD £145.00
SOLDIERS PHRASE BOOK 1944 NICE KIT DISPLAY ITEM Soldiers pocket size : THE SOLDIER`S WORD & PHRASE BOOK -ENGLISH-FRENCH -GERMAN Includes a section on military terms Condition : GOOD nice clean item SOLD £24.00
SOLDIERS BRING BACK LUFTWAFFE CAR EAGLE . A perfect example of a british soldiers war time` bring back ` This is a luftwaffe eagle that has been cut of from a staff car or vehicle pennant . Heavy quality stitching on a waterproof canvas type material. This has been mounted on an old style photographic glass slide holder in lue of a picture frame with a wire loop to hang on a wall hook . Condition : GOOD . Glass is missing and eagle is not glued down so can be easily removed if desired but would perhaps be shame after been together all these years . Large size Eagle wing span measures 14cm Part of a small lot of recently discoved british soldiers war bring backs .
SOLDIERS COOKING POT AND STOVE Soldiers cooking pot with stove. A delightful little set ,a mentholated spirits / paraffin stove contained inside a two part cooking pot with folding handles. I have seen tinned examples of this with world war two dates but not as quality made as this example , this could be great war era or even earlier ? ( your opinions most welcome ). Condition :GOOD /used , strong and sound through out and I presume in working condition - not guaranteed Im told this item is pre Great War in origin but suitable for Great War living history as they can be seen in period photos.
SOLDIERS FORK SPOON AND VERY RARE KNIFE 1939 ! ! A very scarce chance to obtain a full set of soldiers ` eating irons` including the very rare near unobtainable war time dated knife. All three items are originally stamped with the soldiers serial number . SPOON is dated 1938 with broad arrow mark FORK is dated 1939 with broad arrow mark and the KNIFE IS DATED 1939 . This is a rare chance to own an original war time set , very hard to obtain all three items from the same serviceman - the knife on its own is commanding the asking price of this complete lot
SOLDIERS GROUND SHEET / CAPE 1941 DATED SUPERB AND RARE A super example of this very hard to come by item 1941 dated GROUND SHEET / RAIN CAPE Beautiful clear marking and manufactures details with broad arrow WD markings and pencil signature of production inspector . Condition : VERY GOOD very soft and supple not brittle as normally found with the odd pin hole and marks through out black paint ? mark to front this is dry and scapes of with ya thumb nail - an a bit of effort this is a bit creased due to be folded up but they will drop out A rare rare hard to get item of tommies kit UK post paid
SOMERSET LIGHT INFANTRY MEDAL GROUP LOT Original as found lot of WW2 medals and insignia 1939-45 / France & Germany Stars with war and Defence medals , un named as issued with medal slip, Somerset L.I cloth titles with 43rd Wessex Divisional cloth signs . Unit photo ` Clacton on Sea April 1942` , a printed photo of the 43rd Wessex div investiture 24th June 1945 and a victory celebrations menu card for 1946 . Condition :all items Generally fine. This lot when purchased was badly mounted up in a modern frame the reverse of medals has sticky taps still on but will easily clean off. A General Service Time piece comes with this lot( not working )
SOUTH LANCASHIRE / AIRBORNE A rare example of a cloth shoulder slip on title SOUTH LANCASHIRE . Condition : GOOD / well used . The exact battalion that wore this is un certain , there is a chance ?? this was worn by 13th Parachute battalion who were formed from the 2 /4 South Lancashire regt . If any one can confirm this either way please get in touch ta
SOUTHERN ARMY INDIA / PRINTED A nice straight forward example of the formation sign : SOUTHERN ARMY INDIA of printed manufacture. Condition ; GOOD / used SOLD £14.00
SPARE MEDAL BAR N.W.FRONTIER A spare medal bar for the indian General Service Medal ; " NORTH WEST FRONTIER " 1937 -39. Condition : GOOD. SOLD £16.00
SPARE MEDAL BAR WAZIRISTAN 1921-24 A spare medal bar for the indian General Service Medal ` WAZIRISTAN 1921-24 ` Condition : GOOD . SOLD £16.00
SPECIAL AIR SERVICE PARACHUTE QUALIFICATION WING - ORIGINAL Original late WW2 Special Air Service Parachute qualification wing , genuine WW2 manufacture but I strongly suspect not issued till the Malaya conflict Condition :GOOD /Used . This wing came to me privately along with the SAS officers rank slip on`s so are almost certainly connected .
SPECIAL AIR SERVICE MATCHETTE BORNEO SERVICE The following lot and several more lots to be listed came from the same former SAS S/Sgt who served for many years in this unit and was issued this matchette whist involved with the fighting in the Borneo conflict . This is a unique chance to obtain an original item of SAS combat / survival kit . The matchette it self is a former war time british issue example that was cut down by unit R.E.M.E fitters to make them more practical and less cumbersome it is dated 1943 and broad arrow stamped . When this mans kit first came in to my possession several years back the handle had been tightly bound with fishing line along its length on top of this was wrapped parachute shround cord ( para cord ) between the two layers was a half length of rusty hacksaw blade and a brass button compass - these were lost to time now as the para cord was badly rotten and removed . The scarbard is made from olive green cotton canvas webbing possible the flap off a 58 patt large pack ? the ` pouch` at the base I originally thought was a converted SAS issue ammo pouch but infact appears to be made from scratch - the blue stitching used through out I have seen before on post war Far East Field made pouches and equipment -I think on a collectors website ?. The pouch I was told was to hold a survival kit / tin and a First Field dressing. The black ` maskers` tape although not as new as it looks in the pics I would think was added much later. Condition : GOOD . Strong and sound through out surface rust to the blade . A genuine as found item - full owners details that I have will be past on to the new owner .
SPRING SALE /// SPRING SALE /// SPRING SALE /// I have opened a new section ` Spring Sale` this will be offering many items at reduced prices ,this will be part of a Spring Clean of the site being an attempt to shift older stock , items that have been ` sat ` for a while . As always please feel free to contact me for more details . Thanks Michael
SS METAL CAP SKULL RARE MAKER An extremely hard item to find , a guaranteed original metal SS cap skull, a genuine rare item in its own right but doubly so as this is one of the rarest manufactures of this badge . Condition : GOOD /used silver fading away but clearly showing the gorgeous copper under metal. Clear R.Z.M markings and code 254/ 42 one pin absent Price is firm there will be no reductions .
ST JOHN AMBULANCE AIR TRANSPORTATION WING A bit of a puzzle here . A cloth winged badge with the ST John Ambulance design , it is believe to be an item of post war Insignia worn by St John personal who received additional training in air craft drills to assist in evacuating casualties by Air. Condition :GOOD/Used. Many thanks to the gentlemen on the British Commonwealth badge forum with thier help and assistance with this badge.
STUNNING FREE POLISH FORCES I.D BRACELET DOG TAGS LOT /2ND CORPS A rare opportunity to own a set of british issued I.D discs and an a FRENCH pattern identity bracelet to a Polish officer who served in the 2nd Corps in the Polish free forces in WW2. BOLESLAW KOBRZYNSKI was an officer and I am told he was awarded the Polish Cross of Honour ( this can be checked out ) he served at Tobruk where the Poles came under French command and were issued with the French style ID bracelet . Later , after the free Poles came under british control many of them continued to wear these bracelets along with their new british fibre discs , this can be clearly seen on period photographs taken later in the war in Italy . Condition : VERY GOOD clean and intact . A rare genuine set. SOLD £145.00
SUPERB A.S.C MEDAL GROUP FIRE SERVICE LONG SERVICE A 1914-15 STAR TRIO : CPL M2 / 045751 S.COCKCROFT .ARMY SERVICE CORPS ( pte on star ) along with this group Is a gorgeous: FIRE BRIGADE LONG SERVICE MEDAL , CHIEF MOTORMAN - S. COCKCROFT 1924 this is hallmarked silver Condition : medals in fine condition with age tone and contact marks , ribbons original The trade of CHIEF MOTORMAN ( driver /mechanic ? ) would suggest CPL COCKCROFT had special pre war skills learned in the Fire Service hence his service in the A.S.C . ` ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL FIRE BRIGADE OFFICERS FOR LONG SERVICE ` This group was obtained sunday 18.09.11 from a private source and is completely fresh to market It is believed S.COCKCROFT was from the Bradford / keithley area of West Yorkshire. nice untouched group . SOLD 120.00
SUPERB MOUNTED MACHINE GUNS SWEETHEART A nice example of a sweetheart badge for the : Mounted Machine Gun corps. Pin back complete an working. Condition : VERY GOOD Sold £25.00
SUPERB RARE DOCUMENT K.I.A TELEGRAM BATTLE FOR CASSINO A very sad and genuinely moving document. A telegram dated 1944 to a Mrs Beatrice Charkam imforming her her husband: 124260 Major Sidney Fredrick Charkham 2nd Batt. Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment was killed in action 16th May 1944 at the battle of Monte Cassino. The 2nd Beds & Herts were involved in final assaults at Cassino took very high casualties . please see the link to the 38th Irish brigade war diary: http://www.irishbrigade.co.uk/pages/...10-brigade.php Condition : FAIR .with age marks and the odd nick - nothing serious. Not cheap but a superb if tragic item of ephemera. ////////////////// Further Details .////////////////////// I am truly delighted to pass on the fact that I have been contacted by the emmediate familly of Major Charkham and this document is to be returned to where it belongs - many thanks for the interest and offers to buy it but the document is no longer for sale , many thanks ,Michael.
SUPERB 4th INDIAN DIV PHOTO ARCHIVE JUST DISCOVERED Over 200 private unpublished photos discovered last week in a house clearance , stunning clear images . A truly superb rare and and important historical group of pictures . Being a record of the : 4th INDIAN DIVISION in the early part of ww2 The formation fought in the Western Desert Force at Sidi Barrani. It was then withdrawn to East Africa, where, together with 5th Indian Division was instrumental in the defeat of the Italians at Keren. VERY clear photos of day to day life , eating playing cards , shaving , concert parties a visit Indian religious leaders , Passage by sea , anti -aircraft practice with a bren gun ( looks like a woman ) Many vehicle images with the camouflage chevrolet trucks Many many photos of captured Italian troops several high ranking officers , pics of p.o.w camp ,captured Italian air field with destroyed planes , rifle practice with low flying `spotter `type plane , allied planes etc etc etc . There are a few non military scenic pictures but the vast majority 90% are military . This is a genuine once in a life time chance , this period of the African campaign had very little coverage - photos of Indian troops are rare as it is - this lot with stunning clear pictures with vast details like these have , are almost impossible to obtain . A rare lot
SUPERB BADGE SET- 34th CORPS PRINTED RARE RARE RARE A very scarce chance to obtain a original matched actual pair of cloth signs: 34TH CORPS .Gorgeous bright colours on clean printed cloth folded over and stitched to KD material complete with press studs to ease removal for cleaning . Condition : VERY GOOD slight oil mark to right hand badge a very rare set of cloth signs / not cheap but very very hard to come by in this condition SOLD £165.00
SUPERB BATTLE DRESS AND G.S CAP IDENTIFIED A lovely example of a service worn battle dress and G.S cap . 1945 dated 40 pattern BD with printed insignia titles of the Royal Army ordnance Corps serving in the 43rd Wessex Division again in printed form. There is an unusual cloth patched on the right arm ( pic 5) below the Cpls chevrons . G.S cap with capbadge and nice cloth backing date now faded Condition : Dusty and well used / grubby with damage . I have total confidence in stating this is a combat worn ` working ` battle dress these hardly turn up compared to the more common walking out examples .
SUPERB COMMANDO GROUP PHOTO `HOLDING OPERATIONAL COMMANDO1 June 1945 original photo taken at Wrexam Wales . Fantastic clear picture showing great uniform detail , manyunits including Royal Marines ,Navy , a few with Parachute qualification wings . many Military Cross ribbons . Condition : GOOD , With edge knocks 17mm X 30mm Size
SUPERB EARLY S.A MEMBERS BOOK DOCUMENTS LOT A really superb ` out of the wood work` early S.A members book and related documents . Issued to Willhem Sagemann Great full sideways picture showing cuft band and early SA members badge . Condition : GOOD . Well used but complete . A very nice unrecorded example
SUPERB FAMILY MEDAL GROUP BROTHERS ROYAL MARINES - KILLED FATHER GREAT WAR TRIO A superb chance to own a massive unresearched box of medals photos documents to one familly ( 0ver 160 items ) Marine ALBERT EDWARD MILLS served Royal Marine mobile defence unit Marine GEORGE HENRY MILLS died in service December 1945 served aboard aircraft carrier H.M.S Formidable, Pte ARTHUR E.MILLS ( Father ) served Great war South Staffordshire regt
SUPERB GERMAN ART DECO PERIOD TABLE A superb item for your war room ............ A 1920` -30`s period `art deco `style card table 32inch across x 18inch high . The top has various farming scenes showing the different seasons and the country folk going about the harvesting , with various runes and ancient symbols that all tie in with the ` blood and soil culture ` of the Nazi period Condition : GOOD shows age around the edge where it has dried out and flaked but this would be fine after a wax an a stain . The edge has metal fixings that sugest it may have had a glass top at one time. Strong sturdy legs fold in flat with lid A really great atmospheric item just perfect for your war room or as an antique in its own right. If interested please contact us to agree transport costs
SUPERB GERMAN D.A.F AWARD - CASED - BOXED A superb ` out of the woodwork` find last week . A non portable German cased plaque for armourments work given out to directors and leading foremen /managers in war time arms production. " for preservation in the power struggle of the German plants conferred by the daf gau Schleswig Holstein " Beautiful looking eagle with sharp swastika design with quality recessed display box. Condition :GOOD. Plaque has wear and contact marks , case same as , hinge and metal clasp lock strong and sound. Complete with what I believe is original tissue and card box. A very nice find completely Fresh to market , obtained direct from the family of a British Soldier , his name and details will be passed on to the purchaser .
SUPERB GORDON HIGHLANDERS PICTURE BATTLE INSIGNIA A stunning original post card photo of a member of the Gordon highlanders , fantastic clear insignia photo showing two company / Battalion cloth bars and a GORDONS slip on been worn on the shoulder strap ( appears printed manufacture ) Condition :GOOD Superb period image
SUPERB GREAT WAR 1914 RECRUITING LOT ATTIC FIND A unique opportunity to own a rare set of 1914 recruiting documents. Lot includes a A4 size printed letter headed ` Parliamentary Recruiting committee 1914` a House Hold return being a form to list all male members of the house between the ages of 18 & 38 , along with this is the ` return` envelope a further document is the red printed ` Army Reserve ` dated 1915 this is from a later period but was found inside this lot , the last item is the original postal envelope the lot was original posted in . Condition :GOOD. With age marks and folds and crease . A rare and exciting lot
SUPERB NAZI PARTY BANNER DRAPE Quite simply a stunning clean example , double sided with separately applied white roundel with black printed swastika design. Perfect displayable size 960 mm x 1440 mm. Condition is just superb with a few tiny marks / grease stains only issue is a missing thread or weak spot across its width ( pic 4) possibly due to long time been folded this is hardly visible to the naked eye . Stunning vivid color near to been mint complete with hanging hooks
SUPERB PHOTO ALBUM NORTH AFRICA 1st ARMOURED MEDICAL UNIT A very nice chance to obtain a british soldiers original photograph album from the North African campaign . The album belongs to a soldier who served in a medical unit attached to the 1st ARMOURED DIVISION The Rhino insignia is visible in several photos both as cloth insignia been worn an painted on vehicles . Over 50 photos covering many aspects of the North African campaign , good sharp images that will ` blow up` to bigger size includes many photos of vehicles and ambulances , red-cross armbands been worn , a picture of a german grave , soldiers larking about with captured helmets , pictutes of Tobruk and is harbour taken on the drive in , on leave relaxing swimming camp cinema , visit of high ranking officers ( one pic looks like King GEORGE ) ,old Italian fort , several place are noted `Bir el Chirena` Many photos have had written captions on the back of the pics and on the album pages " Anthlet taken on the day of shelling and retreat "
SUPERB PLASTIC PLASFORT HELMET S.F.P BLITZ A rare chance to obtain a really nice example of the war time economy plastic ` PLASTFORT ` helmet. I always believed these were manufactured as a war time economy helmet to save on metals but have been told recently they were used in shell / explosive factories because if they were dropped on to a floor they would not cause a spark that could ignite and lead to disaster ( genuine opinions welcome please ) Helmet is complete with leather chin strap and liner with the PLASTFORT logo stamped In to the plastic . The out side has been painted with the letters ` S.F.P ` Supplementary Fire Party ( sorry but I believe the idea that SFP stands for street fire party is incorrect ) Condition : GOOD / plastic shell is good intacted and not cracked as is often the case , painted lettering is a little dry / flaking . A nice clean example of a rare item of blitz memorabilia . UK POST PAID
SUPERB POLISH FREE FORCES / MONTE CASINO UNIT HISTORIES An absolute ` must have` for any Free Polish Forces collector ..... Three very large volume unit histories of the Battle of Cassino and the role of the Polish Free Forces . Absolutely packed full of photos many I have not seen before hundreds and hundreds AND hundreds ( I really mean this ) of individual small ` pass port` style photographs of individual unit members and a ` pen picture` of who they were and what role they took in the battle this alone is fantastic for putting names to Polish 2nd corps you may already own . Superb insignia detail with many gorgeous Polish service women and a very rare photo of Polish children ? / cadets in uniform ???? Condition :GOOD .strong and sound through out , covers stained but strong and intact The last set of these books I saw was over ten years back and sold for over three hundred quid at auction , these are priced a fraction less due to external condition . These books were published in the late 1940`s once as far as I can tell If you collect Polish Free forces this is your one chance to own these books - bid now - once they are gone that`s it
SUPERB POLISH FREE FORCES / MONTE CASSINO UNIT HISTORIES An absolute ` must have` for any Free Polish Forces collector ..... Two very large volume unit histories of the Battle of Cassino and the role of the Polish Free Forces . Absolutely packed full of photos many I have not seen before hundreds and hundreds AND hundreds ( I really mean this ) of individual small ` pass port` style photographs of individual unit members and a ` pen picture` of who they were and what role they took in the battle . Superb insignia detail with many gorgeous Polish service women and a very rare photo of Polish children ? / cadets in uniform ???? Condition :GOOD .strong and sound through out , covers stained but strong and intact The last set of these books I saw was over ten years back and sold for over three hundred quid at auction , these are priced a fraction less due to external condition . These books were published in the late 1940`s once as far as I can tell If you collect Polish Free forces this is your one chance to own these books - bid now - once they are gone that`s it
SUPERB RARE BATTLE DRESS / HONORABLE ARTILLERY COMPANY A superb original war time dated battle dress. Size 9/ 1942 dated 1940 pattern khaki serge battle dress jacket. Good clear lable with clear date , hand stitched printed set of 8th corps formation signs and with cloth woven H.A.C shoulder titles , these are machine stitched. Medal bar has the ribbons of 1939-45 / Italy stars and the defence medal , this bar has been on this BD since forever and is stitched in place ( please see photo ) Cloth R.A arm of service bars are stitched to each arm and , stitched to the LEFT arm are printed service stripes , I am not aware of the significance of this but this badge has been period sown , the bottom edge is loose showing the clean new BD material underneath as compared to the dull worn serge of the exposed material , in short this badge has been here for ever and a day. The waist belt has the name ` SCOTFORD ` Inked on . The lanyard has been painted green and is now a little ` tired` and dry and flaking. CONDITION : VERY GOOD THROUGH OUT , moth hole under left arm ,another in the middle rear just above the waist band a couple of nips to the front and an area of mothing to the front , this is covered when the BD is fastened up . A a small oil stain ( pictured ) The left arm has a green paint splash to the edge of the formation sign and the surrounding material this is very dry and brittle and would shave off with a razor but as its green paint - probably green army paint and period - perhaps best to leave as found ? ALL insignia is original and is period applied insignia. the photos were taken out side in strong day light making the colours of the badges appear more fuller than they are . I have owned and handled many such war time battle dress and in hand this is a ` one looker ` A rare original example to a scarce unit with a sensible affordable price . SOLD £325.00
SUPERB RARE GREAT WAR NAVY POSTCARD -SIEGE GUNS. A delightful and genuinely rare image of a Royal Navy sailor, cap tallie is: R.N Siege Guns. Condition :GOOD /Very clear.
SUPERB RARE HOME GUARD PHOTO NORTHOVER PROJECTOR A really superb rare Home Guard Image . Taken at a railway station so perhaps some form of defence platoon / weapons section ? Image shows a Vickers `K` gun on an Anti-Aircraft tripod mout a US Maxim and a rare view of a Northover Projector . Condition :GOOD . The capbadge been worn appears ?? to be that of the Hampshires - cant tell for sure . Nice original photo
SUPERB ROYAL FLYING CORPS PHOTO / FRAME A truly stunning original period photograph of an officer in the : ROYAL FLYING CORPS . Superb clear insignia detail showing his pilots wing and `Kings own` collar badges of his former regiment - the badge is also afixed to the top of the picture frame. Inside the picture frame cover there is a period card picture of Edith CLAVELL. Photo is taken at H .Bentleys studio Barrow in Cumbria which may well have been the pilots place of birth and would be a big research clue as to idenitfying him . Condition:VERY GOOD . SOLD £125.00
SUPERB ROYAL NAVY BATTLE DRESS A great oppotunity to own a superb example of the Royal Navy issue battle dress , worn by naval personel where normal naval rig / or service dress was not practical , such as shore based or Specialist units , commando ,Bomb disposal , etc . ( These BD`s were very popular amongst officers serving on submarines , x craft , as normal naval dress was loose fitting an prone to snag ) This is the more `black` material colour example rather than the more common dark blue , good large size with great clear label and 1944 date . Original period applied medal ribbons showing a very interesting combination. Conditionn :GOOD . Shows much service wear and thining of the cloth nap but strong and sound through out . These once common and over looked items of uniform are now attracting interest for collectors as they rightly deserve, when they do turn up for sale they are usually the mint unissued type. Nice rare example of an issued / worn Royal Navy battle Dress
SUPERB TERRITORIAL NURSING PHOTO 1918 NAMED A super original postcard photo of a Territorial nurse wearing metal ` T`s and medal to cape. Condition :GOOD. Identified on the rear so nice research project Many more Nursing photos listed this week . SOLD £14.00
SUPERB WOMANS MUNITIONS WORK PICTURE A REALLY NICE RARE IMAGE . An original post card photo in full working gear complete with shell ! photo taken in Gloucester Condition:GOOD old glue marks to the back / SOLD £8.00
SWASTIKA TIE PIN BLUE FINLAND A pin back neck tie pin with blue Swastika design . The Swastika design has been around for hundreds of years and has often been associated with good luck charms but these usually show the Swastika with a level flat top and not on the `tilt` as the normal Nazi design so this may well be a Nazi period item I am informed ??? the light blue colour Swastika was used by the military forces of Finland whilst serving along side the German army . Condition : GOOD .
TERRITORIAL .R.A.M.C WITH CLOTH UNIT / BATTLE PATCH A nice image of a territorial soldier : ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS . Soldier appears to have a metal 4 tier shoulder titles and a cloth battle / unit patch . Condition :FAIR . UK post paid
TERRITORIALS CLOTH WILTSHIRE PUGAREE SIGN / BATTLE INSIGNIA On offer is what I believe to be a Geat war period item of cloth insignia . The closest I can locate is 4/th WILTSHIRE TERRITORIALS Pugaree / pith helmet sign ? Condition FAIR , badge is a purple colour - is old and moth nipped , appears to made from a suede compressed felt type material. This item came to me along with several Great war period formation signs ( please see the others previously sold ) all original and from a very old collection - so I may be way out in my description and this badge may infact be an item of Great war tunic battle insignia ? opinions welcome . size is 42 mm
THIRD REICH D.A.F SPORTS SHIRT WITH INSIGNIA A new find, fresh to market and not held in a collection before. German workers ` D.A.F` sports shirt with correct bevo machine applied insignia , makers tag machine stitched in to the collar. Condition :GOOD / used , this shirt has been well used but is strong and sound through out , the odd mark and nick to the material , the rear appears to have had a number stitched on at some time . Total original and period constuction
THIRD REICH FRUIT BOWL TABLE WARE ` In memory of ` date is the first day of the Battle of Britain on of the names has no rank so may well be a civilian - Scientist /Technician ? A really nice big lump
THIRD REICH ` KRAFTFAHRER ` HIGH WAY CODE A delightful little booklet being an original Third Reich period produced traffic / driving hand book . Condition :GOOD. Gorgeous police style green eagle to front cover , complete and intact - no loose pages
TO BE LISTED A small collection of special forces cloth to be listed soon , Includes a rare set of SAS war time manufactured wings .
TRADE BADGE SEARCH LIGHT OPERATOR VERY RARE INSIGNIA A very rare and hard to come by trade badge : SEARCH LIGHT OPERATOR Condition :GOOD . A rare badge
TRADE BADGE ` MORTAR MAN ` SCARCE A very clean example of a hard to obtain cloth trade badge : `MORTAR MAN ` Manufactured in the war time economy ` sized` glue wash doped backing . Condition : VERY GOOD -UNUSED SOLD £12.00
TRAINED PARACHUTIST LIGHT BULB A good original cloth trade badge known as the light bulb as worn by TRAINED PARACHUTIST not serving with a Parachute battalion . Condition : GOOD -USED
TRENCH GAS ATTACK RATTLE 1918 SUPERB A really nice rare example of of : TRENCH GAS ATTACK RATTLE Beautifully marked up W.B Ld 1918 . Condition : GOOD - fully working ,metal fittings show age with slight surface rust nothing drastic just needs a coat of oil. This is another new find and fresh to market , a rare un messed with example. A superb iconic item of trench equipment UK secure post paid
TROPICAL COMBINED OPS SIGN PRINTED VERY VERY RARE An extremely rare and hard to obtain formation sign . This being a Naval Combined Operations ( tropical /warm climate ) formation sign in printed format. Condittion : VERY VERY GOOD . This badge has a high price tag but its rarity can not be over stressed ,this is only the second I have had in over twenty years as a collector . Genuine original item / full return option if not delighted . SOLD
TROPICAL SGT STRIPES BLANCOED A good used set of white tape sgt stripes as used whilst in shirt sleeve order in tropical climates. Slightly smaller than normal sgt chevrons Condition : GOOD - USED , white tapers appears to have been lightly blancoed with white for a smarter appearance. UK POST PAID
TURKISH P.O.W HAND MADE SNAKE Usually in the form of a snake made from coloured bead work this example is in fact an articulated produced item from wood. Condition :GOOD /Fully working . 23cm long
TWO SUPERB ROYAL WELCH FUSILIERS OFFICER PHOTOS Two original post card photos of a very young subltern serving in the: ROYAL WELCH FUSILIERS . picture /1 shows him with 3 other friends / brothers ( two of whom wear a metal school / college label badge ) picture /2 shows him alone in ful uniform with a nice example of a cuff rank tunic . both pictures were taken in Aberystwyth which might be a clue to which battalion he is serving with ? The rear of one picture has a hand written note that may well be a name " H GYFAILL ` ( will add a pic of this ) Condition : VERY GOOD - clean and clear . SOLD £16.00
U-BOAT COMMANDER OTTO KRETSCHMER SIGNED PHOTO Original signed photo of German great U- boat ace: Otto Kretschmer , winner of the Knights Cross oak leaves & swords , although he had a short active service career untill captured by the British in 1941 Kretschmer hold the record for the great tonnage sunk of any Uboat commander. Condition :GOOD , has a short dedication and further signature on the rear
U.S ARMY M/3 FIGHTING KNIFE RARE MAKER A clean example of this historic fighting knife , good clear makers details being one of the rarer examples manufactured by ` Boker. Condition : GOOD / Used. Blade is fine and not over sharpened ,scabbard has wear but strong and sound
U.S NAVY AIRCRAFT CARRIER AIR CREW FLYING JACKET A very well used G.1 Air crew flight jacket as worn by U.S Navy Air crew aboard aircraft carriers. With out going down the ebay dealer speak "has much character....oh the tales it could tell if it could talk " It cant talk its a jacket - how ever its genuine and it still exists and I will describe this as far from been relic condition ,zip still works and leather is strong and sound but with tears an rips , fur is good but with old paint marks . A sensible price for any one who wants to own an example at a fraction of the price of a better example . Further pictures if your interested in purchasing , lovely original U.S.N stencil behind collar
ULTRA RARE CAMO OVER JACKET JUNGLE ISSUE ) Condition : GOOD with a VERY few small marks stains no rips o We are delighted and to say the least very excited to be able to offer for sale what we think may well be a unrecorded item of british Far East issue jungle / tropical kit . This being a light weight protective rain cover / jacket in camouflage material . ##### The history on how we obtained this item ##### Around eight months back in response to one of our newspaper adverts we were able to buy from the family a collection of kit an equipment to a former sgt major who served in the 23rd INDIAN division ( Sgt major Douglas ` Dougie ` HAYES ) A lot of the Indian formation signs we have listed came from this mans kit. Amongst the usual items such as shirts mess tins webbing and insignia that were contained in an army holdall there was this rain cover. Description : the cover is made from a synthetic or part synthetic mix /nylyon and is extremely light , they whole item will fold up and easily sit in the palm of your hand. The camo colours are a mix of light brown , green, tan, pink and purple It has been machine stitched and has that definite ` Far East feel ` about its construction , in keeping with indian made shirts BD`s , webbing - meaning not as well made as british ,commonwealth manufactured clothing. This item as been looked at by several long time collectors of ww2 period british equipment and it is believed this is a geuine period item , possibly part of the new 44 pattern equipment which was a massive leap forward in modernising the equipment issued for jungle fighting . I dont think this is an unofficial or unit made item as there is clear signs where british style issue label once was .( please see picture 6 ) If any one can offer any light on this item or can offer up a period photo we will be delighted to here from you . ( full credit will begiven r tears . A very rare chance to own such an item . Please ask if you you would like more pics Genuine help an opinions welcome . An absolute stonking near perfect example of a british army : ` OFFICERS WARM ` Gorgeous clear label with 1945 date and broad arrow marks . Condition : SUPERB this coat trully looks like it was worn once in 1945 for a demob parade then taken off an put away for 70 odd years , just loverly - clean NO moth 90% ++ nap to the cloth Superb clean brown buff linning . Found last week / fresh to market just an absolutely sweet an gorgeous rare item of kit
ULTRA RARE R.A.F FOUNTAIN PEN CLIP ESCAPE COMPASS - THE REAL DEAL A very rare chance indeed to obtain own one of the hardest and perhaps most ingenius item of Escape equipment to get.. The magnetized fountain pen pocket clip .The under side has a slight dimple which is positioned on to the tip of a normal pencil and designed to ` swing ` like a normal compass needle. This particular example was carried by Flt /sgt later Flying officer N.JACKSON R.A.F.V.R. Condition :GOOD . Slight surface rust - but strong and intact. This item again has a high price but its is a genuine rare item to find in any condition . This and all the other RAF items just listed were obtained by us this week from the familly ,these items are completley fresh to market - you will be the first to own it .
UNION JACK VEHICLE ` TAC` SIGN Union jack vehicle tactical or `tac` sign . Condition : FAIR .paint work bright ,shows rust and wear. The antique dealer that sold me this told me its from a british tank ?? but we can not confirm this .
UNUSUAL ` GAS CAPE` RAIN COAT A full length rain coat that looks to have been locally / field made from either a type of gas cape or some form of water proof material ? Some parts appear machine sown whilst other areas look hand stitched , material is very sticky and needs a soak one of the seams has been opened up but this looks done deliberate. The whole thing has that typical far east /Indian `feel` manufacture , this along with several others bits of equipment came with the Gurkha Rifles officer lot I have for sale . Condition :FAIR Unusual and scarce
US M3 FIGHTING KNIFE . A good sound used example , M3` Imperial` manufacture with the early M8 scabbard , nice tight leather washer handle . Blade sound and not over sharpened Condition :GOOD. Slight damage to tip of scabbard
V -LONDONS GREAT WAR PERIOD SLIP ON Great war period shoulder slip on , often seen in period photos stitched down: V LONDON. Opinions vary on these , some think the `V` stands for 5th my own view is infact it represents ` volunteer ` . if you know for certain .......let me know ! ta Condition : GOOD, nice well stitched letters larger size than post war examples with the correct great war width cloth band on the back. UK post paid
VERY RARE R.A.F PIPERS PLAID BROOCH A very rare item of Royal Airforce Insignia - being a Plaid Brooch for a piper . Heavy solid construction , the badge has had is lugs ground off and threaded bolts added, complete with a large sturdy pin fastner. Condition : GOOD - shows slight wear This came with a 603 City of Edingburgh Squadron metal badge so it is fairly certain this brooch is related with that squadron
VERY RARE R.A.F PIPERS PLAID BROOCH A very rare item of Royal Air Force Insignia - being a Plaid Brooch for a piper . Heavy solid construction , the badge has had is lugs ground off and threaded bolts added, complete with a large sturdy pin fastener. Condition : GOOD - shows slight wear This came with a 603 City of Edinburgh Squadron metal badge so it is fairly certain this brooch is related with that squadron.
VERY LARGE A.R.P HOLD ALL LOVELY CONDITION An extremely large hold all for Air Raid precautions used . Condition :good / near mint superb clear date
VERY RARE BOOK `SOLDIER SAILOR `THE NAVIES PARATROOPS A hard back copy of the rare book . ` SOLDIER SAILOR` by Geoffry Sanders a history of the Royal Navy Combined Operations Bombardment units . published 1947 " I arrived this morning at Dundonald camp Troon , by evening time I had seen and mixed with Naval officers ,Naval ratings ,army officers and army N.C.O,s all in battledress - a number of the army appeared to be parachutists - and then I notice some of the Naval men were too . What this means I shall soon know" Formed in 1942 from a mixture of Army and navy signallers to to go ashore as part of a small team before the invading forces and help direct naval gun fire on to the Enemy , some of these units were attached to the Airborne forces and were dropped in to Normandy the night before D/Day with the para battalions . Condition : GOOD . 170 odd pages with various maps and photos A superb gem of a book covering the formation and service of one of the Special forces least known and written about unit .
VERY RARE POLISH 305 BOMBER SQUADRON BADGE A very rare opportunity to own a an extremely hard to obtain badge: FREE POLISH FORCES 305 BOMBER SQUARDON BADGE. Worn by Polish Aircrew on the breast as an item of semi- official insignia . Condition : VERY GOOD. No manufactures marks which is correct - this is the real item and it full history will be passed on. This item is completely fresh to market - you will be the first collector to own it
VICTORIAN GUNNERY BADGE VERY NICE Large size badge beautiful bullion work Condition : GOOD very clean a few broken threads
VICTORIAN / EARLY GREAT WAR PERIOD GUN CASE Very well constructed officers / gentlemans gun case , complete with carry strap and leather fininshings . Inside cover has an ink written name ? Condition : GOOD -well used but strong and sound
VICTORIAN / EDWARDIAN RIFLE VOLUNTEERS INSIGNIA RAWSON FAMILY A superb set of insignia as worn by . FREDRICK PHILLIP SELWYN RAWSON from Halifax West Yorkshire , son and heir to the famous Rawson banking family . Lot includes metal capbadge , cloth hat boss with silver crown , officers cape claps and a lions head which I think is a chain fastner off a cross strap. Condition :GOOD. Badge lugs fine and intact , all badges clean with nice age patina. LT.Rawson served with the West Surrey regt in the Great War and at one point commanded the battalion as all other senior ranks were killed or wounded . An expensive lot but came together as found Please see other items from this family Im offering for sale
VICTORIAN CAMPAIGN ITEMS KNIFE AND FORK ....... RARE A really loverly item : Being a early to mid Victorian manufactured soldiers knife and fork . Designed to fit in to each handle when not in use . A beautiful quality made item manufactured from rose wood / fruit wood ? with brass fittings. Condition : VERY GOOD STRONG AND SOUND , nice snug fit , not loose or over tight , handle shows basic wear with slight scratches ,metal work is clean NO RUST or pitting - could still be used. size is 21 cm A really nice rare item as used by a british officer of the campaign. SOLD £65.00
VICTORIAN LEATHER COSH A late Victorian leather cosh flexible construction with weighted end, really nice example with leather wrist strap that is usually removed / perished. Condition :GOOD / Used wear an slight deterioration to the weighed end , length of cosh is 180 mm
VICTORIAN PERCUSSION POCKET PISTOL An early Victorian pocket pistol , this example with detachable barrel , Belgium manufacture but with British military broad arrow stamp. Condition :GOOD/ used . Fine through out cocking hammer fully working . Possibly prison guard or Customs use Sold only to over 21 / UK sales only
VICTORIAN TUNIC SLADE WALLACE EQUIPMENT LOT A good sound Victorian / Edwardian Scarlet Infantry tunic , later re used as a bands mans example , lovely old style quality musicians ` drum ` badge to right arm , remains of paper label and clear W /I D stamp . Buttons are replaced stay bright examples as is often the case Leather volunteers patt: claps belt marked up to 1st A.V . ARTILLERY VOLUNTEERS ? Comes complete with Slade Wallace leather frog . Condition :GOOD /used very little moth or damage - the odd nip thats it . My understanding from where this tunic originated is it may originally have been a Lancashire infantry unit. A real opportunity for a restoration project , looks great on a maniquin Condition :
VINTAGE LEATHER ` FLYING` JACKET A civillian post war manufactured leather Flying Jacket , very heavy quality and old look and feel about it , heavy brass zip and detachable faux fur collar English made but with that European ` French ` look , perfect for any Luftwaffe Air crew types ,just add a breast eagle and shoulder boards , a good 40inch + chest size . Condition :GOOD /used Very nice `worn in` used look , slight cut to inside arm , will stitch no problem , zip fine and working well , needs a loop of string the the puller. Great for those arms fair days or the casual look at Beltring !
W.A.C INTELLIGENCE K.D SLIP ON A rare original ` no nonsence` example. Condition :GOOD /used
W.V.S BADGE WEST RIDING AREA WIFES SECTION A very clean example. Womens Voluntary Services ( West Riding Branch ) Housewifes Section celluloid badge Condition :VERY GOOD. Large size badge 32mm
W.W 2 BRITISH PARACHTE QUALIFICATION WING A good original example with the distinct ` break` in the feathers horizontal across the wing , Condition :GOOD . A genuine original set .
W.W-2 LATVIAN WORKERS EMPLOYMENT BOOK . A nice example of a W.W 2 period Latvian workers employment book . Well filled in . Condition :GOOD . Many Latvians went on to serve in the German armed forces including the SS.
W.W.2 JAPANESE PUTTIES An scarce original set of Japanese Army putties, very long leg complete with ties , faded markings still present. Condition :GOOD / Appear used ,very tiny thorns in bedded in the cloth.
WAR TIME FIELD SLEEPING BAG / COVER 1941 An original british army issue sleeping bag or cover designed to keep the soldier dry whilst sleeping out blankets or clorthing could be added in cold weather as added protection . Condition : GOOD . Used with wear and dirt marks and the odd stain but very strong sound and cotton cloth in supple condition , inner black wool liner good and clean just dusty . Good clear WD mark and 1941 date
WAR TIME LETTERS FROM ARGENTINA GRAF SPEE INTEREST A really nice lot of love letters being the correspondence between a young English man who appears to be working with the civil service to a rather gorgeous ( according to him ......) English young lady-Sybil Helen Weed ( Stanford House Stanford ) The letters start before fore the war and continue all through in to peace time , the war time period examples are full of detail and war time gossip , the comings and goings the local men setting off to volunteer to fight against the nazi " when the Andalucia star left there were over a hundred volunteers aboard " The arrival of british evacuee`s in Buenos Aires ,young children and babies ( never new that ?) " Yesterday H.M.S Enterprise arrived .....600men aboard " " two ships leaving here with Argentine Volunteers have been sunk " " Last week two british Destroyers HAVELOCK and HOTSPUR docked to refuel an make repairs ...." There are several references to the Battle of the River Plate , the Graf Spee and the german survivors brought a shore . " All the German sailors from the Graf Spee are still hanging around town in uniform and they seem very please with themselves , they are decently fed etc etc however they are still prisoners of war interned for the duration etc etc they are going to be moved an split up in to smaller groups away in the interior away from any ports to try and stop them from making any escape back to Germany etc etc but im certain they wont even try they seem far to happy to be out of it " Condition : FAIR well read , need sorting as some are not in correct envelopes a super research project for the winter nights
WARDENS HELMET EARLY EXAMPLE A good solid Air Raid Wardens helmet , 1939 dated with early style liner and brass buckle to chin strap. Condition :GOOD . Usual bumps and marks to the surface inside shows original green factory paint . Liner is loose - needs a central bolt. UK post paid
WAZIRISTAN DISTRICT RARE FORMATION SIGN A very nice example of a rare formation sign ,Waziristan District, complete with period applied fixing hooks . Condition :GOOD /used . A hard one to get
WEDDING COPY `MEIN KAMPF` SS HITLER ASSASSINATION CONNECTION A rare example of the wedding presentation copy : ` MEIN KAMPF` by Adolf Hitler This was sold by us last year and purchased again with more details / This is an example as presented to a German Couple on their wedding day . This rare example has the printed signiture of : KARL STROLIN the lord mayor of Stuttgart who through his meeting with the Leipzig Mayor ( Carl Friedrich Goerdeler ) was implicated in the July 20th plot against Hitler . Futher research as yet not confirmed suggests the signiture of the bridegroom THEODOR LEIDIG , was an officer in the SS and a doctor ? Condition :GOOD . Clean and light with wear to edges - slight age bend .
WEST RIDING CAP BADGE O.S.D A very clean sharp detailed badge but alas no rear fixing blades. Ideal for display or framing up .
WESTRIDING HOME GUARD LARGE PHOTO A large original Home Guard photograph NO 4 PLATOON `C` COMPANY 23rd WESTRIDING HOME GUARD ( HALIFAX ) Condition -GOOD with edge knocks and age and foxing to mount , loverly HG badge design to top edge . complete size 370mm x 300mm( photo size280 x 180 ) Photo good and clear with much detail SOLD £21.00
WESTRIDING REGT REGIMENTAL ORDERS 1880`s RAWSON FAMILY A set of 3 four page regimental orders for the 3rd batt:Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding ) regt , dated 1886 , 1887 & 1891. Fascinating documents full of much detail including everything from sick parade , treatment of prisioners in guard room , price of Glengary cap ribbons , details on clean of soldiers kit etc etc . " Non commissioned officers and men will not be allowed to leave barracks untill after 2 oclock parade Sunday , whilst walking out waist belts must always be worn and in wet weather Great coats belts and capes, The men must be strictly cautioned against appearing in the streets improperly dressed and walking in groups of more than two abreast - smoking in the streets will not be permitted before 6.00 pm " These items came from the effects of LT . FREDRICK PHILLIP SELWYN RAWSON from Halifax West Yorkshire , son and heir to the famous Rawson banking family . Condition :GOOD. folded several times and with odd corner creases. LT.Rawson served with the West Surrey regt in the Great War and at one point commanded the battalion as all other senior ranks were killed or wounded . Please see other items from this family Im offering for sale SOLD £75.00
WOMANS POLICE NOTE BOOK WESTRIDING - HAWORTH BRONTES A really nice item of home front ephemera. West Riding Constabulary book belonging to : Acting Police Woman Mabel .l. Cooper , book covers every day of her service from 11-02-1944 to 25-01-1945 Very neat hand written notes listing everything from lost ration books to suspected Tuberculosis ......in a cow. Along with this lot comes four old photos fromthe Ogden familly from Oxenhope ( next village ) " grandfather James Ogden first vicar of oxenhope " Condition : GOOD .
WOMENS ARMY INDIA CAST CAP BADGE A good original India cast cap badge WOMENS ARMY CORPS INDIA. Condition : good with both lugs
WOMENS ROYAL AIRFORCE Rare rare early image (1) Another super early image Good uniform detail showing unusual over coat and cloth shoulder title W.R.AF ( The quality of the picture is so clear it is possible to tell the shoulder title is printed constuction ) Condition : GOOD . Note cheap but a rare rare image
WOMENS ROYAL AIRFORCE Rare rare early image (2) Superb original post card photo. WOMENS ROYAL AIR FORCE. Condition :GOOD Super clear insignia detail Gorgeous card gorgeous girl.........
WOMENS VINTAGE OUTFIT COMPLETE A good opportunity to obtain a near complete1940`s period womans outfit. This is a nice mix of a new made modern clothing set with original period add ons . The Jacket and skirt are modern made but in a typical 1930`s -40`s style and material colour and pattern (Wallis ) and is a size 10 with repro vintage ` bone` buttons. Along with this is an original fur stoal and a pair of ladies shoes ( 7 ) age uncertain and to finish off a nice felt womans period hat . Condition :GOOD: Strong and sound through out , only fault is a touch of splitting to the hat just needs a few stitches . Looks superb when worn
WOODEN A.R.P SIGN / FIRST AID PARTY LARGE Large an heavy over 19 inch long looks superb
WW.2 MINISTRY OF IMFORMATION CENSORSHIP BADGE A good pewter plated badge, rose within a laurel wreath surmounted by a Kings Crown with Greek motto scroll below which translates as "We Work in Silence". Believed to be worn by officers at ports employed to seek out sensitive material . Condition : GOOD /pin intact
WW2 PARACHUTE QUALIFICATION WING A good original example with horizontal feathers , nice and used - nice and a touch grubby , just how you want `erm
XMAS CARD 7th DIVISION ITALY 1918 A very nice example of a military Xmas card . 7th DIVISION italy 1918 Gorgeous detailed art work with feint hand written dedication on the reverse . Condition : FAIR /GOOD ,with edge knocks . A loverly sweet item
Y.M.C.A GIFT BOOK 1916 Large size hard back book , possibly a gift from the Y.M.C.A medical services who toured military hospitals / camps giving out comfort gifts . FAIR /Used much age and foxing to page edges but bright clean beautiful art work. Soldiers name is present along with details ` Malta House ` & Ypres ??? 1916
YORK AND LANCASTER TITLE NICE A good original cloth shoulder title : YORK AND LANCASTER , Condition : GOOD / used - a really nice looking title still has the original period threads that were used to apply to uniform still present , just the right side of grubby , moth bite to bottom edge. SOLD £12.00
YOUR FOOD IN WAR TIME CIVIL DEFENCE A 1939 dated public infomation leaflet ( no.4 ) published on behalf of the Civil Defence: YOUR FOOD IN WAR TIME . Four pages giving details on various area of food distribution . Condition : FAIR / with marks and creases
` CANADA ` R.A.F CLOTH SHOULDER TITLES Mint un issued examples still tied in bundles , manufactured in war time economy glue wash ` sized` backing . price per pair .
`BEADON SUIT` / SURVIVAL KIT BAG TROPICAL FAR EAST Often in correctly referred to as the Beadon suit survival bag , this tropical example that appeared around the same time I my self believe is a ` stand alone` item quite separate from the blue / grey examples issued with the Beadon suit. Designed as a nap sac configuration with individual pouches all carrying numbers referring to individual survival items . Condition :GOOD / unused , just slight storage marks . A rare and grond breaking item of kit for its time
`CANADA ` AIRFORCE SHOULDER TITLES A genuine actual set , manufactured with the typical war time economy glue wash ` sized` backing to save on materials. Condition :GOOD.unused